Love During The Coronavirus: How Can We Protect Ourselves?

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Love During The Coronavirus: How Can We Protect Ourselves?
Love During The Coronavirus: How Can We Protect Ourselves?

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Video: How to protect yourself against COVID-19 (Coronavirus) 2023, January
a guy and a girl in protective masks
a guy and a girl in protective masks

The sensational virus that came to us from China has laid the whole world on its shoulder blades. Every day the number of people infected with this dangerous ailment is growing exponentially. The media are sounding the alarm and predicting the appearance of new outbreaks almost every hour. An unknown ailment that overnight divided our life into BEFORE and AFTER makes people ask specialists more and more new questions.

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  • 1 Legend of origin
  • 2 Symptoms of COVID-19
  • 3 Methods of infection
  • 4 Love during a pandemic
  • 5 Is there a risk of re-infection
  • 6 Way out of the situation

Legend of origin

COVID-19 arrived to us straight from China at the end of 2019 and is one of the mutations of the coronavirus. Leading scientists of the Association for Microbiology in America have put forward the following assumption. Most likely, the source of this virus was a bat that ate a sick fish. After that, the mouse, already infected with the mutated virus, was eaten by the snake. And that, in turn, served as food for humans. As a result, people became infected with a new, mutating strain of COVID-19.

This version has no scientific evidence, but is only an assumption. Which, by the way, are trying to challenge Brazilian virologists. The thing is that, in their opinion, the snake, as a representative of the cold-blooded, could not become infected with this virus. To date, the coronavirus has not been sufficiently studied to be able to state anything unequivocally.

COVID-19_COVID-19 symptoms

  • Increased fatigue;
  • Labored breathing;
  • Increase in body temperature to 38.5;
  • Sore throat;
  • Dyspnea;
  • Joint pain;
  • Weakness and general malaise;
  • Dry cough.

The incubation period reaches 2-14 days. People over 65 years of age, people with weak immune systems and people with one or more chronic diseases are at particular risk.


Despite the danger of this disease, about 75% of infected people tolerate it quite easily.

Of course, all of the above symptoms are quite similar to the banal ARVI. Therefore, in order to diagnose or exclude the presence of antibodies in the blood, it is necessary to contact a medical institution for timely qualified assistance.

The main distinguishing feature of this respiratory disease is that it affects the lower respiratory tract, namely the bronchi and lungs. As a result, infected people are often diagnosed with various types of pneumonia, which, unfortunately, can be fatal.

Methods of infection2

Unfortunately, as one of the most dangerous types of respiratory disease, coronavirus is transmitted by airborne droplets. In addition, the disease is dangerous when shaking hands with an infected person, as well as in contact with any infected surfaces. On hard surfaces, COVID-19 can remain viable for about a week.

masked couple
masked couple

Love during a pandemic3

As mentioned above, COVID-19 easily penetrates the mucous membranes, affecting the immune system of a healthy person. So what about quarantined kissing and intimacy? After all, leading virologists strongly recommend:

  • Refrain from mass events, avoiding the gathering of large numbers of people;
  • Wear a mask and gloves in the premises and public transport;
  • Wash your hands regularly with antibacterial soap or use special antibacterial agents;
  • Do not touch your face with your hands while outside the house;
  • Carry out wet cleaning and ventilate the room;
  • Maintain a distance and do not approach another person less than 1.5 meters.

What kind of romance in such conditions can we talk about. And, nevertheless, the most frequently asked question on youth forums is the question: "Is it possible to get infected with COVID-19 at the moment of a kiss?" The answer is obvious - yes!

masked wedding
masked wedding

Attention! The most dangerous virus easily passes from the mucous membrane of an infected person to the mucous membrane of a healthy person. However, according to some WHO data, there is no information about the content of the virus in male semen or vaginal secretions. Could this mean that sexual contact is safe? Maybe. But you must admit that it is quite difficult to imagine intimacy without touching and kissing. Therefore, health authorities unanimously warn the "young" and "hot" and strongly recommend refraining from any contact, let alone romantic dates, with potential carriers of this virus. Because the virus is quite unpredictable and carries a real threat not only to your health, but also to life in general.

Is there a risk of re-infection4

Scientists are divided on this issue. However, today it is known about the positive dynamics of the use of plasma in people who have had COVID-19. Hence, there is reason to believe that there are antibodies. But there are also confirmed cases of reinfection.

girl and man in respirators
girl and man in respirators

The best virologists around the world are working on the creation of a vaccine against the most dangerous virus.

Way out of the situation5

So far, no one can say the exact date of the end of the pandemic. Every day all over the world there are more and more outbreaks of this insidious disease. Meanwhile, outside the window is the most romantic time of the year - spring.

People who are on self-isolation have gradually begun to get used to this state of affairs. Many have remembered their favorite hobby, and now they enjoy the fruits of their perseverance, looking at incredibly beautiful pictures. Someone was seriously carried away by a new business, mastering the latest digital technologies, someone simply took up the improvement of their own home and the creation of comfort. And someone just enjoys communication and raising children, being in conditions of forced isolation.

And what about young people, in whose veins hot blood is raging, and their hearts demand love and affection? Fortunately, there is a great alternative in the form of virtual communication and even the very well-known sexting. Thanks to the latter, you can diversify communication with your chosen one (chosen one) and add piquant notes to it. Now flirting in the virtual world is not only possible, but also necessary. And most importantly, it's safe! By the way, such experiments reliably protect not only from the terrible coronavirus, but also from other dangerous sexually transmitted diseases.

masked girl
masked girl

Despite the fact that virologists regularly mention that young people are less at risk of infection than others, and the disease itself is mild, you should not be hesitant about the recommendations of doctors. Each human organism is individual, and it is impossible to predict how the virus will behave in one case or another.

The main danger of COVID-19 is that the disease can be asymptomatic for a sufficiently long period, which means that each of us, in one way or another, is at risk of infection. Therefore, now more than ever it is important to think, first of all, about your health and the health of your loved ones. Responsibly treat the recommendations of medical professionals and in no case violate the quarantine regime. Remember that you can pay too high a price for being careless.

Thanks to the implementation of all the recommendations, we will be able to avoid or, in any case, significantly minimize the dire consequences of COVID-19. And in the near future we will be able to boldly communicate, fall in love and kiss with people dear to our hearts. There is very little left.

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