Who Is A Gentleman And How Do You Become One?

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Who Is A Gentleman And How Do You Become One?
Who Is A Gentleman And How Do You Become One?

Video: Who Is A Gentleman And How Do You Become One?

Video: Who Is A Gentleman And How Do You Become One?
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No sane woman will tolerate rednecks next to her. If you intend to establish yourself exclusively from the positive side, if you want to please all women without exception, from the little ones in the sandbox to the "internal intelligence officers" on the bench at the entrance, then you should definitely become a gentleman.

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  • 1 Appearance
  • 2 Etiquette
  • 3 Behavior in society
  • 4 If a lady is near
  • 5 Summing up

A gentleman is not some abstract, vague concept. This is a whole complex of qualities, both external and internal. This is the essence of a man. Gentlemen are not born, they become. So what should you do, what to change in yourself, what to nurture in order to gather an army of female fans around your personality? It's very simple: become a gentleman. But not for 5 minutes, but to change the essence, to make it an integral part of the character.


They meet by their clothes. It is impossible to walk in sweatpants with a three-day stubble with seeds in your pocket and gallantly bow about in front of every lady. In the best case, you will become a Zhigan by definition. You have another task! Although … Zhigans are also popular, especially among the "Turgenev girls" … But we digress.

So, the appearance.

  • Hygiene comes first. What's the use of a starched collar if you smell like a bum? Shower every morning, and not so that the body knew water, but with a washcloth and soap. Don't be afraid to use hair cosmetics. Believe me, a clean head covered with dandruff will not add charm to you.
  • If you are a fan of brutal stubble, then sensibly evaluate your vegetation. Three dull bushes above the lip, on the chin and on the cheeks look so-so. Therefore, it is better to shave off such an outrage. If everything is OK with the undergrowth, then you need to carefully monitor the stubble so that it looks beautiful, and not like a lawn.
a man with a funny beard
a man with a funny beard
  • Do not pour deodorants and colognes as if from a bucket. Firstly, you are not a flower bed, and secondly, you are not an employee of a perfume factory. A woman should want to come closer to smell you, and not get Quincke's edema from your amber.
  • Watch your clothes. It is unacceptable to wear yesterday's shirt or T-shirt, yesterday's underwear and socks. Shoes should be cleaned to a shine. Keep in mind: a woman always looks at her hands and shoes. Is always!

As for clothing, it can be anything, no matter what style you prefer. Although a tracksuit with stripes, it must be clean and fresh. One problem: the color scheme. A gentleman shouldn't look like a macaw parrot. Calm colors, warm or cold shades. Palm trees and dolphins are good only at resorts, and then they will give you a proletarian who bought a ticket on credit (I have nothing against proletarians, they can also be gentlemen).

When choosing a style of clothing, always think about where you go in it. It is unacceptable to go to the theater to see a classic piece in biker clothes. In general, you get it. Your credo in choosing clothes:

men look strange
men look strange
  • Always neat;
  • According to the event;
  • Elegant and smart.

Etiquette 2

Don't make such a sour face. A real gentleman, not a pathetic copy, knows etiquette by heart. You will have to spend more than one evening memorizing the rules. You should know everything: from basic "hello" to cutlery.

It's unrealistic to learn all the rules at once, so don't get discouraged and study them right before the situation. Let's agree so. You received an elementary upbringing in childhood. You know that when you meet, you need to say hello, to give way in public transport to elders, women in position and with children.

You know to hold the door and help lift the stroller. Such a very basic set. But not everyone knows what kind of fork they eat fish and into what glass they pour champagne. This is where you have to sweat. Explore all the cutlery so you don't have to pick the oyster with a toothpick. If there is a force majeure, then just do not order unfamiliar food.

a man helps a girl
a man helps a girl

As for the various receptions and meetings, here you will need to remember some of the rules: the order and rules of greeting and farewell, maintaining a conversation, drinking drinks.

On top of that, you'll have to work on your speech. You've probably noticed how ordinary people and aristocrats talk. And it's not just vocabulary. You and the tractor driver can give you a bunch of unfamiliar words. It's about the manner of speaking.

Excessive flowery in your speech will betray you as a "philistine in the nobility", and not a gentleman. So if things go wrong, hire a language teacher. He will give you a speech for sure. To do this, read a lot. Only not pulp fiction, but classics or fiction by recognized authors. My compliments to Mrs. Dontsova, may she forgive my rudeness, but her books will not teach you to speak beautifully, although she writes fascinatingly.

Behavior in society3

Society is not just a party. These are ordinary people at stops, in the subway, in the store. Social behavior is closely related to etiquette. But let's dwell on some situations.

Mr bean vacation movie
Mr bean vacation movie
  • Remember: you must constantly control your body. If the top of your head is combed, scratch, but neatly, with one finger, pretending to straighten your hair. You don't have to run all your fingers into your hair and scrape your nails furiously there. At home, you can tear your head apart with both hands, but when surrounded by people, do it beautifully.
  • The gastrointestinal tract works 24/7. And you are madly in love with cabbage and peas. Well, OK. eat to your health. Only if your fifth point decides to give out a couple of replicas, even if you can hammer a chopik in the ass, but you cannot release the gases. Yes, you can let the "whisper" go and no one will hear. But the smell … so either leave the room, or, if you are on the street, move away from people. The same goes for burping. This process is out of our control. Gases are generated constantly. Just don't growl like a wounded tiger. If he is torn out, and you are talking, cover your mouth with a handkerchief and turn away from the interlocutor. Be sure to apologize.
  • Control the volume of speech and laughter. Speak in a low voice. Laugh with restraint. You can scream if you are standing near Niagara Falls or at a rock band concert. Choking on laughter only at home. If you decide to laugh in a subway car, then you are not a gentleman.
joker laughs
joker laughs

Control your emotions. We are all human, and sometimes we find ourselves in conflict situations. A gentleman is always in control of his emotions. As much as you would like to break your opponent's skull or give him a couple of epithets, keep yourself in control. Abusive speech is unacceptable, you can send it incredibly beautifully and intelligently. Don't get into a bazaar squabble. Be able to speak firmly and correctly. Don't provoke a fight. Try to turn the conversation into a peaceful channel. If the interlocutor attacks you, it is better to get away from the blow, but do not try to fight back. No, you must be able to fight. Sometimes you can't do without a couple of straight lines to the jaw. But for the most part, all conflicts can be extinguished if you choose the right conversation strategy

If there is a lady4

How to behave next to the lady of your heart is a separate conversation. But in general terms:

  • Show concern. Hold the door, give me your hand and stuff like that. Learn etiquette!
  • Know how to entertain a girl not only by going to a restaurant, but also by walking in the park. Here your erudition will help you, not the ability to walk on your hands. Even though it’s also funny and can make you laugh.
  • Listen carefully. Everything she says is important! Even about the new lipstick that Lyuska's friend bought. You will know what kind of surprise or gift to make.
the man listens carefully
the man listens carefully

Never speak ill of her to your friends or to herself. Leave your reproaches to yourself. Even if you broke up with your madam, keep your mouth shut. You will not be embellished at all with a fiery speech about all her jambs. You would rather look like a whiner and a fool than a gentleman

Summing up5

Gentleness is not a set of rules. This is the very essence of a man. It is not enough to learn etiquette, rules of conduct, read a lot of clever books. A gentleman himself is like that. This is his character, life credo. It is impossible to behave gallantly in public, and pee on the toilet seat in the toilet. Therefore, if you decide to become a true gentleman, you must completely change your attitude towards yourself and towards life in general.

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