Is It Okay To Kiss During Coronavirus And Is It Transmitted?

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Is It Okay To Kiss During Coronavirus And Is It Transmitted?
Is It Okay To Kiss During Coronavirus And Is It Transmitted?

Video: Is It Okay To Kiss During Coronavirus And Is It Transmitted?

Video: Is It Okay To Kiss During Coronavirus And Is It Transmitted?
Video: Will Kissing A COVID-19 Patient With Exchange Of Saliva Give You Immunity? (YQA) 2023, March
couple kissing
couple kissing

Let's not torment you - yes, it is transmitted. If you want to be completely safe from COVID-19, forget about kissing.

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  • 2 Frivolous approach
  • 3 "The Russians keep kissing"
  • 4 And what to do?
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Coronavirus, kissing and alternative methods of expressing feelings - in our article.

Why? I

Kissing is one of the most dangerous methods of expressing feelings in modern realities. The virus is transmitted through saliva, so any kind of kissing - from the most innocent to the most passionate - can help spread the virus.

If one of the partners has suspicious symptoms, both sex and kissing should be abandoned.

Various sexual practices are equally dangerous. Although recently in the vastness of the Web there were pictures on the topic of "safe positions", in which the faces of the partners were far from each other.

Of course, these are just jokes. Even if you refuse to kiss during intercourse or put on medical masks, it will not save you. Unless it will add comic relief to the process. By the way, separate categories of videos have already appeared on popular porn sites - in them, actors have sex right in their masks.

The industry keeps pace with the times, so to speak.

Frivolous approach2

In Russia, the attitude towards the pandemic is still very ambiguous. The first wave of panic, when people ran to buy toilet paper and cereals, passed. Now people are divided into two camps - some observe self-isolation and do not leave the house without a mask and antiseptic, while others continue to live and go about their business as if nothing had happened.

The first begin to feel irritated - "Why should I sit at home, not see anyone and try to save others, if these others do not care?"


And foreigners are completely perplexed.

"Russians continue to kiss" 3

As the coronavirus spreads in Russia, a group of 500 Chinese residents of the city of Khabarovsk in the Far East decided to lock themselves in an apartment building, establishing a self-isolation regime that has been in effect since April 1.

“Of course, we are dying to return home,” said Liu Haijun, 50, a native of the Northeast China border city of Suifenhe, by telephone from a building called Tianyu Guesthouse. “But the borders are closed and flights have been canceled. In addition, there are many rumors that people get infected on the way back. Yes, and my business is located here. Therefore, we need to take care of our safety and stay in Russia,”he explains.

The outbreak of the coronavirus in Russia has led some 150,000 Chinese citizens to make a difficult decision and refuse to return home.

At the same time, thousands of Chinese still decided to return to their homeland. Including 2,443 residents in Suifenhe, who brought a new wave of infections. In the same month, the authorities had to close the border.

kiss 2
kiss 2

Liu says that the Chinese remaining in Russia are taking all precautions - they have seen the damage the virus has done to Wuhan in China and do not want a repeat. But the Russians are not distinguished by such prudence.

“Most Russians don't realize it. They still walk around without masks, kiss and greet. If someone catches the virus, it will spread further,”said Liu, who has been running a clothing business in Russia for 23 years.

Russian medicine does not inspire confidence either. Wang Jingwen, 33, who had been working as a guide in St. Petersburg for two years, decided to leave because things were going badly and she was not sure that the Russian health care system would cope in the event of a massive outbreak of the new coronavirus.

At the end of March, she flew from St. Petersburg to Novosibirsk, and then to Vladivostok, where, together with other Chinese, she took a three-hour bus to Suifenhe. “I travel a lot for work, but this is the first time I was really delighted to see the words 'Chinese customs,'” Wang says.

kiss 3
kiss 3

At the Suifenhe checkpoint, she detailed her travel and health conditions, and then a cotton swab was stuck down her throat for a check. She was quarantined at the hotel for 14 days, reporting her temperature daily.

After undergoing two nucleic acid tests, she was released and is now at home in the southwestern city of Chengdu.

Liu, a clothing merchant, also wants to go home: “My parents are old and sick. If someone wants to take my shares at half price, I will sell them in no time to return home to them,”he said.

And what to do ?? 4

If you decide to keep kissing and having sex with your partner, no one can stop you from doing it - not the government, not the doctors, not our article. The only thing we can recommend for you is to enable prudence.

kiss 4
kiss 4

If you have the option to stay at home, take it. Does your loved one live far away from you? It's not a problem.

We turn on the imagination and take a smartphone in our hands.

Romance and the coronavirus5

A pandemic is not a reason to give up romance. There is no way for you to hug and kiss your partner. It is sad. But let's not forget that we are living in the twenty-first century.

How to arrange a date online?

Watching movies and TV shows together

Let's forget for a while about cinemas with noisy neighbors and always whispering couples. Set up an online cinema. Now there are many services with which you can organize a joint viewing of a movie or series. These platforms are often equipped with a chat room where you can exchange experiences.

Such sites work according to the following principle - you create a "room" and invite your soul mate or friend there. Enjoy watching and chatting. One of these services is NotAlone.

kiss 5
kiss 5

Or you can do it easier - connect with your loved one via video call, place your phone (laptop / tablet) next to you, stock up on delicious food and start watching.

Date 18+

Should I remind you that video calls can be quite hot at times? You can cook dinner together, talk or do other equally interesting things. The main thing is to make sure that someone's grandmother or someone's younger brother is not joining your rendezvous. Remember to close the door.

Express delivery

Order each other some delicious food or other nice little things. You will kill two birds with one stone - you will please your soul mate and support your favorite cafe or restaurant - small business is not very sweet now.

New acquaintances

No one to make video calls? This can be easily fixed - there are numerous dating sites and apps at your service. Want to find a soul mate within your own city? Choose from Tinder, Badoo, and other dating platforms. Do you want to travel the world? Use the "Passport" function in the aforementioned "Tinder". Unfortunately, your paper "foreign" is not good for anything yet.

kiss 6
kiss 6


What do we end up with? Coronavirus is transmitted through saliva, and therefore it is better to refrain from kissing at this time.

Dating and romantic walks should also be temporarily abandoned.

But you should not give up romance - you just need to have the Internet at hand and the desire to somehow diversify a new and very incomprehensible routine.

Well, and the appropriate mood, perhaps.

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