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Who Are Litsexuals And Their Interesting Features

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Who Are Litsexuals And Their Interesting Features
Who Are Litsexuals And Their Interesting Features

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love for an idol 33
love for an idol 33

Mysterious natures, all world experts have been trying to understand their psychology for a long time. Who are they - capricious people who themselves do not know what they want, or people suffering from their orientation? Meet the litsexuals!

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  • 1 Refusal of reciprocity
  • 2 The main features of a litsexual
  • 3 Norm or deviation
  • 4 Is it possible to have an intimate relationship with a litsexual
  • 5 Stigmatization of litsexuals

Refusal of reciprocity i

Litsexuals are people who have a strong sexual attraction to someone who cannot reciprocate. As a rule, the objects of their desires are film actors, famous world stars and even the fictional heroes of films and fiction books themselves. Litsexuals are quite capable of experiencing the most real feelings, but on condition that they remain unrequited. In other words, they are not attracted by reciprocity in any form, a litsexual may want someone very much, experience strong arousal at the very thought of a person (or image), but it will definitely not come to full-fledged sexual relations.

Litsexual people can combine some of the features of greisexuality, asexuality and demisexuality.

The main features of a litsexual2

This spectrum includes several identifications at once, therefore the signs of a litsexual may be similar to other orientations. Nevertheless, a litsexual is:

  • A person who is sexually aroused, but refuses to have sexual intercourse with the object of his desire.
  • In some cases and for only one reason understandable to him, to feel aversion to sex.
  • Able to feel the onset of sexual arousal only under certain conditions.
love for an idol
love for an idol
  • Has a passion for a complete stranger or a fictional character.
  • A person whose arousal occurs after the formation of a persistent emotional attachment.
  • A person who tends to change sexual orientation depending on the object of sympathy.
  • Experiencing sexual arousal based on personality traits and not paying attention to gender.

Norm or deviation3

In fact, psychologists still consider litsexuality to be a kind of deviation and call it sex drive disorder. However, supporters of this movement come out with numerous manifestos and pickets in favor of protecting their litexuality.

love for an idol 2
love for an idol 2

Is it possible to have an intimate relationship with a litsexual4

Yes, not every litsexual runs away, as soon as the partner he likes will answer with a firm consent. But as a rule, the sexual experience of a litsexual happens with a person who does not evoke a strong sexual desire in him. They usually start having sex simply because "it is necessary" or under pressure from their partner. Naturally, such an experience does not bring full satisfaction, and the litsexual secretly continues to dream of another interesting, but so inaccessible partner.

Stigmatization of litsexuals5

Quite often, litsexual people face severe discrimination not only from cisgender people, but also from LGBT activists. Many express their distrust in them and do not understand how sexual desire disappears, as soon as the partner reciprocates the litsexual. Someone advises them to just wait a little, someone - to choose an object and try to reveal their sexuality as much as possible with it, despite temporary difficulties with sexual desire. However, in a world where everything is hypersexualized, it is litsexuals who do not feel comfortable enough.

idol love 3
idol love 3

Many of them, realizing their own peculiarity, are regular clients of psychologists and psychotherapists. But as litsexual people themselves admit, depression and anxiety become their constant companions, because people regularly doubt the veracity of their judgments and even cruelly ridicule the model of their relationship.

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