10 Ways To Tell A Pen Girl You Like You

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10 Ways To Tell A Pen Girl You Like You
10 Ways To Tell A Pen Girl You Like You
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girl showing tongue
girl showing tongue

Girls are not so incomprehensible creatures. Sometimes they, of course, give too transparent hints, but you can understand them. There would be a desire.

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  • 1 Day and night
  • 2 One-sided game
  • 3 How was your day?
  • 4 Spy under interrogation
  • 5 She writes first
  • 6 Offline
  • 7 Sharing photos
  • 8 Personal questions
  • 9 she flirts with you
  • 10 Bathes in compliments
  • 11 Response speed
  • 12 PS

If you are reading an article, then at least you have no problems with this (desire).

Pick up your phone, open your correspondence and start reading the article.

Day and night

How often do you correspond at night with people you don't like much? If you have an opportunity to avoid talking to someone, you will take advantage of it, right?

You will quickly read the message in the notification line and disconnect your phone from harm. “The morning is wiser than the evening,” you think, hoping to come up with a plausible excuse tomorrow with a fresh mind.

Girls do the same. And if she doesn't like the guy, she will not hang around the phone under cover of the night. “Sorry, I'm going to bed,” is the maximum that you get in return if a girl doesn't care about you.

But with a guy she likes, she will correspond both night and day. Sleep is important. But it is much more important to have a heart-to-heart talk with a person, lying in bed and smiling at the phone screen.

Active nightly correspondence is a sign that the two of you are good with each other. Is it friendly communication or something more hovers here, time will tell.

One-sided game2

If the girl is interested in communicating with you, you do not have to take all the work into your own hands. She will actively look for topics for conversation, as if casually asking you questions, reminding you something funny (“Do you remember yesterday when …?”), Etc.

If you need to pull every word out of her with tongs, give up your attempts. Perhaps she is not in the mood or she is unable to speak right now. Try to write later.

happy girl
happy girl

Is your correspondence always like interrogation with addiction? Hmmm. Either she likes you, but she's worried and doesn't know how to keep the conversation going, or she doesn't care about you. She makes no attempt to develop the conversation because she just doesn't need it.

How was your day? 3

She asks how you live and shows a sincere interest in your life. Asks questions, clarifies, asks to tell and supports the topic.

If she doesn’t care about you, then she’s all the more care about your routine. She will limit herself to a couple of short messages, answering your "How are you?", And the conversation will dry out.

You have not communicated for a while and she asks to tell you what happened in your life? Good sign. Do not skimp on letters and describe in paints how you spent this week / month / year. From her answer, you will understand whether it was a sincere interest or social politeness.

“Mmm. Cool, "- so-so answer.

girl shhh
girl shhh

"Gosha! Are there any pictures? Damn, sorry I wasn't there! I didn't quite understand about …, tell me more! " - excellent result, soldier.

Spy under interrogation4

If this girl likes you, your communication will not sound like an interrogation with addiction. She will actively use complex and complex sentences. And he will leave interjections and emoticons for dialogues with annoying fans.

She will tell you about her day. Share emotions and feelings. Then he will take an interest in your affairs. Asks a couple of questions. Will support, sympathize or laugh with you. And then together you will switch to another topic for discussion. This is an example scenario of communication between two people who are sympathetic to each other.

If she doesn't like you, she'll limit herself to a couple of polite messages. As laconic as possible. They literally shout: “Boy, I don’t want to communicate with you. But I can’t say directly, because you are all so vulnerable, I don’t want to rake in angry messages from you later.”

She writes first

On the case and not very much. To ask your advice, to clarify a question, etc. A good sign is that after the "official part" she turns the topic into something mundane and abstract.

girl and soap bubbles
girl and soap bubbles

She wants to continue communicating with you. Perhaps she just found a reason to write to you. Play along with her - join the conversation.

Example 1: She asked you a question about the case, then asked "How are you?" or wrote something else. You want to continue the conversation, but she neatly turns off the dialogue.

Most likely, she wrote to you solely on the case. And the conversation continued only out of politeness.

Example 2: When the formal part is done, she turns the conversation to another topic. You answer her, and she gladly joins in the dialogue. Your conversation is actively developing, and you can hardly remember how it all started.

You guys are really good together. Are you friends? Great question.


She invites you to meet. Go to the cinema together, take a walk. Walk to university / gym / work together.

girl takes a selfie
girl takes a selfie

If she invites you to meet herself or gladly accepts your invitations, seize the moment. Agree, invite, take your possible joint future into your own hands.

Photo sharing7

Keep your fantasies to yourself. If you exchange 18+ photos … Why are you reading this article at all? There is no smell of friendship here.

It's about something else. If you frequently exchange photos like “Look where I am now” and “Look what I am doing,” this is a good sign. If she likes you, she will try to choose the most beautiful, cute or funny photo for you.

If she sends you a photo of herself even when you didn't ask for it, that is also a great sign.

Personal questions8

If a girl is interested in you, your plans, your past, present and future, she is definitely interested in you.

Do you like her? Perhaps she herself does not know this yet. First, she needs to collect information about you.

two girls are having fun
two girls are having fun

Don't play the secret service agent and don't dodge questions. You can not say something to leave room for intrigue. But a certain image of you in her head must be formed. Otherwise, she will think of everything herself. Will it help you?

God only knows.

She flirts with you9

With guys she doesn't like, she will flirt out of boredom or for fun. But she quickly gets tired of it.

With annoying and unsympathetic boyfriends, she will not take risks. She is already puzzling over how to "drain" them more accurately.

If she regularly flirts with you in messages, get involved in the game and watch her reaction.

Bathes in compliments10

Girls know perfectly well that boys love compliments and are easily addicted to them. To charm you, she will compliment your appearance, intelligence, sense of humor, or ability.

masked girl
masked girl

PS If a girl praised your shirt or new haircut, it does not mean that she is in love with you. Especially if you've never spoken again. Especially if she is already married and has three children.


Response speed11

She answers you whenever she has the opportunity. And sometimes even when the moment is not very suitable for this.

Sometimes girls play "ignore" to awaken interest in a guy. But do not confuse competent play with complete indifference.

"Well, thanks, it's not clearer!" - calmly, amigo. If everything is not so clear with this point, then with the previous ones everything is more or less clear.

Pull yourself together!

If you can't get yourself together, someone else will. For example, one of those guys who are texting her right now.

cheerful girl on a colored background
cheerful girl on a colored background


Does it all agree on most points? Fine. Communication has been established.

How to distinguish good companionship from “friendship on the brink”?

An abundance of flirting and jokes with sexual connotations. If these two ingredients are present in your communication, then it's time to take a closer look at your "friendship".

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