Who Are Digitalsexuals And Their Signs

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Who Are Digitalsexuals And Their Signs
Who Are Digitalsexuals And Their Signs

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Sexologists sound the alarm and predict in the near future the emergence of even more varieties of sexual orientations. This material will discuss one of them - a relatively new, but already quite common - the so-called digital sexuality.

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Who is it

So digitalsexuals are people who have a fondness for high technology. That is, those who prefer virtual sex and are practically indifferent to the real. Will traditional sexual relations fade into the background in the near future? Will sex robots completely replace living people and relationships with them?

Psychologists and sexologists agreed that digitalsexuals are infantile people who are subconsciously "stuck" in deep childhood. They are not able to solve their own problems, do not have communication skills and are not able to yield to their partner in some issues. It is easier for them to abandon a relationship with a real person in favor of a sex doll that will definitely not contradict. Because it's so much easier. Because it's more convenient that way.

Scientists have identified two phases as a result of which digital sexuality has become widespread among the masses. The first came simultaneously with the advent of digital technology, thanks to which people were able to satisfy their sexual whims through instant messengers. Social media, video calling, and all kinds of sexy online games have burst into everyday life.

The second phase is still in development, and it implies a complete abandonment of a living person in favor of a sex robot. Scientists claim that the emergence of new "sex toys" will provoke an increase in the number of people who prefer loneliness. After all, modern robots will be equipped with functions that will make them almost ideal partners for sex.

State-of-the-art sensors will allow the dolls to react to every touch of a person and even change their position on their own. By the way, for a separate fee, anyone can buy a sexual robot like two peas in a pod that looks like a former partner.

in bed with a robot
in bed with a robot

Digital Paradise2

Experts predict the incredible popularity of such inventions. Considering that the number of virtual reality lovers is growing exponentially. But really, there are solid advantages on the face:

  • A sexy robot is devoid of any complexes;
  • Pre-programmed for your favorite poses;
  • He will definitely not change with anyone;
  • Relieve unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases;
  • Will not make scandals from scratch;
  • The head does not hurt, the word "no" does not know.

Some statistics3

As a result of numerous studies, scientists have come to a disappointing conclusion. Male libido falls rapidly. More and more often, representatives of the stronger sex prefer virtual sex and watching porn films. So unnoticeably, a harmless hobby develops into digital sexuality. And more recently, in some Western countries, real brothels have opened with sexy robots who are non-stop ready to fulfill any whims of their client.

A sex doll firm, just over seven years ago, conducted a survey on the topic: "Are you ready to have a sexual relationship with a robot?" Of the 1000 people interviewed, 10% answered in the affirmative. A couple more years later, the company repeated the survey. And already about 18% were ready to have sex with a robot. And after specifying that a sex toy will fully reflect the desired image of a partner, 25% answered unequivocally.

The benefits of virtual sex4

And yet, only thanks to the latest technology, some categories of people will be able to realize their sexual needs to the fullest. We are talking about people with profound disabilities who find it rather difficult to find a partner.

robot and girl at the table
robot and girl at the table

Today, there are three large companies that are engaged in the production of realistic sex robots. However, scientists predict that this figure will rise sharply in the very near future. And not everyone supports the idea of ​​developing this industry. Indeed, according to psychologists, digital sexuality is not a breakthrough in the development of mankind, but rather the opposite.

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