64 PHOTOS Of The Most Beautiful Japanese Women

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64 PHOTOS Of The Most Beautiful Japanese Women
64 PHOTOS Of The Most Beautiful Japanese Women

Video: 64 PHOTOS Of The Most Beautiful Japanese Women

Video: 64 PHOTOS Of The Most Beautiful Japanese Women
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beautiful japanese
beautiful japanese

Distant and mysterious Japan never ceases to amaze. In addition to a developed infrastructure and picturesque landscapes, this Asian country is also known for the fact that incredibly sophisticated and mysterious women live on its territory. Their beauty does not always fall within the generally accepted framework, but this does not make Japanese girls less in demand.

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Japanese culture is not always understandable to a common man in the street, but this makes it even more attractive. Moreover, the popularity of Japanese models is gaining momentum every year. Below are 33 beautiful representatives of the fairer sex, whose beauty made the whole world tremble.

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Rinko Kikuchi. A wonderful actress whose name is widely known outside of Japan. Her track record includes a large number of art paintings and nominations for the "Golden Globe" and "Oscar". In her free time from filming, the modest Rinko prefers to actively relax and drive around the city at night on her own bike

  • Rinko Kikuchi 2
    Rinko Kikuchi 2
  • Rinko Kikuchi
    Rinko Kikuchi

Tao Okamoto. Leading model and advertising person for Ralph Lauren. Known to viewers after she played one of the main roles in the film "Wolverine: the Immortal"

  • Tao Okamoto
    Tao Okamoto
  • Tao Okamoto 2
    Tao Okamoto 2

Misaki Ito. TV presenter, model and actress. Many people say that time has no power over Misaki, because at 42 she looks the same as at the beginning of her career

  • Misaki Ito
    Misaki Ito
  • Misaki Ito 2
    Misaki Ito 2

Yamashita Rio. A young Japanese woman who began her modeling career in Stardust Promotion in 2009 and continues to give positive emotions with her shows to this day

  • Yamashita Rio 2
    Yamashita Rio 2
  • Yamashita Rio
    Yamashita Rio

Mikie Hara. Famous actress in Tokyo. She was born into a large family, where, in addition to her, two older brothers and a sister grew up. Since her youth, she dreamed of a career as a film actress and was confidently going to fulfill her dream

  • Mikie hara 2
    Mikie hara 2
  • Mikie hara
    Mikie hara

Keiko Kitagawa. The charming Japanese woman woke up famous after the release of the movie "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift". She admits that she does not always eat right and just loves fried meat. By the way, her gastronomic addictions did not affect the appearance of the actress

  • Keiko Kitagawa 2
    Keiko Kitagawa 2
  • Keiko Kitagawa
    Keiko Kitagawa

Ko Shibasaki. This pseudonym hides the beautiful Japanese actress Yukie Yamamura. As a teenager, she began her television career with television shows and later starred in over 30 films

  • Ko Shibasaki 2
    Ko Shibasaki 2
  • Ko Shibasaki
    Ko Shibasaki

Yuri Ebihara. A model and actress who is especially popular with teenagers. Also known as a CanCam exclusive

  • Yuri Ebihara
    Yuri Ebihara
  • Yuri Ebihara 2
    Yuri Ebihara 2

Yui Shinada. Japanese singer and fashion model

  • Yui Shinada
    Yui Shinada
  • Yui Shinada 2
    Yui Shinada 2

Yukimi Matsuo. Miss Japan 2013. In the same year, a charming Japanese woman presented her native country at the Miss Universe contest, but she failed to take the main prize

  • Yukimi Matsuo 2
    Yukimi Matsuo 2
  • Yukimi Matsuo
    Yukimi Matsuo

Namie Amuro. Actress, model, stereotype destroyer and a great lover of experiments. Namie is a pop culture icon in Japan

  • Namie Amuro
    Namie Amuro
  • Namie Amuro 2
    Namie Amuro 2

Erina Mano. Singer and member of the legendary project Hello! Project. In 2009 she decided to perform solo

  • Erina Mano
    Erina Mano
  • Erina Mano 2
    Erina Mano 2

Erica Sawadziri. Singer, model and actress. He is fond of horse riding. After auditioning for Stardust Productions, the producers noticed her and offered a profitable partnership. Erica starred in one of the acclaimed Japanese TV series and began her career as a television actress

  • Erica Sawadziri 2
    Erica Sawadziri 2
  • Erica Sawadziri
    Erica Sawadziri

Aragaki Yui. Japanese model and radio host. At the very beginning of her career, she released her debut album, but refused to continue her vocals

  • Aragaki Yui 2
    Aragaki Yui 2
  • Aragaki Yui
    Aragaki Yui

Koda Kumi. Singer and talented dancer. Her debut album was released by one of Japan's most popular CD makers. Koda is also a model and represents the house of Christian Dior

  • Koda Kumi
    Koda Kumi
  • Koda Kumi 2
    Koda Kumi 2

Yu Hasebe. Bright fashion model and actress

  • Yu Hasebe
    Yu Hasebe
  • Yu Hasebe 2
    Yu Hasebe 2

Mao Inoue. Japanese actress who started her career at the age of 5. To this day, the girl is one of the most sought-after actresses in the land of the rising sun

  • Mao Inoue 2
    Mao Inoue 2
  • Mao Inoue
    Mao Inoue

Mika Nagano. Who would have thought that among the most beautiful Japanese women there would be a real MMA fighter. The charming Japanese woman only confirms the fact that beauty is a terrible force

  • Mika Nagano
    Mika Nagano
  • Mika Nagano 2
    Mika Nagano 2

Honda Tsubasa. She is an exclusive model of Seventeen magazine. She also took part in a music show that was broadcast on NTV

  • Honda Tsubasa
    Honda Tsubasa
  • Honda Tsubasa 2
    Honda Tsubasa 2

Miwa Oshiro. Born in Hokaido. She starred in over 20 feature films

  • Miwa Oshiro
    Miwa Oshiro
  • Miwa Oshiro 2
    Miwa Oshiro 2

Meisa Kuroki. The Japanese model, who inherited a rather interesting appearance from her Brazilian mother

  • Meisa Kuroki 2
    Meisa Kuroki 2
  • Meisa Kuroki
    Meisa Kuroki

Kana Tsugihara. Japanese actress with a model appearance. She is known for her work on television and radio

  • Kana Tsugihara 2
    Kana Tsugihara 2
  • Kana Tsugihara
    Kana Tsugihara

Nozomi Sasaki. She was born into a low-income family. At the age of 14, she dropped out of school and took up a modeling career. It is rumored that Nozomi still reads very poorly, which creates great difficulties for her in her work

  • Nozomi Sasaki 2
    Nozomi Sasaki 2
  • Nozomi Sasaki
    Nozomi Sasaki

Maria Ozawa. Japanese woman who has Canadian roots. The popularity of the actress was brought by shooting in fairly explicit films. However, to date, the girl has stopped acting in scenes that compromise her

  • Maria Ozawa
    Maria Ozawa
  • Maria Ozawa 2
    Maria Ozawa 2

Aya Ueto. From early childhood, the girl's parents predicted her success in the modeling business and in every possible way encouraged various shooting and performances of a young Japanese woman. Aya was a member of one of the most popular pop groups in Japan, but in 2002 she took up a solo career

  • Aya Ueto 2
    Aya Ueto 2
  • Aya Ueto
    Aya Ueto

Kyoko Fukada. The most talented actress and vocalist. Japanese woman who won the award for Best Actress in a Leading Role. In addition, the girl is actively engaged in vocals and releases amazing compositions

  • Kyoko Fukada
    Kyoko Fukada
  • Kyoko Fukada 2
    Kyoko Fukada 2

Atsuko Maeda. At one time she performed in the female pop group AKB48. Later she began writing songs and performing solo. She is married to the famous actor Ryo Katsuji

  • Atsuko Maeda
    Atsuko Maeda
  • Atsuko Maeda 2
    Atsuko Maeda 2

Ayumi Hamasaki. At a fairly young age, Ayumi was spotted by a famous modeling agency and invited to audition. Since then, the girl has been in demand as a model and the face of the largest brands. At the same time he is engaged in music

  • Ayumi Hamasaki
    Ayumi Hamasaki
  • Ayumi Hamasaki 2
    Ayumi Hamasaki 2

Mao Assad. Japanese figure skater and three-time world champion. I remember that I played three triple Axels at the Olympic Games. The most famous figure skater in Japan

  • Mao Assada
    Mao Assada
  • Mao Assad 2
    Mao Assad 2

Saya Irie. Japanese model and TV and radio presenter. Despite her young age, Saya starred in a dozen of fairly popular films

  • Saya Irie
    Saya Irie
  • Saya Irie 2
    Saya Irie 2

Rie Miyazawa. She first took to the podium when she was only 12 years old. Known for the fact that as a result of a conflict with her own mother, who was also her producer, she tried to commit suicide. After undergoing treatment, she starred in the film "Peony Gazebo", and was awarded an award

  • Rie Miyazawa
    Rie Miyazawa
  • Rie Miyazawa 2
    Rie Miyazawa 2

Yukie Nakama. The Japanese beauty was born into a family of a simple fisherman, where, in addition to her, there were four children. Since childhood, she was fond of music, which determined her life choice. Now Yukie not only touches fans with his pretty appearance, but also performs on the big stage

  • Yukie Nakama
    Yukie Nakama
  • Yukie Nakama 2
    Yukie Nakama 2

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