Definition Of The Concepts Of Androsexuality And Androsexual

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Definition Of The Concepts Of Androsexuality And Androsexual
Definition Of The Concepts Of Androsexuality And Androsexual

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We live in an age of information abundance. New terms appear literally every day. And the topic of sex and sexuality has always been one of the most burning and exciting. Are you well versed in everything related to gender and sexual orientation? If not, then prepare for an educational program.

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We will be assisted by Dr. Jay Irwin - Adjunct Professor of Sociology at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and Monique - she is thirty-seven years old and positions herself as an androsexual.

What is it? I

There are several definitions of the term "androsexual". Most common: An androsexual is someone who is attracted to masculinity. Note that being attracted to masculinity is not equal to being exclusively male. Androsexuals are attracted by masculinity in all its manifestations - masculine manners, dress style, etc.

Sometimes this term refers to individuals who are attracted to cisgender men (those who were born as men and identify with them). But this interpretation of the term is very one-sided, since androsexuals look at their sexuality a little differently.

And sometimes people who are attracted to non-binary personalities are referred to as androsexuals. It should be recalled here that gender and sexuality do not tolerate black and white division. Different people may have different ideas about androsexuality.

Origin of the term2

The term is of Greek origin.

Dr. Irwin says it is not known exactly when the term came into use. But its origin does not raise questions, since "andros" (andros) is nothing more than "man" in Greek.



In conversation about androsexuality, you may also hear the term androphillic. Dr. Irwin says that in essence they mean the same thing, but there is one "but".

“This term sounds more clinical and may turn people off. It can also be used to refer to genital preference rather than gender identity. But since language is a very messy phenomenon, everything depends a lot on personal interpretation."

In other words, the term may well be used to refer to an androsexual. But it sounds a little harsher. And everyone puts something of their own into these concepts, so it is sometimes very difficult to figure it out.

flag androsexuality
flag androsexuality

Heterosexual women4

This is not to say that all heterosexual women are androsexual by default. Dr. Irwin thinks androsexuality is a more specific label. At the same time, you cannot deny that some heterosexual women can identify as androsexual.

“It's a little dangerous to classify people in this way - into a category with which they do not identify themselves. So I prefer to shy away from that,”he says.

Monique identifies as an androsexual. She says that for her personally, this means attraction to men. “For some, it can also mean being attracted to transgender people. I am only attracted to cisgender men. I am attracted to everything masculine - smell, touch, sensation, growth, etc. I think that's why I prefer taller men - tall stature emphasizes the masculinity that I find so attractive. Ironically, courageous gays also attract me,”explains Monique.




Is it appropriate for a heterosexual, cisgender woman to adopt this term? Dr. Irwin thinks this could spark debate. “If a heterosexual, cisgender woman, calling herself an androsexual, also has an interest in transgender people, genderqueers and non-binary people, then this is appropriate. If she is only attracted to heterosexual cisgender people, then in LGBT circles this behavior may not be understood,”he explains.

In other words, the term androsexual is still about LGBT +.

Out of bounds6

The term goes beyond the binary, gender-specific language of terms such as "heterosexual" or "homosexual."

Androsexuals may also identify as non-binary or genderqueer (they cannot identify themselves as being of the same gender). And they are sexually attracted to a wide variety of people - to cisgender men, to those people who identify themselves as men, and to those who just outwardly look masculine.



As mentioned above, gender identity issues do not tolerate rigid frameworks and stereotypes. An androsexual can be either heterosexual or homosexual.

Not only about sex7

Monique hopes that people will understand that androsexuality is not only about sex. "It is an attraction to every essence of a man - physical, mental, emotional, sexual."

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