Lived! The Agency Helps You Take A Photo For Social Networks

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Lived! The Agency Helps You Take A Photo For Social Networks
Lived! The Agency Helps You Take A Photo For Social Networks

Video: Lived! The Agency Helps You Take A Photo For Social Networks

Video: Lived! The Agency Helps You Take A Photo For Social Networks
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girl with a camera
girl with a camera

The # 1 tool to make your dating profile attractive is a quality photo. Indeed, in online dating, the competition is always very high. Poor photo quality? Too many filters? Unreadable facial features in a group shot? You are free, next, come through! This is something like the fleeting feelings of those people who leaf through the photos of profiles in applications.

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  • 1 Professional opinion
  • 2 Body language
  • 3 Relaxed face, more positivity

Professional opinioni

Saskia Nelson, founder of England's first online dating agency Hey Saturday, says: “Our client base doubles in size every year. We help people improve the quality of their profiles on apps and dating sites - including photos. After all, it is better to remove the application from the phone altogether than wait for someone to fall for a low-quality picture."

We met with Saskia one of my days off. The prospect of arranging a photo session on the weekend, when the city is full of people, did not impress me. Fortunately, Saskia suggested starting filming somewhere quiet. We went straight to the roof of the house - I had no idea that it was possible to climb there.

My friends and relatives have always considered me a real actress; but when I met Saskia, I was terribly worried. What to do with your hands? Where to look? Should I smile like a clown?

It turns out that duck lips are not the best thing girls can portray in a photo. Saskia informed me that men are more likely to write to a smiling girl than to a duck with protruding lips. So I tried to smile. And to do this as naturally as possible - and not as if I was on the roof of one of London houses, where an unfamiliar woman was conducting a photo session for me.

Body language 2

“We mistakenly consider our photos to be the height of skill; but in fact those looking to find fans on dating sites really need the help of a professional photographer,”explains Nelson. While communicating with her, I also learned several important points:

  • To make the photos in your account look attractive, you need to change both places and clothes.
  • You can take several sets of shoes with you in advance.
  • It is better to give preference to bright colors than patterns.
  • It is recommended to try on new outfits before the start of the photo session. Otherwise, during a meeting with a photographer, you may find that you still do not like the chosen clothes so much. But nothing can be done, you will have to be photographed as it is.
  • Photos should be taken in various poses: sitting, standing, full-length. A portrait is also needed for a profile.
  • The gaze must be direct and confident.
The guy takes pictures of the girl
The guy takes pictures of the girl

Relaxed face, more positivity3

A positive attitude is always important for a successful photo. Tension is reflected in the pictures - it changes facial expressions, makes the image more constrained. Saskia advised me to go for a massage before the photo session. Other photographers, she said, advise taking a bath. “Healthy sleep on the eve of your meeting with the photographer is equally important,” the photographer emphasized. "If you don't get enough sleep, your well-being can affect your mood."

Before the start of the photo session, Saskia asked me to make my faces a little. “Relaxed facial expressions are especially important. If you try to portray several emotional states, the muscles of the face will be more relaxed. In addition, this or that grimace in the photo can look even more advantageous than a smile. Although you do not even suspect about it."

Yes, a professional photo shoot is always expensive. So you have to take online dating very seriously to fork out for it. But success in the application is definitely guaranteed to you.

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