Dramas: What They Are And The Story Behind Them

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Dramas: What They Are And The Story Behind Them
Dramas: What They Are And The Story Behind Them

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Recently, dramas have been gaining popularity and crowding out many other genres. This is due to the fact that Asian culture came into fashion and spread to the whole world. Now in every country there is a lover of Korean music and TV series.

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  • 1 What is a drama
  • 2 The history of this art
  • 3 Why are Korean dramas so popular
  • 4 "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo" and "Strong Woman Do Bong Sun"

What is Dramai

A drama is a film or TV series made in any Asian country, in which Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Thai, etc. are present. The name of the genre comes from the Japanese テ レ ビ ド ラ マ, which literally translates as "TV drama", and is pronounced as "Terabi drama". Among the countries of Europe and the United States, Korean dramas are the most popular. This is due to the beloved culture of this country.

Most fans learn about Korea because of the K-pop groups, which is not surprising as their MVs are currently gaining millions of views online. The drama differs from the usual series not only in the plot and scenery, but also in the duration, quality of shooting, acting and much more. Typical TV series are 20 to 40 minutes long, while Korean dramas are at least 60 minutes long.

The history of this art2

This genre of films and TV series originates in Japan, when manga already existed. The comics were broadcast on radio (as there was no television yet). In the early 20th century, the Japanese had colonies in Korea, where they promoted dramas to the masses. Not all series could be aired, as the government established strict censorship.

In 1950, a war broke out between the Republic of Korea and the DPRK, it lasted 3 years, after which the drama "Red thread, blue thread" was released in memory of this event. She found a response in the hearts of the people of South Korea, thanks to the fact that almost every viewer found himself in her.

The drama is about a girl who was expecting her husband from the war, but he died tragically. The war gave rise to many deaths of innocent people, so the telenovela did not leave anyone indifferent. The drama was released in 1954 and most likely is not in the public domain.

After a couple of years, television began operating in Korea and serials began to gain popularity. In those days, not everyone could afford a TV, but after 10 years the situation changed, and TV spread throughout the country. After another ten years, the first color televisions appeared. It was then that the first color Korean drama "Love and Ambition" was released, which was the most popular at the time. In the evening after work, the families would get together and watch the series to actively discuss it at breakfast in the morning.


Almost all dramas were aired from overseas, as Korea often lacked the budget to produce quality series. The situation changed in the 90s when the SBS channel was launched on TV screens, which sought to develop the serial industry. In 1991, the first drama, The Eye of the Dawn, was released on this TV channel, which instantly became popular. It tells the story of Japan's rule in Korea. In 1996, the first episodes of First Love were released. She immediately took first places in all ratings.

This series is still in the TOP of the best Korean dramas. This picture fell in love with many viewers, thanks to an interesting plot of 66 episodes. The main characters are two brothers and a girl with whom one of the guys is secretly in love. Drama, along with other genres, was widespread in East Asia and by the 2000s, their popularity spread throughout the world.

Why are Korean dramas so popular?

The secret of the popularity of Korean dramas is that in such series, much attention is paid to the feelings of the characters, their experiences. When watching, the viewer automatically transfers the situations taking place on the screen onto himself and feels the same as the characters. That is why, in dramas, not only the plot is important, but also the acting, as well as the musical accompaniment, which fully reveals the feelings.

A significant part of the budget is spent on music, since when listening to melodies, a person experiences certain emotions without noticing it. This helps to enhance the effect of the scene so that the viewer feels the moment exactly as the director wants to convey it. Also, dramas rarely contain immoral scenes and cruelty, so they can be watched not only by an adult, but also by a child.


Another advantage of Korean dramas is variety. Absolutely everyone can find among the many dramas exactly the one that will hook him. Among the series, you can find both romantic and tragic or comedic ones. Also in the dramas there is such a genre as everyday life, which shows the ordinary, but incredibly exciting life of ordinary people, namely schoolchildren, parents, workers and many others. On the surface, this does not seem too interesting, but nevertheless, such dramas catch on from the first frames so that the audience has no choice but to watch to the end and guess how the story will end.

Many in dramas are attracted not only by the plot and theme, but by the actors themselves. Often, famous personalities, singers, models are filmed in serials. Also, this genre attracts foreigners because they can study the culture of the country from the inside, because when watching a drama, a person studies the behavior of Koreans, their habits and traditions. This helps to forget for a while about your own problems and troubles and plunge into a completely different world.

"Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo" and "Strong Woman Do Bong Sun" 4

One of the most popular comedy / romance dramas is Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. It describes the life of a girl named Kim Bok Joo who is attending a sports school. She loves her friends and has a hearty meal. One day a girl falls in love with a cute swimmer, and her life changes dramatically.

Bok Joo begins to take care of himself, take care of his skin and tries to eat right, but all this interferes with playing hard sports, and in fact there is a serious competition at stake, which the heroine must win. In addition, she will also have to fight with a new roommate, who is the ex-girlfriend of the same guy and wants to take him away from Bok Joo. Many people fell in love with this series, because in it you can see true friendship, love and the desire to win. Such a sincere and in its own way cozy drama will not leave anyone indifferent.

"Strong Woman Do Bong Sun" - this motion picture is a bit similar to the previous one, because it also describes the story in the literal sense of the word of a strong girl. There is a little fantasy in this series, because the main character's strength is not ordinary, but magical. She inherited her from her mother, whose family believed that this is a real gift that should be carefully guarded. Unfortunately, the girl's mother could not keep the gift, as she used it for selfish purposes, which is why she lost her power.

But Bon Sun does only good, scares the hooligans who offend others, stops cars on the move so that they don't get into an accident, and protects the weak. She dreamed of working as a game developer for the largest company in her city, but the boss thought that the role of a bodyguard would suit the girl better. And although she was not happy with her position, she nevertheless agreed, because she had the opportunity to work in a prestigious company. Bon Sun's mom was also immensely happy about this, but not because of the large salary, but because she wanted to marry her daughter to her boss, who seems to be starting to fall in love with his own bodyguard.

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