Why Does She Want Money? 12 Signs Of A Mercantile Girl

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Why Does She Want Money? 12 Signs Of A Mercantile Girl
Why Does She Want Money? 12 Signs Of A Mercantile Girl

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girl with money in her hands
girl with money in her hands

Who among us does not dream of living in wealth and comfort? To some extent, we are all very mercantile personalities. The only difference is that for some, wealth is a cool bonus, while for others it is the meaning of life.

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  • 1 All appearance counters
  • 2 Money needs to be spent
  • 3 Equality doesn't work here
  • 4 Luxury on display
  • 5 Glamorous life
  • 6 Rich man = good man
  • 7 Spender
  • 8 Girlfriends to match
  • 9 Pride
  • 10 Gifts
  • 11 Money is an end in itself
  • 12 Don't offer a career
  • 13 The moral of this fable

Many girls, after watching Disney cartoons about princesses in childhood, and furtively reading women's novels, dream of a rich boyfriend. Luxurious courtship, expensive gifts and a life without worries. Story!

And some ladies are so obsessed with the desire to live in a fairy tale that they are ready to close their eyes to the shortcomings of the boyfriend and other trifles like lack of romantic feelings, if the guy has an impressive bank account.

How do you recognize these girls? We will talk about this in our article.

All appearance counters

A mercantile girl pays almost all her attention to her appearance. Just do not think that all well-groomed ladies are empty-headed beauties, only dreaming of how to become someone's kept woman!

Mercantile girls put their appearance above all else. Often they are terrified of old age, since they subconsciously perceive themselves not as a self-sufficient person, but as a beautiful attachment to a man. They realize that their relationship with the male sex is by no means a partnership for them. Therefore, they accept the rules of the game and do everything so that, no matter how rude it may sound, they do not lose their value.

Most of the wardrobe is made up of branded items, literally oozing luxury. By the way, such girls do not always have good taste and sometimes look very caricatured.

Money needs to be spent2

Our materialistic girl loves money with all her heart. And she loves to spend it. Shopping is her main (if not the only) hobby.

She doesn't have to be shopaholic. Although she still has a certain inclination to this. Running through the boutiques gives her incomparable pleasure. She hardly cares about the family budget. Even if her man cannot boast of a high level of income, she will find a thousand and one reasons why she just needed to buy this or that thing.

girl with money in her hands
girl with money in her hands

Equality doesn't work here3

Going on a date with a man, she expects the gentleman to pay all expenses. Although it is worth noting here that non-mercantile girls expect this from a man, if they adhere to traditional views of courtship. The proposal to split the bill in half may cause them both surprise and quite calm reaction - “what can you do, these are modern realities”.

But a materialistic girl does not consider a relationship at all in which she will have to pay for something. Earning a potential boyfriend worries her much more than his personal qualities. If you are not ready to pamper her with expensive gifts and fully provide, they will quickly show you the door. And your fine mental organization and ability to conduct interesting conversations will not help you here in any way.

Luxury on display4

Perhaps one of the main signs of a mercantile girl is the desire to flaunt her wealth. This is how they differ from wealthy women who have made themselves on their own.

Self-made wuman does not need to prove anything to anyone - they are too busy with their personal affairs. Companions of wealthy men (companions, not kept women) treat their wealth in the same way as they treat themselves and their partners - with dignity. They will not hide their level of wealth from the eyes of envious people, because they do not consider it necessary. But they will not shout about their wealth - why? To whom and what to prove?

girl with a bank of money
girl with a bank of money

Mercantile girls are literally obsessed with the desire to demonstrate to everyone the luxury in which they live. Or would like to live. Numerous (often staged) photos on Instagram and intimate conversations with friends, acquaintances and with everyone who come to hand are used.

The whole world should know that she lives in luxury.

Glamorous life5

A mercantile girl more than anything else wants to live the glamorous life of a movie star. In what ways will its goal be achieved? It's not that important anymore. She is ready to go to great lengths. If necessary, any manipulations will be used.

A man who is not able to give such a girl a "glamorous" life is immediately written off. Youth leaves, but paradise with a sweetheart in a hut does not interest her.

Rich man = good man6

As it has been said above many times, such a girl evaluates men primarily by their level of income. She doesn't need all that cheap romance and sandwich dates in the park. Gifts from a pure heart do not impress her. And she does not understand how it could have occurred to someone that the main thing is the attention, and not the cost of the presentation.

girl takes money from a man
girl takes money from a man

She is trying with all her might to rotate in the circles of the rich and successful. To get there, she is ready to do anything.

Does it matter how happy a relationship with a man will be if he can give her trips to fancy restaurants, trips to the islands and shopping in the center of Paris? If there is money, there will be happiness.


The money on her account is not delayed. Glamorous life is expensive! Taxi here, dinner there - money disappears at the speed of light.

It is likely that she spent most of her childhood and adolescence in poverty. And she is ready to do anything, just to never return to these terrible times, when she had to save on herself and feel like a second-class person.

Girlfriends to match8

Does she know how to be friends? Great question. Of course, she would not want to have overly attractive friends in her environment with whom she would have to compete. But communication with secular lionesses can be very useful, and therefore you have to make sacrifices.

the girl enjoys the money
the girl enjoys the money

It is likely that her entourage consists of girls like her. Who else is able to endure this machine-gun burst of pathetic Instagram photos and endless discussion of the material side of our life?

By the way, this is another reason why she invests so much time and money in her appearance - she has to match her surroundings.


Communicating with people, she habitually evaluates them by their appearance. In all her appearance, in the manner of holding herself and speaking, pride shines through. If she considers you an unworthy person, she will not want to talk to you.

Often, these girls are very rude to the service staff. Waiters, cleaners, couriers are second-class people for them. And this despite the fact that many materialistic girls have not worked a day in their lives.


A mercantile girl loves gifts. Dear ones, of course. She accepts presents without false modesty - the identity of the donor does not matter. If the offering is to her taste, she will gladly accept it.

But keep in mind that one pretty gift will not be able to get her heart.

money girl
money girl

Money is an end in itself11

Who among us does not dream of suddenly having a large sum of money at our complete disposal? Some dream of traveling, others of a prestigious education, and still others would like to provide a comfortable life for their family members. In other words, most of us are interested in money as a kind of tool to achieve a goal.

A mercantile girl often does not even have any specific goals. Money is the main goal in her life.

Do not offer a career12

Mercantile girls do not want to make efforts to achieve their material goals. They have no ambitions as such.

Careerists are, of course, interested in the financial side of success. A high level of income is one of the main goals of any person who is passionate about their career. There is nothing wrong with that. But the so-called self-made wumen are also interested in self-realization and moral satisfaction from their work.

girl throws money
girl throws money

And mercantile girls receive the greatest satisfaction in the process of spending money and creating a "glamorous" lifestyle.

The moral of this fable13

Mercantile girls have existed at all times. As, by the way, and mercantile guys - otherwise the term "gigolo" would not have received such wide distribution.

It is useless to try to impose your point of view on them by lecturing about morality and spiritual values. If this position is not close to you, limit any contact with such people.

You don't want to browse through a dozen "stories" from the next "luxury" restaurant every day, do you?

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