Is It True That Girls Like Skinny Guys And Why?

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Is It True That Girls Like Skinny Guys And Why?
Is It True That Girls Like Skinny Guys And Why?

Video: Is It True That Girls Like Skinny Guys And Why?

Video: Is It True That Girls Like Skinny Guys And Why?
Video: Do Girls Really Prefer Muscular Guys or Skinny Guys ? (SOCIAL EXPERIMENT) 2023, November
thin guy
thin guy

Have you ever wondered why girls like skinny guys? The question of biometric parameters of the body has always worried minds. Both those and others are very worried about their appearance. But the suffering of girls is familiar, and only a pillow sees men's tears. So what is it about this very thinness that it completely kills self-esteem? Just make a reservation right away: we are not talking about pathological thinness, but about beautiful harmony.

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  • 1 A healthy mind in a healthy body
  • 2 Material well-being and harmony
  • 3 Appearance and sexuality
  • 4 Motivation

A healthy mind in a healthy body

The very first and immutable truth that speaks in favor of thinness is health. A healthy person will never be fat or fat. The only exception is painful thinness. But such a person does not lead an active lifestyle. So, if a guy is "lively" by nature, then he is clearly healthy.

Health is a very voluminous concept. Here is genetics, hormones, and many other factors. Thin people are more active, they are always ready to rise. Energy overflows. They rarely lie on the couch and stare blankly at the ceiling. It is not in vain that they talk about thin men "lean" or "hound". They are really restless. It only says that it will be interesting with a thin one: he is for any kipish.

If you are genetically thin, then this is one moment. Another thing is, if you are from the kind of "donuts", but at the same time maintain harmony, then this speaks of your lifestyle in general. And this is both healthy food and sports. And then another aspect, invisible to the eye, but intuitively clear to girls, sneaks up imperceptibly - money!

Material well-being and harmony2

Have you ever wondered why the material base and harmony are so interconnected? The thing is that it is in this case that the saying “money cannot buy health” does not work. What is included in working on a slim body? That's right: nutrition and sports. And here the dreams of many are simply smashed to smithereens.


Eating right is expensive. The diet should be varied and balanced. In addition, a person who adheres to the principles of a healthy diet must observe the food intake, which is almost every 3 hours, that is, 5-6 times a day.

If you eat like a dog 2 times a day, then do not be surprised that you have a belly and you do not fit into the requirements. The point is that the body is such an alarmist that it diligently puts food in reserve. That's right: how can he know how long the hunger strike will last, and when the next portion of energy will come? Of course, you can completely "sew up" your mouth, but then you will become a "Buchenwald strong man" with a blue wreath on your forehead. This will definitely not add beauty and attractiveness.

thin and fat guy
thin and fat guy

Now try to eat 5 - 6 times a day? Does not exceed? That's right, because you are most likely engaged in not the highest-paid job, or at least you work in a production facility where you are simply not allowed to comply with the regime. If you calmly "uncover" a container with buckwheat, then this means only one thing: your position and profession allow you to do this because of your good status.

Another aspect of fractional nutrition is its variety. Well, you must admit that you cannot eat pasta 5 times a day purely physically. It just won't go down the throat. A day or two you may still chew them, but then you will howl. Therefore, your menu is very rich in composition. And this is meat, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, complex carbohydrates. The prices for this category of products speak for themselves.

Those who eat according to this principle stand at the kitchen "open hearth" for more than one hour and can afford it. And if you are a guy who has been living without mom's supervision for a long time, then most likely you have either an employee who does this, or enough time, or you order food delivery to your home from the nearest cafe. And this is a direct pointer to what? That's right, for money.


Now let's talk about sports. Sports are no less expensive. Not everyone can afford a visit to the gym. One-time run on the track - yes, no problem. But complex classes are much more serious. Here we also need to add a pool, which is also very expensive both in terms of money and time.

thin guy with dumbbells
thin guy with dumbbells

Now let's look at this moment in more detail. Imagine that you are busy with work in production, for example, on a railroad schedule. That is, you spend 12 hours at the machine all day, this day fell out of the schedule. Well, before the night shift, you do not get in again, because you need to do things and sleep before the shift. Coming home from the night, you will collapse to sleep for the whole day and you will clearly not have time for the gym.

The day off that you have left will be busy with everyday life. Hence, it is clear that the gym is canceled from the word "absolutely". And if you are every day in the morning? Heh … it's pretty much the same. What's left in the bottom line? That's right, a schedule that allows you to spend about 3 - 4 hours on putting yourself in order.

From all this, we can conclude that you have enough time and money. An enviable groom with a gorgeous body!

Appearance and sexuality3

2 more parameters that make girls look after you. And if you are still the owner of good growth, then the attractiveness exam is passed with excellent marks. So:


A slender person, especially proportionally built, pleases the eye with his appearance. This is where the saying about "… everything suits you" begins to work. Let's omit the first part, it doesn't apply to everyone. But the fact that you can wear any outfit is obvious. Everything will fit perfectly and beautifully, even if it is a bag of potatoes. Moreover, a huge plus is that you can dress almost in the "Children's World", if the size and height allows.

guy wink
guy wink

All shops are open to you, any brands are available, any price category is within the power. Those who wear sizes ranging from 54 and up are forced to follow the old-fashioned "pensioner +" clothes, because modern designers do not bother to create models for overweight people. Did you yourself pay attention to what the "chubby" are forced to wear? That's it …

Further more. Let's say you have to strip on the beach. And here you are, take off your T-shirt, parachute shorts, and the beauties see the Michelin Man or Blooby from the Monsters on Vacation cartoon. Maybe, of course, not everything is so bad, and you are just a pretty goof. Yeah, pandas are also loved … well, in general, the idea is clear, right?


We have already discussed sexual appearance. And now we will talk about intimate life. Did you know that skinny guys are much more active sexually? They are more tireless, more resilient. They can afford acrobatic sketches. And most importantly … psss, they don't sweat like horses … I'll tell you this, more disgusting than a drop of sweat falling into a girl's open mouth, there can only be a bunch of tension, because you are a fat lump and you, PPC, how hard it is!

guys in paint
guys in paint

One more point. Even if your weapon is of normal size, and you yourself are fat, then visually it is much smaller. But at a dumb and 10 cm they look like 15. And against the background of a skinny body it looks like an impressive club. And what are the stereotypes of girls? That's right: less than 15 cm - you don't have to rock the boat. Even if you passed the Kamasutra knowledge exam with excellent marks.


And the most important thing. Let's summarize all that has been said. Slimness is health, beauty, money. Therefore, you are also a great motivator for a friend. She herself will be dumb if she does not match you. The fear of losing you will connect. That means she will keep herself in shape so as not to yield to you. Something like that.