Scoliosexuality And Scoliosexuals: Who Is It And What Is It?

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Scoliosexuality And Scoliosexuals: Who Is It And What Is It?
Scoliosexuality And Scoliosexuals: Who Is It And What Is It?

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All over the world, there are already several dozen definitions that are applicable to a person's sexual orientation. There are so many terms for gender identity that it is time to get confused even for educated people, not to mention ordinary people. And this list only grows every day. This article will talk about a relatively new and not fully studied movement of LGBT people - scoliosexuality.

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  • 2 What kind of scoliosexuality
  • 3 Reasons for scoliosexuality
  • 4 Feelings or a tribute to fashion

Definition of concept i

The term "scoliosexuality" appeared not so long ago. It denotes sexual attraction to non-cisgender people. Namely, transgender people, genderqueers and non-binary people. At the same time, one cannot say with complete certainty that scoliosexuals are pansexuals or asexuals.

In his research, the American psychotherapist Michael Gichet says that the concept of "scoliosexuality" is quite acceptable to use to refer to sexual attraction to someone from the gender spectrum.

In literal translation "skolio" means "curve". Gichet suggested that all scoliosexuals are somehow "broken." However, there is also an alternative version. According to some statements, scoliosexuality acts as a kind of label that people use to offend a transgender person and even express their contempt.

What kind of scoliosexuality2

At first glance, it may seem that only males can be scoliosexuals. However, this is not entirely true. Although sexologists admit that there are much more men among scoliosexuals than the fairer sex.

Reasons for scoliosexuality3

Each individual case of physical attraction to non-cisgender people is individual and should be considered in private. But sexologists have identified several main reasons why people are so attracted to a forbidden relationship with transgender people:

Aloka Wade-Menon
Aloka Wade-Menon

Alok Wade-Manon

  • The desire to suppress in every possible way any inclinations of unconventional orientation. After all, as you know, our society does not welcome same-sex relationships, although it does not deny their existence;
  • An irrepressible craving for new experiments in bed. The case when a person has tried literally all sexual entertainments, and craves new sensations.
  • A subconscious desire to dominate (albeit in bed) and attempts to prove their superiority to one degree or another. This does not mean at all that a scoliosexual will dismiss his partner or humiliate him in every possible way. However, his inner “I” rejoices at the realization of his small victory over a representative of his gender (albeit in the past).
lgbt 2
lgbt 2

Feelings or fashion statement4

Sometimes scoliosexuals themselves cannot answer this question. Although some of them do have tender feelings for their "unusual" partners. But most often they are embarrassed to admit it to themselves, not to mention strangers. Others, on the other hand, use another handsome transgender person for their own purposes. And it should be noted that most often this is a mutually equivalent deception. Where one does not spare financial resources, literally buying himself "exotic fun", while the other (the other) does not spare time, effort and emotions to satisfy the whims of his generous friend.

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