95 Statuses For Vkontakte For Guys For All Occasions

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95 Statuses For Vkontakte For Guys For All Occasions
95 Statuses For Vkontakte For Guys For All Occasions

Video: 95 Statuses For Vkontakte For Guys For All Occasions

Video: 95 Statuses For Vkontakte For Guys For All Occasions
the guy is smiling
the guy is smiling

For some reason, it is generally accepted that courageous and strong guys shy away from such entertainment as social networks. But no! Most modern guys are happy to while away time on the World Wide Web. This means that this material will be not only interesting for them, but also useful. Indeed, the article will talk about the most original statuses that you will certainly want to place on your VK page.

The content of the article

1 Statuses in Vkontakte for guys

What is the guy usually guided by when choosing this or that status? Most often, he wants to describe as accurately as possible his hobbies, outlook on life, priorities. Or his main task is to meet the most attractive girl of the site. Or maybe he wants to stab his ex as painfully as possible?

But even if there is nothing like this among your primary tasks, but you still want to write an original message in the header that will draw attention to your page - read and remember our TOP-95 unique statuses for guys.

Vkontakte statuses for guys

  1. I'm not smart. These glasses just fucking suit me.
  2. Sometimes it seems to me that I am somewhat indecisive. And sometimes I'm not quite sure about it.
  3. I am not in the least ashamed of what you see here.
  4. I protect my body with all my might. I still have to live and live in it!
  5. I prefer a society in which I can be myself.
  6. I don't know where I'm going, but I'm not going to stop.
  7. I can easily transform any dream into reality.
  8. Do not be afraid of me, I am afraid of you myself.
  9. I prefer to live by my own rules. With no exceptions!
  10. I'm not arrogant. I'm straightforward.
  11. I finally decided to start appreciating others. I am looking for volunteers.
  12. My kindness is peacefully side by side with a well-delivered blow.
man with mustache
man with mustache
  1. The best thing you can do is stay away from me.
  2. Not everyone who shakes your hand is your friend.
  3. Girl, you have been silently looking at my photos for 20 minutes. Are you okay?
  4. It is useless to say the word "impossible" in front of me. I do not understand its meaning.
  5. The price of a real man directly depends on his ability to be responsible for his words.
  6. My strength is in my kindness.
  7. I always choose the first between soul and beauty.
  8. Girls are divided into two categories: those that bring happiness and those that bring experience.
  9. I am terribly afraid of cheerful people, you never know what is on their minds.
  10. There are no cold girls. There are those who are not yet familiar with me.
  11. You also need to know how to spend your leisure time mediocre.
a man playing a console
a man playing a console
  1. Girls, do cockroaches in your head know how to execute any commands?
  2. I'm at the age when Tom is more offensive than Jerry.
  3. I always have something to share with the community! Please contact.
  4. I think and hit equally fast.
  5. Think twice before you reproach me.
  6. Luck loves me. And it is mutual for us.
  7. If you have any reason not to believe me, then leave.
  8. My loved ones never let me fall. Even in spirit.
  9. Don't bother with your advice until I ask you to!
  10. I don't envy anyone. I prefer to learn from successful people.
  11. The strong always act. Weak ones complain about fate.
  12. Don't pass by - I have everything you need!
  13. The more often I analyze the actions of people, the less often there is a desire to forgive them.
  14. Didn't graduate from art school, but I will perfectly paint a smile on your face.
  15. I have no flaws. There are nuances.
guy with glasses in the form of hearts
guy with glasses in the form of hearts
  1. Don't try to find the meaning of life. Create it!
  2. I hate waiting. I will certainly dream up too much for myself.
  3. I'm not going to live up to anyone's expectations. I have the main role here.
  4. Love before the first quarrel is not love at all.
  5. Each new dawn gives me a reason to be better.
  6. How people love to dissolve in what is not.
  7. I don’t know what you were thinking up there, but I’ll try to match.
  8. The most difficult fight is the fight with yourself.
  9. Good girls go to heaven. The bad ones are in my BMW.
  10. The elevator to success can break down any minute. Go up the stairs.
  11. Everyone is just talking about how to get out of your comfort zone. I am interested in something else: how to get there?
  12. My memory is my personal hell.
  1. You are not defeated if you fall. You are defeated if you can no longer get up.
  2. I'll take your girl away in two clicks.
  3. Don't listen to what I say. Look what I do.
  4. I learn from everyone, but I never copy anyone.
  5. Do not mind testing your capabilities with new tests.
  6. Stop, you finally! And get started!
  7. And I'm in charge in the house! Because he is a bachelor.
  8. What is common between a man and a god? Both women idolize, but continue to demand the impossible.
  9. Always looking for something special. But it turned out - he was mad with fat.
  10. The ability to be friends is a rare gift that not everyone is destined to possess.
  11. I always regard the word "no" as a call to action!
  12. It is high time to carry out the population census on the pages of VKontakte.
  13. I have nothing to do with the bridge. Don't try to "cheat" me.
a man in a suit
a man in a suit
  1. How to teach a search engine to find a second sock?
  2. I hate two things: walking with a beard and shaving.
  3. If you look closely, you will notice that I look like a prince.
  4. I always answer the question "brunette or blonde" unambiguously. Yes!
  5. All men only need one thing. But from a few women.
  6. I will always keep my promise. If you remind me of this as often as possible.
  7. As you can see, not all of the knights were extinct!
  8. As a wise person, I am never offended.
  9. Having learned all the hardships of dark days, I learned to appreciate the gray everyday life.
  10. I'm wise enough to forgive you, but not stupid enough to start believing you again.
  11. Queens, please do not worry! I am from the common people.
  12. I'm not looking for a lady of the heart. I just really want to!
thin strongman
thin strongman
  1. Beauty alone will not surprise me. But you can try.
  2. My chosen one must be honest and sincere. Otherwise, this is not my chosen one.
  3. Well, where do you wander, my beloved happiness?
  4. Relationships are painstaking work. But I am still a workaholic!
  5. I will exchange 1,000,000 roses for your heart.
  6. Your ad could be here!
  7. Fall in love or something, otherwise the heart has not been sick for a long time.
  8. Girls who don't rape the brain, do you even exist?
  9. I will share half of the kingdom with a long-legged, blue-eyed blonde.
  10. Hostages of your bad mood, please pass my page.
  11. A man with a strong male shoulder is looking for a woman with a magnificent bust.
  12. Appreciate real men - we are now worth our weight in gold!
  13. I'm ready to endure women's tantrums for delicious borscht.
  14. All those who disagree with my opinion, I ask you to substantiate their claims in writing.
strange guy
strange guy
  1. I prefer not to feel cool, but to be cool!
  2. I hate getting my hands dirty on someone's face. But you have to.
  3. I'm telling the truth, I hit hard.
  4. It is not expensive to be free.
  5. To be calm about failure means to improve.
  6. You have 3 minutes to charm me!

More often than not, male statuses are more like a call to action. However, most modern guys do not mind sharing their thoughts and experiences with a wide audience. And there is nothing wrong with that. In a short phrase, you can fit your own thoughts, seasoned with a drop of self-irony and humor. The only important thing is that your status is fully consistent with your beliefs and does not contradict your outlook on life.

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