Biography Of Korean Actor Ji Chang Wook

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Biography Of Korean Actor Ji Chang Wook
Biography Of Korean Actor Ji Chang Wook

Video: Biography Of Korean Actor Ji Chang Wook

Video: Biography Of Korean Actor Ji Chang Wook
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Chi Chang-UK
Chi Chang-UK

One of the popular Korean actors, Ji Chang Wook, was born in Anyang on July 5, 1987. The guy gained fame after his brilliant work in the "Smile Don Hae" project. In addition, he played many interesting personalities in TV series and feature films. Despite the fact that outwardly Chang Wook gives the impression of a cold-blooded and serious person, those around him find him very cheerful and responsive.

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  • 2 The beginning of an acting career
  • 3 Continuing the creative path
  • 4 Army duty
  • 5 Personal life
  • 6 Interesting facts

Family and childhood

The future actor was the only child in his family. During his studies at school, he did not particularly stand out. He loved football and any active games. Alas, the boy lost his father very early, so he received all the love and care exclusively from his mother. Already during this period, Ji Chang Wook began to think about his career. Initially, he dreamed of becoming a doctor or a famous lawyer. However, in the end, the boy's fate turned out quite differently.

In high school, Jang Wook became seriously interested in acting. It is worth noting that the young man's mother was categorically against this direction, but he did not betray his dream. After completing his secondary education, he successfully passed the exams at Dankook University. Here he studied with a degree in theater and cinema. By the way, it is interesting that the artist's debut took place in a musical called "Fire and Ice". Only some time after that filmmakers paid attention to him.

The beginning of an acting career2

The first real role in a full-length film was in the 2006 film "Days …". With a break of almost 2 years, Jang Wook played a supporting character in the drama "You Stole My Heart." However, the artist's official debut took place in the 2008 Sleeping Beauty movie. The art-house movie did not bring the guy the desired success. During this period, he even began to seriously think about changing the type of activity.

The young man's decision changed after playing one of the key roles in the 2009 My Ideal Sons project. The personality of the timid boy who had to raise his best friend's child at 20 was the inspiration for Jang Wook. It was after this that the artist was noticed by serious directors. He was immediately invited to star in an action series called "Hero".

Chi Chang-UK
Chi Chang-UK

The real breakthrough for the actor was the central role in the serial drama "Smile Dong Hae". To master this work, the guy spent many hours daily training at the rink. For almost 4 months the series was in the lead in ratings. Then there was the historical drama "Baek Dong Soo Warrior" and a central role in the "Bachelor's Vegetable Store" project. And in 2012, the young artist first became a negative character in the TV series Five Fingers.

Continuation of the creative path3

Perhaps one of Jang Wook's most famous roles was Togon Temura in the historical drama Empress Ki. The drama quickly fell in love with viewers and showed really high ratings. At the same time, both the audience and professional critics noted the excellent work of the actor. The thriller Heeler, which was released in 2014-2015, became a good advance in Ji Chang Wook's creative career. After the release of this series, the actor's popularity spread beyond South Korea. He even managed to land several roles in Chinese projects.

Right after that, the rising star is invited to the action-drama "The K2". Here he plays a bodyguard who meets a girl with social phobia and falls in love with her. A fascinating plot and flawless acting work brings the project good ratings. This is evidenced by the fact that the series came to the first place and lasted there for 8 weeks. Jang Wook ended 2016 with his role in a web advertising drama.

Chi Chang-UK
Chi Chang-UK

2017 was also quite successful for the artist, which brought him even more attention from critics and fans. First there was the action film "The Distorted City", where he played an unlucky kid who is falsely accused of murder. In parallel, he was invited to voice the Korean translation of the acclaimed Japanese film Your Name. The audience also fell in love with the romantic drama "The Suspicious Partner". After demobilizing in 2019, Jang Wook quickly landed a role in the love story "Melting Me Softly."

Army duty4

In the summer of 2017, the already well-known and beloved by many actor went to serve in the army. He originally completed his starting training at Chorwon. Already at this stage, Jang Wook received a well-deserved award for good achievements. Then he continued his military service in the artillery. The rest of the period he spent in the 5th brigade, located in the same city.

As in other areas of his life, in the army, Ji Chang Wook showed himself as a stubborn and purposeful man. He managed to get the rank of corporal and become a detachment commander. However, loyal viewers could not wait for the return of the star to the screens. Demobilization took place in the spring of 2019. Having paid his debt to his homeland, the artist almost immediately returned to the embodiment of his creative plans.

Chi Chang-UK
Chi Chang-UK

Personal life5

Not much is known about Jang Wook's personal life. The young man practically does not indulge fans with information about his relationship. In the spring of 2015, there were rumors that he was having an affair with the former Miss Korea. The reason for the rumor was the photos of the boyfriend and actress Kim Joo Ri wearing almost identical accessories. The official response from the managers of both stars was confirmation that the young people know each other and really get along well. However, apart from friendship, there is absolutely nothing that binds public figures.

Most of Jang Wook's novels take place on the screen. He skillfully plays guys in love, and every time, as if sincerely falls in love with his partner. The young man is sure that for an actor, a real relationship is an unaffordable luxury. His dream is to find a girl in his profession, with whom he will be able to achieve perfect understanding.

As for the ideal of an artist, he notes qualities such as cheerfulness, simplicity and a sense of humor. It doesn't really matter to him how old the girl will be. The main thing is that the future spouse understands him well, loves and supports him in everything. Jang Wook is convinced that he is simply unable to fall in love at first sight. In the meantime, the actor is in active search, fans do not lose hope to win the heart of an idol.

Chi Chang-UK
Chi Chang-UK

Interesting facts6

It's no secret that Ji Chang Wook is a versatile and interesting personality. There are many facts that will allow you to get to know a celebrity a little better. For example, a guy has been interested in football since childhood. He loves bracelets and hates cleaning. He also has a real phobia: the actor is afraid of heights. Here are some more interesting facts about Jang Wook:

  • the guy dreams of a role in a TV series related to medicine;
  • the actor himself loves to spend time watching movies;
  • the young man gives most of his earnings to his mother;
  • the artist has excellent musical abilities (he even sang several soundtracks for dramas);
  • one of the star's hobbies was knitting.

Naturally, there are many other features of this unique personality. Today, Ji Chang Wook's main goal is to achieve even greater success in the creative field and find the love of his life. With his incredible dedication and support from loved ones and fans, it will be much easier to come to this.

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