Love Has Passed, Tomatoes Wilted, Boots Are Tight, And We Are Not On Our Way

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Love Has Passed, Tomatoes Wilted, Boots Are Tight, And We Are Not On Our Way
Love Has Passed, Tomatoes Wilted, Boots Are Tight, And We Are Not On Our Way

Video: Love Has Passed, Tomatoes Wilted, Boots Are Tight, And We Are Not On Our Way

Video: Love Has Passed, Tomatoes Wilted, Boots Are Tight, And We Are Not On Our Way
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Everything passes, and so does love. It's good when this happens mutually, but there are often cases when one leaves easily, and the other is not ready for such a turn of events. It's sad, but life loves to throw such tests. We must learn to cope with such things. There are a lot of ways. If you follow them, it turns out that this is not difficult at all and there is no tragedy in parting.

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  • 1 Bridges are burning
  • 2 List of jambs
  • 3 Lust, habit, love
  • 4 Education
  • 5 Friends are fellow soldiers
  • 6 Reach for the sky

Bridges are burning

Before starting the process of rejection, you need to do one very important thing - to cut off all contacts. Yes, it is difficult to erase a phone number from memory. But on devices and gadgets it's easy. You need to delete everything: phone numbers, social media accounts, most of the photos. In general, everything that reminds of a person's presence in life. It's good if there are opportunities not to overlap. It is much more difficult to do this if the person is there due to circumstances. And even then: cold politeness and nothing more.

List of jambs2

The first thing to do is write an angry list of jambs. It will help you look at the person from the other side and realize that not everything was so rosy in the relationship. To please yourself completely, you need to be creative in the process of writing "nasty things": draw up the list colorfully, with illustrations and photographs. By the way, pictures are generally cool stuff. Suffice it to recall the "art" in textbooks. What prevents to draw "horns" and a mustache to a portrait? Nothing!

So, there should be no positive items on this list. You only need to list the shoals: both small and large. Bad character traits, habits, deeds fit in. Do not forget about the interests of a person, but only those that did not coincide with personal ones.

quarrel couples
quarrel couples

Having created such a list, and constantly re-reading it, you can, in a very short period of time, be sure that your partner is far from being a "puska", and be amazed that how it was enough to endure such a person for so long.

Lust, habit, love3

After the list has been compiled and re-read several times, you need to think about what it was? Lust? Well, then what to regret? If the relationship was based solely on carnal interests, then finding similar ones will not be a problem. You can drink without much saliva and suffering. The blessing of those who want to have fun is a dime a dozen.

Relationships dragged on like bubble gum? Then it's a habit. And this is not good. When a person becomes habitual, like house slippers, then you can sink into a swamp of incomprehensible relationships to your ears. What happens then? That's right, degradation. Moreover, both physical and spiritual. Such relations should be closed before it is too late. Otherwise, there is a risk of dying on the couch under the newspaper. Thanks to the ex-partner for dumping and removing the burden of responsibility for parting himself.

This is a divorce
This is a divorce

K / f "This is a Divorce"

Love needs no comment because it doesn't go away. Everything but love ends. So it is not worth dwelling on this point.


A person is educated all his life. It is naive to believe that it ends with the onset of majority and departure from the parental nest. All relationships carry their instructive grain, and they must be treated with trepidation.

When a person leaves, he is not shy in expressions, arguments, arguments. It is worth listening carefully to your opponent. Take note of everything he said and draw conclusions. Very often, no matter how bitter it is to realize it, the abandoned himself is far from an angel. After all, no one leaves the bay. All claims must be worked out and begin to change yourself for the better. And while the process of self-education goes on, the departed will be forgotten like a bad dream.

By the way, having come to other relationships with improvements, there are great chances that the future partner will be satisfied with almost everything. And you don't have to dance on a rake.

Friends - fellow soldiers5

Often relationships lead to the fact that old and faithful friends fade into the background due to certain circumstances. For example, the partner didn't like them. La-mur eyes, oh, how it is blocked. And the friendship ends gradually, imperceptibly. No, communication, of course, remains. But football, shopping, and other goodies go away because he or she didn't like it.

American divorce
American divorce

Movie "American Divorce"

Well, but now there is no need to report to anyone where he went, why and with whom. So a couple of calls will easily return you to a swanky and eventful life, and friends, by the way, rush in right away. For saving a friend dying from amorous consumption is a matter of honor. And yes, they will give a bunch of arguments that the former or former rubbish is still the same. Well, their gift of persuasion will be the envy of the world's best lawyers.

Reach for the sky6

The coolest thing that parting gives is the opportunity for self-realization. In a quality relationship, a person always develops, because the partner does not interfere, but helps and supports. Bad relationships are characterized primarily by the fact that a person cannot develop himself where he is interested. How many people dropped out of school, lost their careers, lost themselves for the sake of relationships? Terrible numbers! So why bother with the fact that a dead weight pulled to the bottom ?! Now is the time to spread your wings and go for your dream.

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