How To Know If A Girl Is Lying And Why She Does It

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How To Know If A Girl Is Lying And Why She Does It
How To Know If A Girl Is Lying And Why She Does It

Video: How To Know If A Girl Is Lying And Why She Does It

Video: How To Know If A Girl Is Lying And Why She Does It
Video: How to Know if a Lady is Lying to You in a Relationship 2023, March
bewildered girl
bewildered girl

Every guy in my life wondered if she was cheating on me. No one wants to be deceived and led by the nose, but it often develops, and guys become victims of lies. It is known from general psychology that there are a number of external signs that are responsible for actions when someone is lying. Women are no exception. When the voice changes, the eyes start to run, and the skin turns red, that's it. Stirlitz was caught. What to do, where to find the answer and how to recognize if a girl is lying - all the answers in this article.

The content of the article

  • 1 What is it, darling. Why are you stuttering?
  • 2 How is it, why don't you want a brand new iphone?
  • 3 What about changing the topic?
  • 4 Irritability
  • 5 Watch me
  • 6 Tubule
  • 7 External barrier
  • 8 Actually, why is this happening?
  • 9 Lies are for the weak

What is it, darling. Why are you stuttering? I

Speech allows people to exchange information, when a person lies tone, the timbre of the voice begins to change. Since a small human brain takes up thinking about a lie, while thinking about how bad it is. And bad deeds seem to be bad. Eh, what you can’t do in that life. Stuttering, long, long pauses - a reason to reflect on the woman's words.

When problems with speech are traced, this indicates either fatigue, or that the words flying out of the mouth are most likely not true. Therefore, if outwardly a beauty looks cheerful, then everything takes on a sad shade.

How is it, why don't you want a brand new iphone? ____ iphone

If she refuses gifts from a man, then this is such a significant indicator. This may indicate that guilt is taking over in relation to him. Or maybe feelings have cooled down, in any case, the bell is negative. Because what adequate woman would refuse gifts? No way. They all love gifts and attention.

What about changing the topic? 2

Sometimes it comes to serious topics, you discuss her behavior, they say that she has changed and has become somehow different. She just claps her eyes and says that the accusations are complete nonsense, and in the argument that reinforces her, there is a sexual connotation - she tends to have sex or behaves depravedly.

signs when a girl is lying
signs when a girl is lying

All this is done to confuse and try to move on to another topic, more enjoyable. At the same time, this can happen very, very carefully, so you should be on your guard. If the decision to talk was made, then it should be done, no matter what.

Irritability 3

If in response to questions you hear something like: "Why are you asking?" "What is your business?" "What's wrong with that?" and stuff like that, then it smells like a lie. In normal relationships, there is no such thing, because you can calmly explain everything so that the other half does not worry and does not make guesses. And when a girl says so, while she can still be very irritated and agitated, then you can safely ask her, and not if she is lying.

Watch me 4

It is a well-known fact that when someone is disingenuous, they begin to break eye contact. This can be trying to look away, rub your eyes, or just go in cycles and look at one point. This is not the most reliable sign, but it cannot be ruled out in any case. As they say, the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Looking into your eyes, you can understand a lot.

ways to recognize a girl's lies
ways to recognize a girl's lies

Tube 5

What? A tubule? No, no, it's not about tasty waffle rolls, but about the lips, about those on the face, if that. When she makes her lips a tube in the course of a conversation, this is a clear sign that she is unhappy and she has something to hide. By the way, in the wild, some animals, mainly monkeys, react to problem situations in the same way. Nature will always answer all questions better than man.

Outer barrier 6

During a dialogue with your beloved, you can observe such a scene when she begins to put household items between you - chairs, maybe bedside tables and any other things. This is a barrier that she creates on an unconscious level. An attempt to isolate herself from a man with whom she may be uncomfortable and uncomfortable.

understand when a girl is lying
understand when a girl is lying

Actually, why is this happening?

The faithful can lie for various reasons. Banal fatigue from a man and unwillingness to continue the relationship with him, just attachment does not allow to break off the relationship. She can lie on a subconscious level, a pathological liar. Such people always lie and cannot do otherwise. Maybe she just doesn't want to burden her man with problems and distract him from work and more important matters. And the most interesting reason is the appearance of a lover. In such a situation, you have to think a lot and the chance of getting punctured somewhere increases, so you can suspect the wrong woman in a lie.

Lies are for the weak 8

A lie is a dirty thing in itself; both the one who deceives and the one who listens to it get dirty. It appears when a person is not able to take responsibility for their actions and take a serious step in life. Some in life generally take only a step from the mother's womb into the grave out of serious steps. This is, of course, unfortunate. Why torture yourself and another person with your lies? Whether a girl is lying is possible for a number of signs described in the article. But nevertheless, you always need to listen to your intuition and monitor your behavior.

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