Why LGBT People Are So Disliked In Russia: Law, Parade, Propaganda

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Why LGBT People Are So Disliked In Russia: Law, Parade, Propaganda
Why LGBT People Are So Disliked In Russia: Law, Parade, Propaganda

Video: Why LGBT People Are So Disliked In Russia: Law, Parade, Propaganda

Video: Why LGBT People Are So Disliked In Russia: Law, Parade, Propaganda
Video: What Russians think about LGBT? 2023, June
lgbt in russia
lgbt in russia

How do the representatives of this community live on the territory of our country? Will something change in the near future, or is Russia not yet ready for such a turn of events? A brief overview on the topic - in our article!

The content of the article

  • 1 What stands for LGBT?
  • 2 LGBT flag
  • 3 Promotion of LGBT + in Russia
  • 4 LGBT Day in Russia
  • 5 Why is LGBT people disliked in Russia?
  • 6 LGBT communities in Russia
  • 7 LGBT rights in Russia
  • 8 Law on LGBT people in Russia
  • 9 How many LGBT people are there in Russia?
  • 10 LGBT parade in Russia

What does LGBT stand for? I

Let's start by looking at this term and its most famous variations:

LGBT almost completely copies the English-language term LGBT. "Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender" - this collective term began to be used in the last century

LGBT + or LGBTQ - if you want an improved version of the familiar abbreviation. Where did the "+" and "Q" come from? This addition expands the scope of the term to include pansexuals, intersex people, queers, etc. People who have not decided on their gender identity combine several genders or even refuse to identify themselves as someone else

Which term is more popular? In the English-speaking environment, it is LGBTQ that is increasingly used, since, as we explained above, it characterizes all groups of people belonging to this community much more fully.

LGBT2 flag

To designate the entire LGBT community, they often use the same "rainbow" flag that we most often see in the media and various social networks.

Do you think this is where it all ends? No matter how it is. Bisexuals, transgender people, queers (collective term), lesbians, pansexuals, asexuals, polyamors, etc. also have their own flag.

lgbt flag
lgbt flag

Each flag carries a specific meaning, and the colors are chosen to pay tribute to absolutely every member of the LGBT community.

Some flags have appeared quite recently. Others were created a long time ago, but as such they have not yet managed to gain popularity. The rainbow flag remains the most recognizable and generally accepted at the moment.

LGBT + propaganda in Russia3

I think you know enough about the attitude towards this community on the territory of the Russian Federation. But let's still talk about this topic.

In 2013, Roskomnadzor explained that any mention of gays, lesbians and others outside of a negative context is already propaganda.

What if we ignore legislation and censorship? What about public propaganda?

On Instagram, Vkontakte, Twitter and other social networks, you can find enough of both moralist haters and those who oppose homophobia and oppression.

lgbt in russia 2
lgbt in russia 2

The term "propaganda" is interpreted in such a multifaceted way that sometimes one is amazed. Be that as it may, any article in the publication, any post of a blogger (especially a large one) on the topic of propaganda and infringement immediately gains hundreds and thousands of comments. Heated disputes, personalization and cursing someone's ancestors up to the seventh generation - these are the attempts to discuss this issue calmly and reasonably.

Speaking of blogging. It is worth noting one of the most scandalous Russian bloggers - Andrey Petrov. His style of dress and love of make-up evoke a flurry of negativity from some and admiration from others.

Can his behavior be regarded as LGBT + propaganda? Again, it depends on what you understand by this term.

LGBT Day in Russia4

International Day Against Homophobia is celebrated on May 17. On this day, activists from different parts of Russia organize street actions, pickets and processions. Of course, the scale of such events cannot be compared with gay pride parades in the United States, for example, in the month of pride in June.

LGBT in Russia 4
LGBT in Russia 4

The history of the Russian Federation at the moment is not very rich in dates, one way or another associated with legalization, indulgences and other tolerant reforms. We will talk about laws a little later.

Why is LGBT people disliked in Russia? 5

Where do the legs of homophobia in Russia come from? The case is connected with the established stereotypes and standards in a society in which patriarchy reigns. Gay is perceived by most as a man devoid of masculinity. And no one really cared about female homosexuality, since for a long time women were generally deprived of any rights.

We shouldn't forget about the church, which plays a huge role in our society.

Why did people in the West change their attitude towards the LGBT community in the last century, while Russia remained unconvinced? Experts name two main reasons: the iron curtain during the Soviet era and the heap of economic and political problems that Russians faced in the early 2000s. “It's hard to worry about someone’s freedoms when you cannot meet your own basic needs,” comments Alexandra Babenko, communications manager for the Vyhod LGBT group.

LGBT in Russia 5
LGBT in Russia 5

This includes anti-Western sentiment, discriminatory laws and demonization of gays and lesbians in the media.

LGBT community in Russia6

In May 2006, a Russian interregional public movement was founded to deal with the protection of the rights and social adaptation of sexual and gender minorities. Another name is the Russian LGBT Network. The chairman is a public figure and activist Igor Kochetkov. The organization is a member of the International Gay and Lesbian Association.

And on an informal level? On the territory of Russia and neighboring states, there are many sites, blogs, channels and other associations designed to make life easier for representatives of the LGBT community.

We also have gay clubs and theme parties. In other words, we have everything and everything. But not every member of the community decides to come out, even in the circle of loved ones.

lgbt in russia 6
lgbt in russia 6

LGBT rights in Russia7

“They just don't exist,” they will tell you. And they will, in general, be right.

Representatives of gay people are not able to marry. Therefore, they are deprived of many attendant privileges.

“My girlfriend and I have been together for 15 years, 5 of them have been officially married, we got it in Denmark. In Europe we are an official family, in Russia we are nobody at all”, - the revelations of one girl.

The same applies to the adoption of children - either a married couple or one person can do this.

LGBT Law in Russia8

Let's consider the most basic laws, amendments and regulations:

  • 1993 - decriminalization of same-sex relationships;
  • 1997 - depathologization of homosexuality;
  • Federal Law of June 29, 2013 banned the promotion of homosexuality among minors;
lgbt in russia 8
lgbt in russia 8

In early 2020, Vladimir Putin stressed that marriage is a union of a man and a woman, and the concepts of "parent 1" and "parent 2" will not be introduced in the near future.

How many LGBT people are there in Russia? 9

It is not possible to calculate the real number of gays, lesbians, pansexuals, asexuals and others for obvious reasons. It is highly likely that even in anonymous polls, people hide the truth, because they are afraid of persecution and condemnation. We can only feed on assumptions.

LGBT parade in Russia10

In 2006, activists attempted to hold a gay pride parade for the first time. They decided to go the legal way and even applied. The Moscow administration did not appreciate their venture.

lgbt parade
lgbt parade

Applications were rejected, activists were dispersed by the authorities and persecuted by Orthodox-nationalist organizations. This went on for many years.

What is the situation with gay pride parades in Russia now?

The next parade was scheduled for June 2020. But COVID-19 has confused everyone's cards.

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