How To Become A Tough Guy? 15 Tips For Future Peppers

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How To Become A Tough Guy? 15 Tips For Future Peppers
How To Become A Tough Guy? 15 Tips For Future Peppers

Video: How To Become A Tough Guy? 15 Tips For Future Peppers

Video: How To Become A Tough Guy? 15 Tips For Future Peppers
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guy with glasses
guy with glasses

Still think you can only be born as a tough guy? Or even worse, I'm sure that guys who cause persistent envy among the rest of the male and incredible delight among the beautiful half of the population are found only in cool Hollywood action films? Then let me break your outdated stereotypes right now and use this material to teach you to be a tough guy. Be, not seem to be!

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Why do you need it i

Before you decide to transform into a tough guy, answer yourself to the key question: "For what purpose do you want to change?" Do you dream in this way to assert yourself among old friends? Earn the respect of your colleagues? Do you want to break as many women's hearts as possible? Or maybe you want to get rid of your own complexes and prove in practice that you are worth something? Well, any of the above goals are noteworthy. So, it's time to move on to its implementation.

15 Ways To Become A Tough Guy15

Never doubt yourself

Your 100% self-confidence is already a guarantee of success. And try to make sure that this very confidence "smells" from you a mile away. How? Very simple! Self-confident guys are betrayed by a look, gait, smile, demeanor. Walk with your head held high and do not even think that you will not succeed. Just sincerely believe that you can do anything.

Become bolder

If you think that with this advice we want to push you into the very epicenter of some large-scale fight, then you are wrong. Courage does not always mean a willingness to immediately get involved in a battle. Although it does not exclude such a turn of events. However, first of all, you must deal with your own fears. Feel free to look them in the eyes and show who is the champion here.

guy jumping over an abyss
guy jumping over an abyss

Talk less, do more

The really tough guys always prefer action to idle talk. Believe me, this is exactly the case when it is better, without unnecessary demagogy, to commit some significant (well, or not so) act, rather than chatting right and left about how you are going to do it.

Do not be afraid of difficulties

Who said it would be easy? And, nevertheless, your main task is to deal with all kinds of obstacles in your path, and in no case try to deftly bypass them or cowardly back down.

Do not make yourself an idol

Remember, you have no authority. Well, maybe that tough guy who confidently looks at you from the mirror. Do not try to imitate anyone in anything. Instead, become an improved version of yourself every day.

cool guy
cool guy

Learn to respect yourself

First of all, it means that you should not allow anyone to dismiss your appearance or inner world. Immediately put in place anyone who dares to doubt your abilities or talents, someone who dares to speak negatively in your direction or in the direction of your family.

Create your own look

The tough guy is not interested in fashion trends and advice from strangers. The tough guy has his own style that instantly (sometimes only on an intuitive level) sets him apart from the crowd of people passing by. Sometimes it is enough to transform externally to feel significant changes within yourself. So check this statement in the case. And remember, you don't have to wear a black leather jacket in the middle of summer, just because the tough guys do in trendy blockbusters. Do not forget. Own. Own. Form.

Do not get involved in a showdown, but be on the lookout

It seems only at first glance that any tough guy spends 90% of his time in bloody fights, defending the honor of the humiliated and insulted. In fact, everything is somewhat different. Of course, when the challenge has already been thrown, retreating is not your option. But this does not mean that at any opportunity you have to demonstrate physical superiority. Instead, make sure that ill-wishers are afraid of just your gaze.

cool man
cool man

Get out of your comfort zone

Such a stressful situation will help you better understand who you are and what you are worth. Fear of the frightening unknown will help you to see all the weaknesses in order to immediately start painstaking work on them.

Choose your surroundings carefully

Remember that the king is made by his entourage. Take a close look at the people who are in your close environment. How cool and successful are they themselves? Would you like to grow up looking at them? Or are you unable to experience anything but pity and sympathy when you look at them? So make the appropriate conclusions.

Become an optimist

Not always a face devoid of absolutely any emotion is a sign of a tough guy. Believe that a real sincere smile looks much more presentable than a stone mask. Walking with an eternally sour and disgruntled face is the lot of weaklings. But you're definitely not one of them, are you? Never let little trouble ruin your mood.

Do not complain

Neither the tyrant boss, nor the neighbor from above, who regularly floods you, nor the difficult fate. Nobody likes infantile whiners. The same cannot be said about tough guys who steadfastly go through any difficulties with their heads held high.

tough guy talking on the phone
tough guy talking on the phone

Be good

Kind does not mean weak. Strong and tough guys have always been famous for their kind disposition and big heart. Finding yourself in a situation where your help will certainly be required, do not pass by someone else's trouble. Believe me, after the "feat" you have accomplished, your coolness will reach its highest point.

Become purposeful

Tough guys always set themselves challenging goals and confidently achieve their goals. No matter how fantastic they may seem at first glance. The tough guy doesn't use the words "can't" and "failed" in his vocabulary.

Be independent

Not from people, not from circumstances. As soon as you yourself feel the first intoxicating breath of freedom, you will no longer be able to live differently. Learn to make decisions on your own and take full responsibility for the words you say and the actions you take. Fearfully? And not a bit to the tough guy. After all, he simply cannot do otherwise.

cool guy
cool guy

And most importantly, don't think that tough guys are unfamiliar with fear and despair. Whatever one may say, but every cool man is made of flesh and blood, not steel. However, they masterfully manage to convince the people around them of the opposite. And you can!

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