Who Are Polysexuals And How They Differ From Polyamory

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Who Are Polysexuals And How They Differ From Polyamory
Who Are Polysexuals And How They Differ From Polyamory

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polysexual flag
polysexual flag

Are there harmonious couples in which not 2, but, for example, 3 or more partners? What pushes people to such experiments and how do they live in such unions? Is there a logical explanation for the concept of "polysexuality"? Read about all this in this material.

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  • 1 Who are polysexuals?
  • 2 Differences from polyamory
  • 3 Some statistics
  • 4 Symbols of polysexuals
  • 5 Common stereotypes

Who are polysexuals? I

This non-binary orientation implies a sexual attraction to multiple genders. Poly - translated - numerous. However, polysexuals are quite creative in their preferences. The term itself appeared relatively recently, about 7 years ago, although the manifestations of polysexuality were encountered much earlier and were widespread everywhere. Bright representatives of this orientation like to call themselves "blind" in terms of gender preferences. Because the object of their passion can be both men and women, and non-binary personalities.

Polysexuality encourages not to focus on the gender of partners and does not exclude non-traditional relationships. The polysexuals themselves are of the opinion that their choice is more a kind of outlook on life than a way of life itself.

The adherents of this movement prefer to look for a partner, relying solely on his personal qualities, and not on gender.

Differences from polyamory2

Despite the fact that the two concepts have many similarities, polyamore and polysexual should not be confused. And that's why:

  • Polyamory, in contrast to polysexuality, implies the simultaneous connection with several people at once. Of course, with their approval.
  • A polysexual can easily have either one or two partners, but this has nothing to do with his orientation.
  • A polysexual does not discriminate against any of the gender identities, just as he does not create a fetish out of it.
Swedish family in bed
Swedish family in bed

Some statistics3

According to numerous studies conducted on this topic, it was possible to find out that in 30% of cases polysexuals are attracted to the opposite sex, 25% to representatives of the same gender, in 7% to animals and plants, and 38% to objects.

Symbols of polysexuals4

Supporters of this orientation have their own flag, which reflects their attraction to different genders. At the top of the canvas there is a pink color, which symbolizes attraction to the female sex, at the bottom - blue, which indicates an interest in men. Well, between them there is a green color - as a symbol of other genders with whom polysexuals enter into relationships.

Common stereotypes5

The topic of polysexuality has not been fully studied, which regularly gives rise to many not entirely correct stereotypes. And here are the most common ones:

  • Most polysexuals are sociable and sociable people, but this does not mean at all that they dream of dragging any more or less attractive interlocutor into their bed;
  • Not all polysexuals are ready for sexual relations with several partners at the same time. Therefore, in order not to get into an awkward situation, it is better to inquire in advance about his personal preferences and tastes;
  • Some polysexual people tend to experience sexual arousal for plants, animals, or even objects;
  • A polysexual is not equal to a bisexual, because the latter are equally attracted to both men and women, while the former do not attach any importance to gender in principle;
  • There is an opinion that it is homosexual men who prefer to hide under the guise of polysexuality, in order to avoid problems in their careers and in relationships with loved ones, after revealing their orientation.
polysexuals 2
polysexuals 2

Many Hollywood celebrities have long been open about their polysexual orientation. However, even among ordinary mortals, there are many adherents of this trend. In 2016, a sensational story about a man living with three girls published in one of the popular American magazines attracted public attention. The South Carolina native has openly stated that he feels incredibly happy in this relationship. Although their love story began quite corny.

Josh was initially happy in a heterosexual union with Sarah. However, after a while they met Alicia, who did not hide her bisexual orientation. Soon after the emergence of mutual sympathy, the young bisexual woman began to live under the same roof with Sarah and Josh. And after a certain period of time, Mary-Ashley joined them, turning the trio into a happy quartet.

polysexuals 3
polysexuals 3

In March 2016, the scandalous issue of Elle magazine saw the light of day, in which a young woman told the whole world about her polysexuality and shared the secrets of her personal life with the readers of the magazine. Lisa is building relationships with four men at once and is completely happy in her choice.

Moreover, according to the woman, one of her partners maintains an intimate relationship with two other lovers of Lisa. The heroine herself explained her choice by the fact that there was supposedly too much unspent love in her, which she must certainly give to those around her. In addition, it was polysexuality that helped her once and for all eradicate pathological jealousy in herself. And thanks to an open and honest relationship, Lisa managed to build a harmonious union without suppressing her own nature.

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