Interesting Questions For Penpals And Real Life: 250 Questions

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Interesting Questions For Penpals And Real Life: 250 Questions
Interesting Questions For Penpals And Real Life: 250 Questions

Video: Interesting Questions For Penpals And Real Life: 250 Questions

Video: Interesting Questions For Penpals And Real Life: 250 Questions
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girl with headphones in the pool
girl with headphones in the pool

The more attractive a girl is, the more difficult it is to surprise her with something. They didn’t give her all kinds of compliments. What kind of pickup phrases she did not have a chance to hear. What can I tell her? How to attract her attention and stand out from the gray mass of her admirers?

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1 250 interesting questions

You need to learn to skillfully conduct a dialogue. Throw up topics of conversation that are interesting to her, ask questions that she wants to answer.

She must be interested in you. In the course of the conversation, you should find points of contact, and a note should appear in her head opposite your name: “Not an idiot. We continue checking. So far, the results are satisfactory."

Start your conversation with one of the questions below. Don't be silent, actively engage in dialogue, but let the girl take on the role of the speaker.

Are you ready for the big game?

Then we start!

250 interesting questions250

  • What guys do you like?
  • How do you see yourself in five to ten years?
  • What is "emotional closeness" in your understanding?
  • What kind of people do you dislike?
  • A memory that makes you blush years later?
  • Do you believe in true love?
  • What qualities should be in the guy of your dreams?
  • Have you ever had to make a decision that affected your entire life?
  • The most romantic place to date?
  • Should you maintain friendships with your ex?
  • Are there people who don't like you?
  • What are your hobbies?
girl with balloons
girl with balloons
  • Can you tell me your three weaknesses?
  • If today was your last day in this world, how would you spend it?
  • What is the most romantic event in your life?
  • Would you be able to break the law for any member of your family?
  • A city that inspires and energizes you?
  • Which would you rather be poor but insanely attractive, or unattractive and insanely rich?
  • Winning the Lottery or True Love?
  • How would you spend ten million dollars?
  • Imagine that your boyfriend cheated on you. Will you cheat on him or give him a slap in the face?
  • Who was your first love?
  • If I was ice cream, how would you eat me?
  • Tell us about the best vacation of your life. And what exactly made him so? Impressions, emotions, events, people?
  • How do you imagine true love?
  • What were you afraid of as a child?
strict girl
strict girl
  • What films did you like as a child?
  • Do you have a close relationship with your family?
  • How many brothers and sisters do you have? Do you have a good relationship?
  • What makes you smile?
  • Imagine that you have the opportunity to visit absolutely any country. Where are you going?
  • Tell me about the strangest relationship you've ever had.
  • What is the most romantic thing you've ever done?
  • Your favorite colour?
  • Who is your favorite Hollywood actor? Actress?
  • What's the best gift you've ever received?
  • What was the most soulful gift you have ever received?
  • Do you have any nicknames?
  • You're a night owl or an early bird?
  • The most ideal dish in the world is …?
  • Foods that you hated as a child and loved as you got older?
  • Name a couple of things from your list of your goals for life.
  • As a teenager, which parent was closer to you?
  • Do you like adventure?
  • Do you often get bored?
  • Do you like routine or spontaneity?
  • Do you believe in love at first sight?
  • Describe your first kiss.
  • A bad habit that you have successfully overcome and are very proud of it?
girl trying to hear
girl trying to hear
  • If you were to become the ruler of the whole world, what would you change?
  • What compliments do you receive the most about your appearance?
  • Is it easy to offend you?
  • Do you like to quote famous people?
  • How do you feel about world religions?
  • Do you have any favorite writers?
  • What are your favorite TV shows?
  • Do you have strong convictions?
  • Five things you hate. Why?
  • The most dangerous adventure of your childhood?
  • What do you like to do on New Year's Eve?
  • Questions you would like to receive an answer from me?
  • What do you think the ideal life looks like?
  • At what age is it already abnormal to be a virgin?
  • What is the biggest achievement in your life?
  • Is it possible to have emotional intimacy without physical intimacy?
  • Do you have feelings for your ex?
  • Have you ever kept the promises you made on New Years?
girl with tattoo
girl with tattoo
  • Favorite catch phrase?
  • Do you have a place of power?
  • What's in your fridge right now?
  • Have you been abroad?
  • What is your ideal vacation?
  • What's your longest relationship?
  • Do you regret any of your relationships?
  • Are you liberal or conservative? Atheist or Believer?
  • How do you feel about same-sex love?
  • Do you follow the heart or the call of the mind?
  • Are you interested in politics?
  • Do you like to do any sports?
  • Do you like watching sports on TV?
  • Should you touch on the past in a relationship?
  • Have you ever had one night stand?
  • Is there love for life?
  • Do you believe in soul mates?
  • Do you like animals?
  • Do you have pets?
  • What quality in you do people find strange?
  • What do you love the most about yourself?
  • Do you like to dance?
  • Your favourite song?
girl eating strawberries
girl eating strawberries
  • What's your favorite fictional character? How do you like him?
  • If you could meet any of the deceased celebrities, who would you choose?
  • How would your friends describe you in three words?
  • Which superpower would you prefer?
  • What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?
  • Are you open to sexual experimentation?
  • Have you tried drugs?
  • Have you kissed a girl?
  • What would you like to achieve in life?
  • How would you like to influence this world?
  • What is your zodiac sign?
  • Where would you travel?
  • What is your favorite childhood memory?
  • What is your favorite cuisine?
  • Favorite season?
  • How many best friends do you have?
  • If you only had to eat one dish for the rest of your days, what would it be?
  • Imagine that you have to go into space for six months. What three things will you take with you?
  • Which celebrity do you like with their taste in clothes?
  • The perfect date for you?
  • What celebrity life would you like to live one day?
  • Who is your favorite clothing designer?
  • If someone decided to cook you dinner, what would you ask?
girl sends an air kiss
girl sends an air kiss
  • The last of the TV series you watched that you could not tear yourself away from?
  • Which band would you go to the concert?
  • Do you like cloudy weather? Why?
  • A dish you hate?
  • The book you really want to read?
  • Best book ever?
  • Could Rose and Jack have been saved together?
  • What century would you like to live in?
  • A sport you don't understand?
  • Would you like to become a world sports star?
  • If the world did end tomorrow, what would you say and to whom?
  • How do you relax after a hard week?
  • What kind of animal would you like to become for one day?
  • A female celebrity role model for you?
  • Do you believe in fate?
  • What qualities in people bring you out?
  • When meeting a person for the first time, what do you pay attention to first of all?
  • What do you think are the three most important items on your “Before I Die” list?
  • If you won money in the lottery, how would you spend it?
  • Do you drink alcohol?
girls take selfies
girls take selfies
  • What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?
  • Your weird bedtime habits?
  • Do you like cooking?
  • How would you bake a cake?
  • What made you choose this particular profession?
  • What does the perfect pizza look like?
  • Worst and weirdest gift you've ever received?
  • A topic that you can talk about endlessly?
  • The achievement you are most proud of?
  • Funniest date of your life?
  • What can turn you off on a first date?
  • What's your favorite holiday?
  • What are you not sorry to spend even huge money on?
  • What promises have you made to yourself this year?
  • If you could work as anyone, what would you choose?
  • Who would you not work for any money?
  • Is it easier for you to improvise or follow a clear plan?
  • The craziest thing you've ever done in your life?
girl in green earrings
girl in green earrings
  • Were you a difficult teenager?
  • Sweet or salty food?
  • What is the best advice you got from your grandparents?
  • What would you say to yourself if you went back five years?
  • What's your favorite family tradition?
  • Would you hitchhike? Where? With whom?
  • Worst of all your work?
  • When you were a child, how did you envision your adult life?
  • Do you have a hidden talent?
  • What would you like to learn?
  • Which actress would you choose to play yourself in a film based on your biography?
  • Which celebrity do you look like?
  • Which parent do you look more like in appearance and character?
  • What is most valuable to you in friends?
girl kidding
girl kidding
  • What qualities would you like to see in your spouse?
  • Who would you like to be on a desert island with?
  • Do you prefer bustling metropolises or quiet provincial cities?
  • Could you live without a phone for a week?
  • Three apps on your phone that you can't live without?
  • How do you feel about an open relationship?
  • Would you like to get (one more) higher education?
  • Do you regret choosing your specialty?
  • Did you like school?
  • What is the strangest profession in your opinion?
  • Movies or TV shows?
  • Who would you go on a trip around the world with?
  • The weirdest book you've read?
  • The most embarrassing nickname you've ever had?
  • Do you like moving and changing surroundings?
  • What would you like to achieve in your career?
  • How long do you think you will continue to work in this area?
  • Which country would you never go to and why?
Girl in glasses
Girl in glasses
  • What city would you move to even tomorrow?
  • Do you like living alone or with someone?
  • What is unacceptable for you in a relationship?
  • Do you often break promises?
  • What does your perfect morning look like?
  • Which celebrity would you go on a date with?
  • When you're sad, what's guaranteed to cheer you up?
  • Where are you ready to return again and again?
  • Do you have developed empathy?
  • Do you know how to support and calm people down?
  • Are you afraid of flying planes?
  • Do you like being the center of attention?
  • The strangest compliment you've ever received?
  • What was your favorite subject at school?
  • What school subject did you hate?
  • Do you think you were lucky with teachers at school / teachers at university?
  • What was your favorite childhood toy?
girl on a yellow background
girl on a yellow background
  • If you could go back in time, what period of your life would you choose?
  • What do you think are the luckiest things in your life?
  • Are you a vengeful person?
  • The book and film that turned your mind upside down?
  • The most annoying song of the day?
  • The celebrity who annoys you?
  • Would you like to erase any memories from your memory?
  • What is your strength?
  • Do you cry over sad movies?
  • Could you become a vegetarian / stop being a vegetarian?
  • What century style do you like so much that you would like to dress in the spirit of this time?
  • Do you like competitions?
  • Do you regret any mistakes?
  • Would you rather be twice as rich or twice as happy as you are now?
  • Would you like to be twice as smart or twice as beautiful?
  • When was the last time you were really nervous and why?
  • What habits of people piss you off?
  • Do you know how to let people go?
two girls in bathing suits
two girls in bathing suits
  • The last song you listened to without stopping?
  • What's the best TV show ever?
  • Do you know how to admit your mistakes?
  • An endless supply of money or eternal love?
  • Which celebrity would you switch lives with?
  • An awkward story that your friends keep reminding you of?
  • A noisy party or an evening with a couple of close friends?
  • Would you like to have a surprise party?
  • The most difficult period in your life?
  • What cartoon character would you like to be?
  • What's your biggest fear?
  • Have you ever pictured yourself as a bank robber?
  • Do you like watching and reading news?
  • What kind of president would you be?
  • Do you go to the polls?
  • If you became a boyfriend for a day, what would you do?
  • Who do you think is easier for guys or girls to live?
  • The sweetest compliment you've ever received?
  • The strangest rumor you've heard about you?
girl with cucumbers
girl with cucumbers
  • The weirdest friend of yours?
  • Have you ever doubted your orientation?
  • If you could marry a fictional character, who would it be?
  • Do you always follow other people's advice?
  • Do you depend on someone else's opinion?
  • Have you ever broken the law?
  • What would you like to achieve this year?
  • Do you keep in touch with the person you first kissed?
  • How do you imagine your wedding?
  • What's your first celebrity love?
  • Could you cheat?
  • Do you remember the name of your first best friend?
  • Would you read the thoughts of your friends about you if you could?

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