Statuses About Yourself On Instagram For Girls: More Than 100 Pieces

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Statuses About Yourself On Instagram For Girls: More Than 100 Pieces
Statuses About Yourself On Instagram For Girls: More Than 100 Pieces

Video: Statuses About Yourself On Instagram For Girls: More Than 100 Pieces

Video: Statuses About Yourself On Instagram For Girls: More Than 100 Pieces
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It is difficult to imagine our life without instagram. Every day, millions of people express emotions and feelings through social media. From publications you can understand what a person's mood is or what happened to him today. One small sentence in the title easily describes a state of mind or talks about life events. Girls, being in a relationship (or looking for one), love to intrigue, and love to play the game "understand me through status." A stranger who accidentally visits the page sees the phrase and appreciates the author's originality and sense of humor.

The content of the article

  • 1 Short statuses
  • 2 Statuses about relationships
  • 3 Funny statuses
  • 4 Smart phrases
  • 5 Quotes about yourself as a person

It is difficult to come up with a status, it takes a lot of time. Do not reinvent the wheel and torment your imagination, use the quotes below.

Short statuses

  • My mood depends on little things
  • The most accurate drivers are those who have forgotten their license.
  • Good morning is when at lunch
  • When I want to like it - I am silent
  • ATM is my favorite machine
  • A smart man knows himself that he is a fool
  • I sing in two cases, when it is necessary and when it is not necessary
  • Six of us sit, I'm a cat and walls
  • There is no choice - boredom, there is - torment.
  • Selling a perpetual motion machine. One month warranty.
  • Frothy coffee? One spit …
  • Favorite pastime - lying towards fate
  • For some, rose-colored glasses are always relevant.
  • Feels like I'm 18, but I just can't prove it
  • See more, drink more
  • The world is a theater, but I'm a clown
  • I'll go and visit, otherwise they will fix themselves
  • Briefly about the main thing: everything is awkward
  • Enough gesture to describe the situation
  • I do what I can and come what may

Relationship statuses2

  • A strong family is where they understand words that have not even been spoken out loud
  • If I ever write a biography, I will mention your name a billion times
  • Women are easy to understand. Just look at her hands, for example, if they are at your neck, then the lady is unhappy with something
  • Unfortunately, sincerely loving and being paired with another person is not the same thing.
girl with a book
girl with a book
  • If you can't, don't promise. Suffering is caused not by rejections, but by deception
  • It's great to have a woman who worries you, but it's even better to have a woman who worries about you.
  • Relationships are what gives nourishment and strength, and does not take energy and finishes when you feel bad.
  • Loyalty is the most expensive gift and should not be expected from weak people.
  • Love never requires anything, if everything is real, then it already possesses everything
  • True love works wonders, so those who have found it consider it a deity.
  • The rule is simple: if you are cold in a relationship, act warmer!
  • We have such a relationship that you can't match the status to them!
  • There is only one surefire way to build strong and wise relationships, and we would all like to know it.
  • I regret that there is no “delete” button in my soul; sometimes I want to take it and press it and forget everything as soon as possible
girls take selfies
girls take selfies
  • The surest way to lose a relationship is to talk about it.
  • There is no relationship without quarrels and resentments. The weak disperse, the strong continue to learn and argue
  • To be happy you need to love a man and understand him. To be happy you need to love a woman and never even try to understand her.
  • Love is dangerous to get involved in, but so mind-blowing to refuse it
  • Marriage is the greatest strength or great pain, there is no middle ground
  • In our time of love, one must try to survive among jealousy, selfishness and lies.
  • Sometimes, to send a person away, you need to get to know him better
  • Don't take love for granted, always be grateful

Funny statuses3

  • I don't drink alcohol, so I don't know how my exes are doing
  • I say right away, never ask me for advice, my sense of humor is stronger than sympathy
girl grimace
girl grimace
  • There is nothing more difficult than reading a greeting card with interest and not squinting at the bills that lie in it.
  • I come, there is a note on the fridge "don't worry, I'm at the woman's" even now I don't know who the husband or the son wrote?
  • Have you been bitten by an angry dog? Do not be discouraged, someday the good will bite
  • Smart thoughts are constantly trying to catch up with me, but I'm always more agile)
  • The most unforgettable drinking begins with the words: "Come on a little, otherwise I'll get up early for work tomorrow"
  • It is very difficult for a man in a team among women. You will pester, they will say the pervert, you will not, they will say the impotent
  • Do you know why people don't fly like birds? Because they have grown huge buttocks!
  • If a wallet is a home for money, then why is there always no one there, no matter how I come?
  • In the psychiatric ward, everything is simple: whoever put on the first gown is the doctor
  • I just ate a pack of squid and washed it down with milk, should I wash raspberries or don't care?)
girl with long earrings
girl with long earrings
  • An umbrella is a talisman against rain! Until it rains with you for sure
  • Went to a reptile show, returned with an award
  • I am the kindest on this planet, if there is someone kinder, I will just shoot him and become the kindest again
  • Girls learn to cook! It is not known with whom fate will bring you, but it will want to eat to the love!
  • Now I want a cup of hot, invigorating, tasty … whiskey
  • The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but now I know for sure what can be cut through the liver
  • Studies have shown that plump women live much longer than men who have noticed
  • I am looking for my meaning in life, as soon as I find it, I will immediately hide it!
  • Tetris and woman do not forgive mistakes!
  • Are you waiting for a prince on a white Lexus? Not! The main thing is that a person is good, and it doesn't matter what color the Lexus will be …
  • You still have to look for such a nasty goat, but I, clever, I always succeed
girl with a camera
girl with a camera

Smart Phrases 4

  • The best cure for mental wounds is a lot of laughter and sleep.
  • I do not expect that life will become easier and easier, I just learn to be strong right here and now.
  • Truth, no matter how it is, is always better than understatement, deception and suspicion.
  • Never forget that people who have achieved success, have gone through difficulties, the cost of which we will not know
  • Look for people who, when you feel good, will be happy with you.
  • We strive to live better, but life is often more fun.
  • Life cannot be changed in a day, but in a day you can change those thoughts that will change your life
  • It is not difficult to understand another person, it is more difficult to understand his thoughts correctly
  • If you're really really happy, then don't care what others think.
  • A woman's heart is never empty, she either loves or tries to forget someone
  • Time flies quickly and it's sad, but you yourself are the boss of your time and this pleases
  • No matter how much you look for yourself, you will not find. You can only create yourself
pirate girl
pirate girl
  • Unfortunately, the fastest way to end a war is to admit defeat.
  • To become who you want, you need to forget about who you are now
  • People do not live, they are only going to live, they spend a lot of time waiting for something better
  • Nothing happens just like that, all events and people come to teach us something
  • Life is very simple, but for some reason we make it very difficult out of boredom
  • The only thing that matters is how happy you are.

To forgive a person once is wisdom, to forgive a second is stupidity

  • So that after you leave everyone sighs with regret, you must leave on time
  • The best answer to a pointless question is silence.
  • We make life difficult for ourselves, choose a boring job, an unloved person, uncomfortable clothes and then we suffer
  • Wealth is not a huge amount on the account, wealth is when you have enough of what you have
  • If you want a delicious dinner, just skip lunch
girl on a yellow background
girl on a yellow background
  • If smart people don't walk uphill, it's scary to imagine who is there at the top
  • Indecision is worse than a failed attempt, water is spoiled by what is standing, not flowing
  • Watches for a ruble and a million rubles show the same time
  • Having reached the end, people laugh at what scared them at the beginning of the path.
  • Studying, it is necessary on the mistakes of others, this saves a lot of valuable time in your life

Quotes about yourself as a person5

  • I got used to always go through life with a smile, to someone sincerely, and to someone in spite
  • I'm not afraid to be an idiot, all the same all the same.
  • I am this rare combination of a very loyal friend and a very nasty enemy
  • Perfection itself: I neither smoke, nor drink, at the word "pussy" I faint
  • Those who accepted me for who I am are not scared, it will not be worse
girl with boxing gloves
girl with boxing gloves
  • They say that ideal people do not exist in nature, am I a ghost?
  • Do you remember your mother read fairy tales to you as a child? So - I'm from there
  • I'm a battery to have pros and cons. I'm just perfect
  • I do not live in half measures, if I love, then I love, I hate so much to the point of shaking. I give everything that I have in full
  • So adult that I already believe in what I'm lying about
  • Who is proud? Who is arrogant? I AM? Nonsense! We are queens - a simple people
  • Life is too short to waste on stupid men, conscience and poverty
  • I live according to the plan "don't care", but no surprises
  • Say Say! I honestly always yawn when I'm really interested!
  • I am not a sweetness that everyone likes, I am a diamond - you can break your teeth!
  • It won't cope with my character, even if I give you the most detailed instructions
  • I am not interested in your bed and money, I hope it is mutual
  • I do not suffer from my madness in the least, I enjoy it a lot!
two girls in balloons
two girls in balloons
  • I am one of those who always catch the eye with their brightness, but I will never throw myself on your neck
  • I'm like a cactus, everyone sees thorns, but the closest ones know about my flowers
  • In my life there are no black or white stripes, there is one - purple
  • If I take a step back, it does not mean that I retreat, I take overclocking like that!
  • Sport is not mine, so I won't run after anyone
  • All that I saved up for a rainy day was spent on drink in red!
  • Love for a man comes and goes. Self-love was, is and will be!
  • It's good where I am not, but don't worry, I'm on my way!