Who Are Aromantics And How Is It Different From Asexual

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Who Are Aromantics And How Is It Different From Asexual
Who Are Aromantics And How Is It Different From Asexual

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What is aromanticism? Orientation, a new trend of fashion or a conscious choice of a person who simply cannot live differently?

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  • 1 Aromatic - who is he
  • 2 Relationship with an aromatic
  • 3 Diagnosis or choice
  • 4 Subtypes of aromanticism
  • 5 Conflict with society

Sexologists argue that along with the generally accepted sexual orientation, there is also the so-called romantic. Sometimes it is completely identical to the erotic one, and in some cases, it can be radically different from it.

Aromatic - who is he i

It is customary to call aromatics people who do not experience romantic feelings at all in relation to other people. They do not show their feelings and do not require this from a partner. It is generally accepted that aromanticism is a rather rare, and at the same time innate phenomenon.

This term has appeared relatively recently, and many people often confuse aromantics with asexuals. However, these are two completely opposite concepts. If asexuals shy away from any sexual relationship, but at the same time have romantic feelings for their partner, then with aromantics everything is exactly the opposite. They have a close relationship, while experiencing absolutely no feelings. Sex for them is just a physiological process and nothing more. But at the same time, there are people who successfully combine the signs of both asexuals and aromantics equally.

It should be noted that an aromantic can have sexual relations with both persons of the same sex and the opposite, or with both.

Relationship with an aromatic2

At first glance, it may seem that such people do not enter into serious long-term relationships and do not register marriages. But it is not so. Aromantics do create alliances based on mutual respect and mutual conditions. However, the partner of an aromatic person should always be prepared for the fact that his chosen one will not devote all his free time to him and confess deep feelings, demonstrate his love in every possible way.

It is difficult to imagine an aromaniac walking by the hand with his other half. Or hear touching tender confessions from his lips. In addition, aromantics are rarely monogamous. Most often, their partners will change one after another an infinite number of times, and an aromatic person sometimes is not even able to remember all their names.

the girl is indifferent
the girl is indifferent

Fearing sidelong glances and condemnation from relatives and acquaintances, aromantics can skillfully pretend that they really are in love. But the indisputable fact still remains their emotional attachment to their sexual partner. They equally experience both mental and physical attraction, but it is thankless to expect any romantic actions from an aromant.

Diagnosis or choice3

In no case should aromantics be called sick people. After all, each person is individual and expresses emotions in his own way. Moreover, the lack of romance in unions where there is an aromantic is often compensated by other, no less significant displays of affection. Let there be no beautiful words and courting, romantic surprises and unexpected gifts in their relationship. But there is deep respect, the ability to compromise and complete mutual understanding. Without many words.

Subtypes of aromantics4

Aromatic with asexual bias. A person who is completely uninterested in any kind of relationship. The only exception in this case is friendship

  • An aromatic person who cannot imagine his life without sexual relations, but prefers to remain all his life in splendid isolation and does not seek to form a couple.
  • She loves sex and, in order to get it regularly, is able to take extreme measures, namely, to build relationships. But his partner should be prepared for the fact that tender confessions will not sound in such an alliance.
  • An aromatic person who enters into a relationship based primarily on long-term friendship.

Conflict with society5

Some people, after talking with aromantics, sincerely believe that their problem is contrived and completely solvable. And behind the beautiful term there are callous egoists who simply do not know how to love anyone but themselves. Or they simply have not yet met the very person who would awaken their real feelings. In fact, this is not the case. Aromatic people are often mistaken for ordinary manipulators who need only one thing from their partner - sexual relations. But if the latter nevertheless, sooner or later, meet their soul mate and begin to behave like real romantics, then in the case of the former, this is completely impossible.

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