Wow! Or 20 Qualities Of A Perfect Girl

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Wow! Or 20 Qualities Of A Perfect Girl
Wow! Or 20 Qualities Of A Perfect Girl

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Mila Kunis
Mila Kunis

What is this mythical creature - the ideal girl? What does she look like, how she speaks, and where can I find her? We have to find out. We will rely on the results of scientific research and the opinion of men.

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  • 1 Scientific approach
  • 2 Let's digress from science
  • 3 I can't find the perfect girl

Scientific approach

We'll start our top with fourteen qualities of the ideal girl identified by scientists. This list was published in the largest British newspaper The Independent. Should you trust pundits and their research? Decide for yourself.

She's smarter than you

Interesting wording, isn't it? We are accustomed to the fact that the ideal partner (boy or girl) must have a high level of intelligence. But how many of us want to feel dumber compared to our other half?

It turns out that a highly intelligent girl can have a beneficial effect on a man's health! Lawrence Whalley, professor emeritus at the University of Aberdeen, has been doing research on dementia for a long time and has found that an intelligent woman can protect you from dementia later in life. “The boy is told a lot about what he has to do in life. But no one tells him what needs to be done to make this very life last longer - to marry a smart girl,”says Wally.

By the way, it works both ways - a partner with a developed intellect stimulates your mental activity.

She is honest

Everything is quite obvious here - when a man is interested in a serious and long-term relationship, he is looking for a woman whom he can trust. We all make mistakes. The main thing is to be able to admit them.

girl shrugs
girl shrugs

She has a positive outlook on life

Negative people are toxic and harm not only our mood, but also our health. Scientific research confirms this. Psychologist Elaine Hetfield conducted research that clearly showed that we take on some of the negativity that toxic acquaintances give off. Pessimists around you negatively affect your digestion, heart function, and your ability to concentrate.

She compromises

The ability to find a compromise is a quality necessary for any person who plans to live among people. In a normal relationship, you can't do without him at all.

For 11 years, psychologists at the University of California have observed the lives of 172 couples. During this time, they came to a simple conclusion - people who are ready to make compromises from time to time and a kind of "sacrifice" can boast of longer and happier relationships.

“It's easy to be in a relationship when things are going smoothly. But if there are any problems, the best solution is to say to yourself, “Okay, my relationship is not going well. You need to make up your mind, take a step forward and make concessions to keep this relationship going,”says senior study author Thomas Bradbury.

redhead girl
redhead girl

Laughs at your jokes

There is no moment more embarrassing than silence in response to someone's joke. It is very important for guys to be able to cheer up a girl. This was confirmed by scientists from Westfield University in 2006.

It's open

Research by the University of Westminster shows that people with an open mind who share personal information are considered particularly attractive. The authors of the study argue that open-minded people are perceived by others as more beautiful and attractive.

Supports your goals and pursues your own

For a long time, scientists have tried to prove that men prefer to marry weak women. In her book Why Smart Men Marry Smart Women, Christine K. Whelan thoroughly debunks this myth and proves through statistics that successful, well-educated women get married just as often.

A purposeful and active girl charges a man with energy and gives him strength to conquer the world.

She has a good relationship with her parents

Researchers from the University of Alberta surveyed 2,970 people of all ages and found a clear correlation between attitudes towards parents in adolescence and their personal life later.

mom and daughter movie stills
mom and daughter movie stills

But this does not mean at all that the relationship with the parents should be perfect. Is there at least one couple or family in the world in which a relationship could be called perfect?

She's kind

Science says the key to a long and happy relationship is kindness and generosity. Psychologist John Gottman of the University of Washington began his research on married couples over four decades ago.

Gottman concluded that the ability to thank, appreciate, and respect is one of the most important qualities in building strong relationships.

“They are very purposeful in building this culture of respect and appreciation,” says Gottman of these people.

She keeps calm

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley and Northwestern University accompanied 80 couples for 13 years and found that relationships would last longer if a woman learned to stay calm during an argument and convey those emotions to a man. Interestingly, if the man is the first to calm down, the "magic" will not work.

steam from the nose
steam from the nose

She knows how to fool around with you

A long-term study by the University of Michigan involving 4,864 married people has shown that the happiest couples are those who go to parties and drink alcohol together. Of course, this does not mean that alcoholics are happier partners. “It's possible that couples who spend more free time together have a closer relationship,” says Kyra Berditt, author of the study.

She has a life of her own

“When people have their own personal hobbies and their own circle of friends, they are much happier in relationships,” says Terry Orbuch, author of the study. In general, everything is natural here - a girl who dissolves in a partner quickly becomes uninteresting to him.

She is tolerant of your flaws

No one wants to meet someone who will constantly criticize you. The ability to put up with other people's shortcomings is a very important quality for everyone who wants to exist normally in society.

She knows how to forgive

A study by researchers from Luther College, Duke University, and Harvard Divinity School has shown that people who are able to forgive others unconditionally live longer.

Not a bad motivation to overcome excessive resentment in yourself, isn't it?

ax girl
ax girl

A girl who knows how to forgive (not to be confused with an inability to stand up for herself) is doomed to have a healthy relationship and live happily.

Let's take a break from science2

Finally, let's talk about the qualities of an ideal girl that men most often indicate in various questionnaires, questionnaires, discussions, etc.


Natural and not feigned. She piques interest and makes the man increasingly think about the girl.

She knows how to take care

"I will do everything myself, you still won't make me better!" - this opinion is shared by many modern girls. Independence and strength of character are certainly positive qualities. But it is not always necessary to play the role of Atlas, who holds the whole world on his shoulders.

Sensuality and emotionality

"Men like bitches, men like hysterics, men don't like overly emotional girls," etc.

jolie with a gun
jolie with a gun

There is no need to rush from one extreme to another. A girl who lives in harmony with her emotions and feelings is great.

She does not impose

He does not hysteria, does not try to control every step of a man and does not require attention 24/7. How to become like this? Reread point # 12.

Beautiful smile

Is there anything worth explaining here?

Sexuality and self-confidence

Emancipation, the ability to enjoy yourself, your body and life in general.

I can't find the perfect girl3

This is a serious problem, friend.

We only want to ask you one question …

Man shrugs
Man shrugs

Why are you looking for the perfect one? To all the guys who are desperate to find their princess, we advise you to re-read paragraph 13.

Or did you think it only applies to girls?

You are a girl. After reading the article, did you start to doubt yourself sharply? Especially for you, we are adding the 21st point.

Are you ready?

She loves herself

Is the hint clear?

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