Who Are Greisexuals And Their Distinctive Features

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Who Are Greisexuals And Their Distinctive Features
Who Are Greisexuals And Their Distinctive Features

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many faces
many faces

Do you still think that a person can belong to only one of three sexual orientations? But no! Today, there are many more sexual accessories. In this article, we will focus on those who occupy an intermediate position in this hierarchy and proudly call themselves greisexual.

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  • 2 How it works
  • 3 The very circumstances

Representatives of this movement are considered to be "stuck" between people with ordinary sexual preferences and asexual personalities.

Features of greisexuals

As expected, adherents of the greisexual movement have traits that distinguish them from other sexual minorities. So, the greisexual:

  • Can be both heterosexual and homosexual;
  • Extremely dependent on his mood and does not know how to control it;
  • Has sexual urge but rarely responds appropriately
  • May have the strongest attraction to members of the same gender;
  • Experiencing sexual arousal only under certain conditions or towards a certain type of people.

How it works2

In order to better understand a greisexual, let us consider him with a specific example.

Let's say a young man lives in a multi-storey building. Every evening after work, he bumps into a pretty neighbor in the elevator, who returns home around the same time. Finding himself in a closed space with a pretty young lady, our hero feels an incredible surge of sexual energy and intense excitement.

the girl and the guy in the elevator
the girl and the guy in the elevator

All sorts of erotic images appear in his thoughts, which he does not even mind realizing in real life. But that's bad luck! Had he encountered the same girl somewhere else, say, in a supermarket, office or just on the street, nothing like this would have happened. That is, his desire is associated only with a specific place and a specific person. As soon as one of these links drops out, his libido instantly falls asleep.

The very circumstances3

And although many greisexuals themselves cannot fully determine and fix the main factors that cause them strong sexual arousal, it is customary to "blame" the following points:

  • Fluctuations in the hormonal background and the phase of the menstrual cycle (in the fair sex);
  • Feeling of security, peace and maximum comfort;
  • Alcohol or drug intoxication;
  • A slight increase in body temperature;
  • Stressful situations, depressive disorders.
Two-faced person
Two-faced person

Greisexuals have their own symbols and a flag, in their hands, with which they proudly parade. However, most often they can be seen under the flag of asexuals. It consists of strips of four colors, each with its own meaning.

The black stripe is located at the very top and symbolizes asexual affiliation. This is followed by a gray stripe and indicates partial belonging to asexuals. The next, white stripe, suggests that physiological desires are suppressed by moral beliefs. And the last stripe of lilac color speaks of the possibility of creating a union of two people who are not connected by sexual attraction.

Greisexuality is not fully understood due to its broad definition. And, of course, there are no unique tests that could identify with 100% certainty a true greisexual. In addition, this orientation includes several separate subspecies at once. Thus, greisexuals are those who are attracted by physical intimacy, just like those who are completely disgusted by it. They do not oppose other forms of intimacy and avoid negative statements about sexuality in general. And they act exclusively within the framework of their individual desires.

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