About Greedy Men And Their Correction. What Is The Reason For Greed?

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About Greedy Men And Their Correction. What Is The Reason For Greed?
About Greedy Men And Their Correction. What Is The Reason For Greed?
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man punished
man punished

Still, in our country, feminism has not gone too far, and a man in women's eyes remains a breadwinner and breadwinner. Russian girls are used to learning about greedy men from films and programs, and this applies mainly to foreigners. Especially the representatives of the German group. This aspect can be associated with the mental difference, but we are not talking about them now.

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  • 1 First bell
  • 2 What is the cause of male greed?
  • 3 A Greedy Man and How to Fix Him
  • 4 Contraindications for greed

Increasingly, one can hear discontent from our compatriots. In their opinion, the beautiful half of humanity has become mercantile and only give them money. A woman faced with male greed very often begins to feel inferior. It's strange, it seems that the problem is in him, but she begins to delve into herself. In order not to end up with a broken trough, we will learn to recognize greedy men.

First bell

At the first meeting, it is difficult enough to understand whether a man is greedy. The lack of flowers or money does not mean that he is stingy. It's just that stars could have formed like that today. Everyone has financial problems. But there are nuances in behavior that are worth paying attention to:

  • The man did not offer you another cup of coffee, or even made a displeased face at your request. Of course, if there was no grimace, then you can refer to the man's inattention, or that it simply did not occur to him to treat you yet. To be sure to rule out this option, ask yourself.;
  • The man talks about money. More precisely, that he has a limited number of them. Any situation is translated into the financial plane;
  • He didn't tip. This is an important point. Cut through this behavior;
  • The look of a man. Pay attention to how he looks at you when you order food. Too intent and tense look will immediately betray a greedy person.
what is the reason for male greed
what is the reason for male greed

Look and notice such details and in the future they will help you save a lot of time and not associate yourself with a greedy man.

What is the reason for male greed? 2

Greed is nurtured and instilled from childhood. Yes, you heard right. Children remember the behavior of adults and later translate it into their own lives. If the boy's father did not show proper care for his mother and did not consider it necessary to pamper her, then this became the norm for the child.

It happens that adult men, who previously could not be called greedy, suddenly begin to drastically save on their soul mate. Other behavioral features are hidden here and they are directly related to the spouse and family life in general:

  • discord in the family and discontent accumulate;
  • sexual dissatisfaction;
  • the man brought someone on the side;
About greedy men
About greedy men
  • physical fatigue from work;
  • misunderstanding on the part of the spouse, her aggression and discontent.

If the attitude of your man has changed for no reason, then look for the reason in yourself. You may have to reconsider your behavior and make adjustments to it.

The Greedy Man and How to Fix It3

If you love a man, but began to notice that stinginess on his part began to manifest more and more often, you should not put pressure on him. Think about it, has your man become greedy or has he decided to save money? Do not confuse these concepts.

So, if, after all, we are talking about greedy men, then you will have to start a dialogue and apply female cunning:

  • Shop together. Walking the store together will help to show the ignorant man what and how much it costs today. And also this is a reason to spend an extra hour together;
  • Plan your family budget and pay the bills together. If only you are regularly engaged in these worries, perhaps the man simply fell out of life and forgot how much it costs to pay for a communal apartment, light or kindergarten these days;
About greedy men and their correction
About greedy men and their correction
  • Praise the man. If greed is hidden in psychological problems, then devote time to your beloved, praise him, thank him and show the importance in your eyes;
  • Recreation. Perhaps the man is simply physically exhausted and needs to reboot. Have a weekend together. No household chores and hassle. Just the two of you;
  • Think about how much you are spending. What if the problem is not in the man? Are you spending in moderation or are you wasted?

Contraindications for greed4

The topic of greed is very delicate for the simple reason that the problem comes either from childhood or is related to the psyche and discontent today. There are a number of things that cannot be done in any way:

  • Compare with other men. Even if your spouse made a gorgeous gift to your friend, it is better to keep silent about it to keep the peace in your family;
  • Insult and humiliate. If we are talking about greed, then reproaches will only aggravate the situation;
how to fix male greed
how to fix male greed
  • Threaten the relationship. This is the very last thing you can do in any conflict. The technique is prohibited and with its help you will achieve only parting, and not a solution to the problem;
  • Discuss your husband's financial habits with friends or children. This debriefing is strictly between you. Speaking in front of strangers and even children, you undermine his authority. No man will be grateful for this for sure;
  • Blame for insolvency. Your task is to raise his self-esteem and desire to spend money on you and your family, and not erase him to dust.

Greed is not the most pleasant trait. Dealing with it is difficult, but possible. To avoid a relationship with a miser, a woman needs to know how to check if a man is greedy. After all, the dream of every woman is a loving and generous man.

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