100 Statuses About Quarantine And Self-isolation

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100 Statuses About Quarantine And Self-isolation
100 Statuses About Quarantine And Self-isolation

Video: 100 Statuses About Quarantine And Self-isolation

Video: 100 Statuses About Quarantine And Self-isolation
Video: 100 things to do when you’re self isolating, social distancing & bored at home 2023, November
girl in curlers
girl in curlers

How in our difficult time, when the whole world is on self-isolation, to do without quarantine statuses? Joking statuses help to relate to the situation with humor. "Domestic slaves".

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  • I have been sitting behind the bars of my bed, nourished by bondage for twenty days …
  • Masks are not sewn with bast.
  • The princess chained in the castle of Self-isolation. I am waiting for the Coronavirus spells to disappear and Prince Liberty appears.
  • Fear has big eyes: bags full of buckwheat!
  • I watched the movie "Groundhog Day" so many times, but did not think that I would take part in the plot.
  • It was the 30th day of quarantine … I wonder if there is life outside the door? What a strange rustle at the entrance?
  • He brewed buckwheat porridge himself, and you yourself should clean up the whole quarantine.
  • Awoke. I'm lying. Got up. I ate. He sneezed. I drank tea. Yawned again. Went to sleep. Tomorrow is a new busy day.
  • The devil is not as bad as the coronavirus.
  • Seven Fridays in the week when we are in bed all day.
  • Hello friends! It's great that we are here again. Are you dissatisfied with Barsik? Our company? Do not sizzle, otherwise the glasses will be offended
  • With this quarantine, I will only marry Carlson, who lives on the roof and accidentally flies into my window!
  • Don't put off until tomorrow what you can eat today.
  • In quarantine, she became a Princess. I talk to objects like Belle, sleep all day long, expecting a happy end, like Sleeping Beauty
  • A cricket sings behind the stove, I eat a fat leg, and I look like a vegetable marrow, there is a rumor on TV again, quarantine has been extended a bit …
  • I leave the house. On the face: sunglasses and a black mask. I feel like a star chased by the paparazzi.
  • Panic and quarantine were given to humanity to understand how valuable buckwheat and toilet paper are.
  • I braided my hair, put on a mask, processed my hands, took my passport - that's it, you can go out to the balcony!
two girls in colored clothes
two girls in colored clothes
  • A thoroughbred dog is urgently required for daily walking. Men, please do not disturb!
  • The quarantine continues and due to the current circumstances I will buy a mask of size XXXL …
  • This year I invite everyone to my birthday! There will be beer, kebabs, cake. I'm waiting for everyone at exactly 7, online in Watsap …
  • It turns out that every house has crossroads …
  • The government has given time to BREATHE for a long time … So I think: how to put the stress correctly?
  • While humanity is in quarantine, nature is on vacation.
  • Quarantine is when you can only lose your temper.
  • I do not wear a mask on the street, but at home, so that I have nothing to eat.
  • On the store signboard "Mask mode". I came in in a Hare's mask, but they didn’t serve me and kicked me out … What kind of people?
  • I live like in paradise! I walk naked, hide, when I hear at the door: “You, where is Adam?”, I made Eve out of the crumbs …
  • Morning does not start with coffee. And from the news about the coronavirus.
  • The land is empty without me … This is self-isolation.
  • Take care of your health when you're young - wash your hands with soap and water.
  • One in the field is not sick.
dog on a hammock
dog on a hammock
  • There is time in quarantine to prepare the figure for summer. By next summer, of course.
  • Let there always be soap, antiseptic and strength. Let there always be a mask, Let there always be me!
  • Measure seven times, cut one, sew bandages and wear a mask!
  • I put on makeup, dressed up, perfumed and went to conquer the world from the entrance to the dumpster
  • He sang loudly. The neighbor knocked on the battery. I answer. We learned the Morse code and now we communicate in the evenings.
  • Fly into the store - cover your mouth with a mask.
  • Do not wake up dashingly - went out into the street, be quiet.
  • To live life - the coronavirus cannot be caught!
  • Panic loves fools.
  • Better a face mask than a bed in a medical palace.
  • Work is not a wolf, it will not run away into the forest while my Majesty is sleeping in quarantine.
  • Some in the forest, some for firewood, if only with a mask and an antiseptic.
  • Prepare the sleigh in the summer, the cart in the winter, and the masks of the necks all the seasons.
  • An uninvited guest is worse than a Tatar. In quarantine: every guest is uninvited.
  • Who gets up early, that dog goes for a walk.
stylish girl with glasses
stylish girl with glasses
  • Rearranging furniture in the house will not only help to change the situation, but will kill free time, freeze and put you to sleep.
  • Everything passes, quarantine also passes.
  • You are my brother, or not my brother. Whether you are glad or not glad to me. Sit down with me at the table, pour yourself some wine, Keep a distance of a meter or two.
  • Do you like to visit, love and drink pills for viruses.
  • I read all the books in the house. I cried for a long time over the Savings …
  • Toilet paper makes good origami-style products. I made a cute Bat yesterday.
  • Channel One has a new show: Coronavirus with the Stars.
  • Buckwheat road for lunch.
  • When buying food, I carefully make a list: I will buy sugar in the morning, I will take bread for lunch, in the evening I will go for a pack of tea …
  • The head is given to us for the mask.
  • Coronavirus is a virus that was unfairly planted on the throne, conquering the peoples of the whole world.
  • Oh, what a busy life used to be! Home - work - home - work … And now: home, home, home …
  • For self-isolation, it is more useful to use peas, rather than buckwheat. The distance between people is guaranteed!
funny couple taking a selfie
funny couple taking a selfie
  • Oh, what did people talk before when there was no coronavirus ??
  • So the virus has come to us … the world seems to have gone crazy.
  • The mask is the perfect piece of clothing for women. Hides wrinkles, double chin, saves cosmetics.
  • There are people from whom even the coronavirus keeps its distance.
  • Life hack during quarantine: the eaten onion head will ensure conscientious wearing of the mask for the whole day.
  • They forgot about condoms. For safe sex, they buy masks and an antiseptic.
  • Work is not a wolf - it will not run away into the forest, but a wolf coronavirus will catch up.
  • There is only a moment between the past and the future, that is what is called quarantine.
  • Water does not flow under the lying stone! … So, what else to do in quarantine.
  • The store is good, but the house is better.
  • Took a trash can, a dog, and a grocery list. Hope to take a longer walk in the fresh air.
girl with antennas from marshmallows
girl with antennas from marshmallows
  • Somewhere in this world, a Chinese ate a mouse, and the quarantine around the world lasts seven weeks …
  • Nature has no bad weather … In the rain, and in the snow, in the blizzard I want to walk …
  • At work, they gave me a big bonus, provided me with food. The government insisted on free internet. And then I woke up.
  • People buy so much toilet paper as if they had an overwhelming supply of food!
  • You walk down the street, you meet friends … Mask, I know you!
  • I will change a two-room apartment for a one-room apartment. As a surcharge, I ask for a set of masks, gloves and an antiseptic.
  • How young people meet in quarantine. Guy: "Gulchatay, open your face!"
  • From now on, every lazy couch potato who does not leave the couch is considered the lifeguard of the world.
  • There is nothing to endure a little more: spring, summer will end, and it will not be so annoying to stay at home in quarantine.
girls ride a stroller for groceries
girls ride a stroller for groceries
  • I am glad that not only I will not go to the sea this year!
  • A new tradition: newlyweds in the registry office exchange not rings, but masks as a sign of love and devotion!
  • Self-isolation, self-leisure, self-friendship, self-love, self-exclusion …
  • What horror movie to watch to distract from the news about the coronavirus?
  • Coronaminus: cow virus, minus in her pocket, Carolina has a mustache.
  • The quarantine will pass much faster if you start the morning not with a cup of tea, but with a glass of vodka.
  • Quarantine hasn't changed my life at all. I always sat at home, did not work, drank and did not communicate with anyone.
  • Observe a distance of 1, 5 - 2 meters with the strictest measure, the wives were completely healed of their headaches.
  • The coronavirus is short-lived. After all, it is made in China.
  • Films relevant this season: "Home Alone", "The Mask", "Armageddon", "Strangers Don't Go Here".
girl dancing in polka dot dress
girl dancing in polka dot dress
  • Coronavirus as love. Can happen to anyone.
  • Who thought for the New Year, stay at home more and not go to work? !!!
  • Lie forever, be lazy.
  • Don't have a hundred rubles, but have an antiseptic.
  • The quarantine will end, I will rest free! Tired of having a rest in captivity!
  • A dog named Druzhok disappeared, and we walked with it, everyone who could …
  • Panic loves fools.
  • The cat looks sideways at me and suspects something. Not only do I lie on the couch with him all day, but soon I'll start eating food.
  • It's not fun to be an introvert when everyone around you is the same.
  • Do not retreat and do not give up! Lie down, chew, do not meddle in the street!