Thoughts Not Aloud: 77 Stauses On Vkontakte For Girls

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Thoughts Not Aloud: 77 Stauses On Vkontakte For Girls
Thoughts Not Aloud: 77 Stauses On Vkontakte For Girls

Video: Thoughts Not Aloud: 77 Stauses On Vkontakte For Girls

Video: Thoughts Not Aloud: 77 Stauses On Vkontakte For Girls
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two girls joking
two girls joking

The popularity of social networks is growing every day. Here is just one of them that has firmly held the leadership position for several years. It does not need advertising and is known to millions of users under the name VKontakte. Many simply cannot imagine their usual life without her.

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1 77 statuses for Vkontakte

Scrolling through the feed, changing your avatar or setting a new status has become a kind of daily ritual. This is especially true for the fair sex. A complex woman's nature now and then rushes about in search of the perfect frame for her profile or the right words that will help characterize her, but at the same time add mystery. That is why this material will discuss what to write in the most prominent place on your page. If you have been planning to do this for a long time, then our top 77 statuses will certainly come in handy for you.

77 statuses for Vkontakte 77

  1. There is no reason to anger fate. And I hope it won't!
  2. I am especially popular with young and handsome men and old envious women.
  3. The happiest thing I wish everyone!
  4. She owes nothing to anyone, owes nothing to anyone.
  5. Clever on weekdays, beautiful on weekends.
  6. God, there are so many crazy people around, and I still have to get married.
  7. You don't need to criticize me. I myself know everything very well.
  8. I put on my makeup and hid in the closet. Do you love the beautiful and inaccessible?
  9. In men, only one thing turns me on - the brains.
  10. Every girl must have a secret. But I'm still that Japanese crossword puzzle.
  11. Pretty girls don't lie on the road. They are in Vkontakte.
girl with glasses and tattoo
girl with glasses and tattoo
  1. I firmly decided - I will not marry. But you can try to convince me.
  2. I constantly hear the phrase: "You are so beautiful, I can only dream of you." And so I would like to have someone come true.
  3. I don't have the habit of arguing. Because I'm always right.
  4. My boyfriend is a real treasure. Sometimes I just want to bury it.
  5. All that remains is to lose 5 kg, 1/2 humanity and 2/3 intelligence, and I literally merge with the crowd.
  6. I don't want to be loved. Your contempt is fine with me.
  7. I can easily make a rag out of any man. But very stylish.
  8. I never got hit on the head with a portfolio at school. Therefore, not a fool!
girl take a selfie
girl take a selfie
  1. I love to nag my man. I still do not lose hope to make the "beautiful" half of it.
  2. I have only one place, touching which, you can drive me crazy. And this is the soul!
  3. I hate it when I love, and he "too" me.
  4. I never know what I want, but I persist in pursuing it.
  5. All girls are truly strange creatures. They cry bitterly if the button on their favorite jeans is not fastened and jump with happiness when the blouse becomes small.
  6. I am fluent in BDSM techniques. I have been using the epilator for more than 3 years.
  7. I completely lose my sense of proportion when I eat, sleep and fall in love.
  8. It's so strange, but sometimes only one message separates us from real happiness.
girls hold a banana like a phone
girls hold a banana like a phone
  1. Please, if you can’t stand me in a bad mood, do not come near when it’s just great.
  2. I honestly try to trust people. And it doesn't work every time.
  3. I always keep my main weapon in a case. The size of the cover is the third!
  4. I will dream for you. On holidays.
  5. I am faced with a choice: remain a happy bastard or become a generous loser?
  6. It's always easy to find a common language with me. But for this you have to bite your own.
  7. You don't have to tell me what you are ready to do for me. Better show me what you are willing to give up for.
  8. And there is no need to say that miracles do not happen. And me, what do you think?
  9. I have long resigned myself to the fact that my prince will be on a black horse.
  10. Life is too short to stir up the past endlessly.
  11. And who is this here with such enthusiasm considering my avatar?
donut girl
donut girl
  1. I'm not special, I'm the chosen one!
  2. Everyone around persistently insists that it is high time for me to become someone. And I prefer to be myself.
  3. I have no habit of getting upset. And outwardly it does not look like a piano.
  4. To repeat other people's nonsense is so commonplace. I always try to invent my own.
  5. I prefer to feel the incredible rather than notice the obvious.
  6. Dealing with me is hard enough. And the instruction, as luck would have it, disappeared somewhere.
  7. That's all, I decided - I won't go to hell. The devils are not to blame for anything.
  8. Adequate personalities are simply better than others who know how to keep their madness within the framework.
girl in a yellow hat
girl in a yellow hat
  1. I am looking for my own happiness, but I am not averse to taking someone else's.
  2. Resurrect or behead? I act according to the situation.
  3. I do not listen to strangers. Only mom.
  4. I try not to get used to anything in this life. Actually, as well as to life itself.
  5. I regularly steal men's hearts.
  6. In my house, only the phone is charged.
  7. I never run after a tram. Always looking forward to the next one.
  8. You can prove to the girl that she is wrong. But nobody knows how.
  9. It is so important to be able to appreciate the present until the moment it becomes the past.
  10. Beautiful things happen suddenly. I'm sitting … not waiting.
  11. I'm never jealous. I just guard my happiness!
  12. Why are I all the time taught to live by those who themselves do not know how?
  13. It seems that my neighbors are still unaware that tapping on the battery has no effect on the volume of my speakers.
  14. A photocopy of my passport photo is even more beautiful!
  15. Honestly, I have no girlfriends. But what like-minded people I have!
diadem girl
diadem girl
  1. My dream is to become a dream girl.
  2. The loudest words are usually spoken in silence.
  3. Girls don't know how to keep secrets. But be sure, none of them will open the soul to the end.
  4. Try not to think about tomorrow at least sometimes. Otherwise, you cannot enjoy today.
  5. How often a person's eyesight fails. Sometimes he clearly sees his misfortune, but point-blank does not notice his guilt.
  6. It's time to learn how to erase some people from your life with a bold felt-tip pen, not a simple pencil.
  7. My imagination is my wings.
  8. How often do we call smart those who say what we would like to hear.
  9. I love the moment when common jokes appear in communication with a person, understandable only to us.
girl screams and calls for someone
girl screams and calls for someone
  1. I always know how to do it. But I do as I want!
  2. They were not allowed to become ideal, but not to become the worst. Well, you have to be yourself!
  3. Things are going well, but in an unknown direction.
  4. I am actively looking for the hero of my novel. Please do not confuse it with hemorrhoids!
  5. I love drinking beer, watching football, and I can easily paint my eyelashes with my mouth closed.
  6. The owner of a chic country house and a delightful figure … phew, dreamed, and my soul became warmer.
  7. When criticism flies at me, I will be able to defend myself. But I am defenseless against compliments.
girl in a yellow sweater
girl in a yellow sweater

Long and short, sad and positive, serious and funny, truthful and not very statuses play an important role in the virtual space. With their help, you can unobtrusively hint at your character traits, talk about personal experiences, evoke sympathy or a smile, and, of course, encourage acquaintance and communication.

With the help of the original status, any girl can easily attract male attention to herself. Most importantly, remember that your status should reflect your inner experiences as much as possible, correspond to your convictions and stand out favorably among a million other template phrases. Otherwise, you run the risk of remaining "invisible" in virtual spaces.