Benefits Of Kissing: 6 Effects Proven By Scientific Research

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Benefits Of Kissing: 6 Effects Proven By Scientific Research
Benefits Of Kissing: 6 Effects Proven By Scientific Research

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Kissing is more than just a pleasant experience that helps you relax and improve your mood. They also have a very beneficial effect on the physical condition of the body. How? We will talk about this today.

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  • 1 1. Reducing allergy symptoms
  • 2 2. Pain relief
  • 3 3. Reducing stress
  • 4 4. Improving oral hygiene
  • 5 5. Kissing helps you choose a partner that's right for you
  • 6 6. Benefits for sexual life

1. Reduction of allergy symptoms 1

What could be worse than an allergic itch or a runny nose? It turns out that not only medications are helpful in relieving these unpleasant symptoms. A study published in the journal Psychosomatic Research found that kissing for 30 minutes can help reduce allergic symptoms in people with atopic eczema or mild seasonal allergies.

2. Pain relief2

Even short kisses can help relieve lower back pain. In 2015, interesting results were published in the magazine Current Pharmaceutical Design. Scientists have found that oxytocin, released during kissing and hugging, can help relieve chronic pain. Scientists note that this hormone itself has analgesic properties - in other words, it helps to get rid of pain. It also reduces the level of anxiety and the severity of depression.

3. Reducing stress3

There is an important reason why you should devote time to kissing after a busy day. In addition to other benefits, studies have shown that they can lower levels of cortisol, a chemical produced in the body during psycho-emotional stress.

4. Improving oral hygiene4

According to some experts, kissing can help prevent tooth decay. Joshua Perlman, a New York City dentist, points out: “Kissing produces an increased amount of saliva. It allows you to cleanse harmful bacteria from the surface of your teeth. This helps to reduce the risk of plaque formation. That, in fact, reduces the risk of caries."

5. Kissing helps you choose a partner that's right for you5

In 2007, the results of the research were published in the journal Evolutional Psychology ("Evolutionary Psychology"). It turned out that during kissing partners exchange genetic information about each other. Namely, the data associated with the histocompatibility complex. This is the name of the set of genes that is responsible for human immunity. The compatibility of the histocompatibility complex allows you to find a partner whose immune system is different from yours. In other words, kissing shows if your genetic lineage is too close, and if a partner is suitable for reproducing healthy offspring.

6. Sexual benefits 6

Keeping your sex life high can be difficult - especially if the couple has been around for years. Household chores, children, work … All this pushes sex into the background. “In this case, any physical contact will be useful. Kisses, hugs, and simple touches are also important - they help to increase the degree of passion, which is so important in a long-term relationship,”says sexologist Ellen Bernard from Wisconsin (USA).

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