60+ Comments To Write Under The Guy's Photo

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60+ Comments To Write Under The Guy's Photo
60+ Comments To Write Under The Guy's Photo

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girl on a yellow background
girl on a yellow background

Have you ever read Instagram comments under photos of popular actors, bloggers and models? And under the videos of popular content makers on TikTok?

The content of the article

  • 1 Rules of the game
  • 2 Comments to your favorite guy
  • 3 Comments under the photo to a friend
  • 4 Comments for flirting
  • 5 Comments to a stranger
  • 6 A little more about the rules of the game

Girls can be very creative, you can be sure. Handsome men receive thousands and millions of different comments on social networks - strange, funny, creative and very spicy.

It remains to envy the courage and sense of humor of some girls.

Although … why envy? Better to follow their example.

Game rulesi

Be brave. If you don't comment, another will do it. The more girlfriends, friends and acquaintances a guy has, the easier it is to get lost among the comments under his photos.

You can't get off with one smiley here. Be creative, use your eloquence and sense of humor. You have them, we believe.

You don't need to occupy his profile and like all his posts, up to those that date back to 2015. You don't need to spam in the comments either. Especially if you don't communicate very closely with this guy.

"Rarely, but aptly" - use this rule. No need to write “comment for comment's sake” under each of his posts. This will make you little different from the spammers in the comments like those very mothers on maternity leave who earn-sitting-at-home-with-a-child-follow-the-link.

Do you want to comment on the post of your favorite boyfriend? The first block of comments has been prepared for you.

Your friend posted a cool photo, and you don't know what to write? We go to block number two.

Has the very "friend" you have very unfriendly feelings for finally updated Instagram? Forward to comment block # 3.

Well, the fourth block was created for those who want to meet a wonderful stranger.

Read, choose, write.

Comments to the beloved guy2

You know your boyfriend much better than we do.

girl with a book
girl with a book

At least that's how it should be.

There are guys who are touched by comments from their girlfriend. They love romantic nonsense and all. If this is your option, you can fill it with heart emoticons, declarations of love and other attributes of the candy-bouquet period.

And there are those who simply do not digest romance and "show off". They don't like to be photographed, they don't post photos with their girls, and they don't like "all this romantic crap." If you spam with emoticons and lisps, he will not appreciate it. Are you throwing tantrums and demanding romance? It doesn't work that way. Talk about this and find out why your views differ. Perhaps he simply does not like to flaunt his personal life and he does not see the point in this. “Close people already know that we are together. And it doesn't concern the rest."

Below is a list of neutral comments. Use them if you and your boyfriend have a similar sense of humor and like to fool around.

  1. "Someone was lucky with such a handsome man."
  2. "Sorry, can I ask you out on a date?"
  3. "I would put a million likes here if I could."
  4. “I invite you on a date. Six in the evening. Wine and pizza. I'm waiting. "
  5. (When the photo was taken by you) “The photographer is great, the talent is immediately felt. And I was lucky with the model. "
two girls are having fun
two girls are having fun
  1. Moon of My Life - if you're both Game of Thrones fans.
  2. “You are under arrest for stealing my heart. We will discuss your punishment in person. "
  3. "A photograph of my favorite place taken by my loved one."
  4. "I won't forget this weekend."
  5. The most beautiful smile.
  6. "Ladies and gentlemen, this is the reason why I wake up smiling in the morning."
  7. “The photo is so warm. How are your hugs. "
  8. “Anyone would know in what conditions this photograph was taken. Thank you for this day, my love. "
  9. “I love this photo. And you".
  10. “I miss you. It must be repeated. "

Comments under the photo to a friend3

You believe in friendship between a man and a woman. Sometimes you flirt jokingly and very often tease each other. He writes nonsense under your posts, and you answer him in kind.

two girls on a blue background
two girls on a blue background
  1. "And your subscribers know how many frames I had to take until you liked the picture, huh?"
  2. “What a beautiful sunset. It is a pity that some guy covered him with himself. "
  3. “I got a call from heaven. They said that the most beautiful angel ran away from them. But I didn’t betray you (if you are very fond of joking at each other, you can add “Because it was not about you”).
  4. "Girls, this handsome man is free to attack."
  5. "This photo gave me a feeling of nostalgia."
  6. “It's so good when you have a friend who takes great pictures. I don't have one like that. "
  7. “Where is such beauty? Take me there urgently, I also need cool pictures. "
  8. "You are lucky. But what is (the name of his girlfriend) such a punishment? Unclear".
  9. "Best friends forever" (English best friends forever).
  10. “Thank you for being in my life. As strange as I am. "
  11. "The photograph is beautiful, but its background is not very good."
  12. How many women's hearts have you broken today?
  13. "How long have you been rehearsing your modeling pose?"
  14. “Very cool photo. Can I contact the photographer? Oh yes! It is me".
  15. "Excuse me, does your mother need a daughter-in-law?"
two girls on a pink background
two girls on a pink background

Comments for flirting4

The situation is not easy, but solvable. Take him to a private conversation, which you will continue in private messages.

Add more flirting to your conversation.

Remind him that this is a sexy girl, not just a bro.

  1. “What a beautiful place. Will you show it live? "
  2. “A very atmospheric photo. Thanks for the emotions. "
  3. "I would like to visit this place."
  4. "Is this what I think about?"
  5. "Every time I admire your photos."
  6. “I am delighted with the caption for the photo. I just love it. "
  7. Stop being so pretty.
  8. "We should go here together."
  9. "Will you show me this cafe?"
  10. "Now I want juicy pizza too."
  11. “What Beautiful Eyes” is a classic.
  12. “What a good night here” - if the guy posted a hot photo, signing it “Good night”.
  13. "The most beautiful photo in my feed."
  14. "Is it legal to be so good in photographs?"
  15. “How do you get such masterpieces? Can I find out your secret? "
air kiss
air kiss

Comments to a stranger5

You can use pickup phrases, jokes, compliments, etc. It all depends on what effect you want to get.

If you like this stranger and have already dreamed of a relationship with him, choose a neutral message and add some flirting. If the photo just caught your eye, express your feelings as it is and go on doing your own thing.

When commenting on a photo of a public person (blogger, actor, model) or a person with whom you are unfamiliar (an acquaintance of your friends, classmate, etc.), avoid risky jokes and familiarities.

  1. “What an amazing view. There are no words".
  2. "How many beautiful people are there in the world."
  3. “I can't tear myself away.”
  4. "Thank you for the people who post such masterpieces on the Internet."
  5. "It's so beautiful that my heart stops."
  6. "Can you find out where such beauty is?"
  7. “They say that nothing is perfect in the world. But this photo refutes this myth. "
girl with a bouncy ball
girl with a bouncy ball
  1. “What a beautiful place. What a handsome guy. "
  2. "I'd better cover this photo before I fall in love."
  3. "Viewing your profile is the best decision in my life."
  4. “A man who knows how to cook / loves dogs / plays sports / loves to read is delicious.”
  5. "Too pretty to be true."
  6. "Like a still from a movie."
  7. “I love the vibe of this photo so much. Words cannot even describe it. "
  8. “I just want to say that this is the best photo I've ever seen in my life. Thank you all for your attention. "

A little more about the rules of the game6

How many times has it happened that you flip through someone's Instagram, accidentally put a like and your heart freezes?

“Oh my God, what if he already saw it? Delete or not? What if the notification has already arrived? What to do??"

Do nothing. Literally. Well, I liked and liked, why mumble something.

girl in pink hat
girl in pink hat

Calmly put down your phone and mind your own business. Who knows, maybe this guy will like you and he decides to get to know you?

When commenting on the guy's photos - even on VK, even on Instagram, at least anywhere else - treat everything with humor. It often happens that the simpler we relate to something, the better the result is.

Comment on the photo and go go about your business. By the way, you can post your photo. We have not seen it yet, but we are sure that it deserves the best comments.

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