The Most Famous Fitnyyashki: TOP 20 (40 PHOTOS)

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The Most Famous Fitnyyashki: TOP 20 (40 PHOTOS)
The Most Famous Fitnyyashki: TOP 20 (40 PHOTOS)
Video: The Most Famous Fitnyyashki: TOP 20 (40 PHOTOS)
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The fact that the hobby for sports is growing every day among young people cannot but rejoice. And, importantly, this trend is gaining particular popularity among the fairer sex. And what could be more attractive and sexier than a girl who leads a healthy lifestyle and has ideal forms?

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  • 1 Ana Cheri Garcia
  • 2 Kayla Itsines
  • 3 Eva Andressa
  • 4 Chrissy Sela
  • 5 Summer Ray
  • 6 Paige Hathatway
  • 7 Alina Barreto
  • 8 Ekaterina Usmanova
  • 9 Michelle Levine
  • 10 Natalia Melo
  • 11 Alexa Jean Brown
  • 12 Bella Falconi
  • 13 Amanda Bisque
  • 14 Jen Selter
  • 15 Angela Sagra
  • 16 Ariana Steinkopf
  • 17 Ekaterina Krasavina
  • 18 Amanda Alice Lee
  • 19 Zuzana Light
  • 20 Tammy Hembrow

Slim fit figure and iron willpower. The case when perseverance and daily exhausting work brings generous rewards. Which of the modern phyto-babies is envied and trying to imitate more than others - read below.

Ana Cheri Garciai

American fitness model who started her career in 2007. The girl was especially popular with video lessons in which she shared the secrets of an ideal body with her subscribers. As a child, Ana dreamed of devoting herself to acting. Now the girl is one of the three highest paid models who advertise swimwear. Her account is viewed daily by more than 10 million people, and the most fashionable glossy publications are fighting for her favor.

  • Ana Cherie Garcia 2
    Ana Cherie Garcia 2
  • Ana Cherie Garcia
    Ana Cherie Garcia

Kayla Itsines2

24-year-old beauty from Australia who cannot imagine a day without sports. Kayla is developing her own fitness programs, according to which any girl can transform her body beyond recognition in just a couple of months. The girl has a specialized education, and for some time worked as a fitness instructor in the gym. Now the girl devotes all her time to online training and promoting her own book, which contains detailed instructions for transforming a figure.

  • Kayla Itsines
    Kayla Itsines
  • Kayla Itsines 2
    Kayla Itsines 2

Eva Andressa3

The hot brunette from Brazil is well known in the bodybuilding world. In adolescence, her own figure seemed to Eve too thin and at the age of 17, the girl firmly decided to start work on transforming her body. In 2006, the fitness model won the title of Brazilian champion, as a result of persistent training under the strict guidance of trainer (and also her husband) Jardel Barros. She is widely known for being completely nude for a publication called Sexy.

  • Eva Andressa 2
    Eva Andressa 2
  • Eva Andressa
    Eva Andressa

Chrissy Sela4

Another pretty well-known phytony on Instagram. In her profile, which already has about 2 million subscribers, the girl regularly shares her achievements in the world of sports, demonstrates excellent physical shape, motivates and trains everyone. The peculiarity of her classes is that they are equally effective for both professionals and those who first decided to do body shaping.

  • Chrissy Sela
    Chrissy Sela
  • Image

Summer Ray5

In her 20s, the girl deservedly bears the title "Goddess of Fitness". So fans dubbed Summer thanks to her prominent body parts, namely, the buttocks. All 18 million subscribers of the American model have the opportunity to regularly admire her candid pictures, which Ray freely publishes on his Instagram. The girl is biased towards surgical interventions and is not afraid to openly ridicule the adherent of plastic surgery.

  • Summer Ray
    Summer Ray
  • Summer Ray 2
    Summer Ray 2

Paige Hathatway6

A brown-eyed blonde with a flawless appearance and a steely character. Paige was born into a dysfunctional family and already at a fairly young age was forced to find several jobs at the same time. However, the difficulties not only did not break her will, but, on the contrary, helped to realize herself and achieve great results. Well-known glossy sports magazines regularly publish the incomparable Paige on their pages. The athlete herself actively maintains her own blog, which brings her a very decent income.

  • Paige Hathaway
    Paige Hathaway
  • Paige Hathaway 2
    Paige Hathaway 2

Alina Barreto7

A blonde Wellness star who has a delightful athletic form through her daily workouts. The girl takes an active part in all kinds of competitions and is the face of the MHP. At 32, Alina is not going to stop there, and continues to train hard. The visiting card of the Brazilian woman is her hips and legs. She actively advertises BPI Sport products and uses biological supplements herself.

  • Alina Barreto 2
    Alina Barreto 2
  • Alina Barreto
    Alina Barreto

Ekaterina Usmanova8

A charming blonde from Russia, who, by her personal example, proved to the whole world, and above all to herself, that it is quite possible to achieve amazing results in less than a couple of years. After graduating from the Financial University, the girl managed to work in her profession for a short time. However, soon after, having married a fitness trainer, Catherine devoted herself entirely to sports. Family life did not last long, but the love for training did not disappear anywhere. Now the bikinist is actively developing her own line of sports nutrition and even trying herself as a singer.

  • Ekaterina Usmanova
    Ekaterina Usmanova
  • Ekaterina Usmanova 2
    Ekaterina Usmanova 2

Michelle Levin9

A slender fitness star, whose number of subscribers has exceeded 13 million. Now it is difficult to imagine any publication on the pages of which Michelle's photographs have not been published at least once. A Latin American woman by her own example successfully motivates millions of women and helps them radically change not only their body, but also their destiny. In his youth, Michelle's forms were far from perfect. However, the colossal work on myself fixed everything. And soon no one had any thought to doubt the sex appeal of the fitness champion.

  • Michelle Levine
    Michelle Levine
  • Michelle Levin 2
    Michelle Levin 2

Natalia Melo10

An excellent athlete who has won many titles, including Bikini Olympia, and universal recognition. For the first time, the doors of the gym were thrown open for Melo as a teenager. However, the girl's family could not afford to pay for the subscription at that time. But the desire to go in for sports was so great that having accumulated a certain amount on her own, Natalia began training. Later, after graduating from law college, the girl was seriously interested in bodybuilding.

  • Natalia Melo
    Natalia Melo
  • Natalia Melo 2
    Natalia Melo 2

Alexa Jean Brown11

The most successful businesswoman, popular trainer and caring mother all rolled into one. Alexa tops the list of the richest girls who managed to make their fortune by actively blogging. The most interesting thing is that the fitness model began to play sports only after the birth of her daughter, thereby she proved to millions of women by her own example that it is never too late to take care of herself.

  • Alexa Jean Brown
    Alexa Jean Brown
  • Alexa Jean Brown 2
    Alexa Jean Brown 2

Bella Falconi12

Looking now at this delightful beauty, it is difficult to imagine that she once suffered from low self-esteem and led a wrong lifestyle. At one point, tired of endless self-pity, Bella decided on a radical transformation. And to this day, it charges its fans with a positive and motivates them to change, both internal and external.

  • Bella Falconi
    Bella Falconi
  • Bella Falconi 2
    Bella Falconi 2

Amanda Bisk13

Once the main dream of this superstar and fitness girl from Australia was to participate in the Olympic Games. However, the disappointing verdict of the doctors put a bold cross on the girl's aspirations. Amanda found solace in yoga and began to upload photos and videos from her classes daily to the network. The girl's page immediately found its admirers and brought unprecedented success to its owner. Amanda's body is a direct confirmation of the fact that it is not at all necessary to exhaust yourself with exhausting workouts to look great.

  • Amanda Bisque 2
    Amanda Bisque 2
  • Amanda Bisque
    Amanda Bisque

Jen Selter14

More than 10 million subscribers, incredible fame, support of world celebrities, financial well-being, and most importantly - an ideal body that you can only dream of - this is not the whole list of the beauty Jen's advantages. At one time, her photographs were adorned with fashionable glossy publications such as Playboy and Elle. The girl also takes part in various TV shows and starred in commercials.

  • Jen Selter
    Jen Selter
  • Jen Selter 2
    Jen Selter 2

Angela Sagra15

Purposeful, incredibly hardworking model from Colombia. The decision to go into fitness professionally did not come immediately to Agnele. At first, the girl worked in an ordinary modeling agency. However, having met a famous trainer at the gym, Sagra decided on something that no one had done before - she became the first fitness model in Colombia. And since then, its popularity has been gaining momentum more and more.

  • Angela Sagra
    Angela Sagra
  • Angela Sagra 2
    Angela Sagra 2

Ariana Steinkopf16

Pictures of a spectacular blonde with ideal parameters have repeatedly adorned the covers of men's glossy magazines. A certified dietitian and model from Brazil, the WFE Platinum MMA participant leads an active lifestyle and is the inspiration for her many followers. The issue of Playboy magazine, on the cover of which Ariana was smiling cheerfully, broke all unthinkable sales records.

  • Ariana Steinkopf
    Ariana Steinkopf
  • Ariana Steinkopf 2
    Ariana Steinkopf 2

Ekaterina Krasavina17

Russian beauty, whose name speaks for itself. Ekaterina trains hard 6 times a week to maintain her physical shape at the highest level. Katya is one of those girls who are not used to putting up with nature and preferring to create their own destiny on their own. By the way, the fitness model doesn't stick to a healthy diet, and fans often notice her with fast food in hand. But only thanks to hard training, Krasavina can boast of ideal forms.

  • Ekaterina Krasavina 2
    Ekaterina Krasavina 2
  • Ekaterina Krasavina
    Ekaterina Krasavina

Amanda Alice Lee18

Fitness instructor, Pilates teacher and incredibly beautiful girl. On her page, Amanda regularly uploads motivational videos, which are eagerly awaited by all her 14 million followers. And more recently, in parallel with coaching, the girl started producing calendars.

  • Amanda Alice Lee
    Amanda Alice Lee
  • Amanda Alice Lee 2
    Amanda Alice Lee 2

Zuzana Light19

Fitness model from the Czech Republic with a very spicy past. The thing is that before becoming a fashion trainer and coach, Zuzana actively starred in erotic films. The girl herself admits in her interviews that she feels awkward and ashamed when she has to remember those years. However, it was fitness classes that helped Zuzana cope with self-doubt and start life from scratch.

  • Zuzana Light 2
    Zuzana Light 2
  • Zuzana Light
    Zuzana Light

Tammy Hembrow20

The blue-eyed blonde with an angelic appearance does not hide that she did not always adhere to a healthy lifestyle. However, deciding once and for all to drastically change her life, Tammy put an end to all bad habits and devoted her life to training. And for several years now, the girl's name has been regularly mentioned in fashion publications, and her forms serve as an excellent example for millions of fans.

  • Tammy Hembrow
    Tammy Hembrow
  • Tammy Hembrow 2
    Tammy Hembrow 2

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