Sex Kills Coronavirus: Is It So?

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Sex Kills Coronavirus: Is It So?
Sex Kills Coronavirus: Is It So?
Video: Sex Kills Coronavirus: Is It So?
Video: Dr. Oz Talks Possible Treatments and Drugs for Coronavirus, Sex During Quarantine, and More 2023, February
couple hugging on bed
couple hugging on bed

Let's start with the fact that we like the way you think - apparently, you and your partner are feeling okay. What more could you want?

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  • 1 Rumors and fakes
  • 2 Let's talk seriously
  • 3 Can sex increase the risk of getting sick?
  • 4 Safe sex
  • 5 What can sex still save you from?
  • 6 Summary
  • 7 So what do we have?

The self-isolation regime divided people into two camps - some are so tired of each other that they are ready to rush headlong to a lawyer on divorce proceedings. Others decided to act differently - and it is precisely these energetic guys that our article is dedicated to.

Rumors and fakes

Recently, a very interesting method of dealing with a pandemic has begun to be discussed on the Web. Social media posts, memes and videos on TikTok - everyone suddenly started to seriously discuss "sex therapy" and share their thoughts on this matter. Where is the truth and where is the lie?

Do you know how you can easily and gracefully drive the whole Internet crazy? Spread the rumor about coronavirus and spice it up with spicy details. And as evidence, provide a screenshot of the news broadcast on the main channel. Done! The public is agitated.

Fast forward to the past. Mid-March 2020. COVID-19 is already sweeping the planet. There are many victims, and even more rumors (sometimes extremely stupid). Even skeptics who have shouted that the pandemic is a lie and a provocation are beginning to feel alarmed. People are trying to protect themselves from the virus and are looking for folk remedies for a mysterious ailment. Pharmacy shelves are emptying, prices for garlic and ginger are skyrocketing.

A great moment to spread a juicy fake.

A screenshot of the (supposedly) news broadcast on CNN is filling all social networks. The audience sees the logo of the famous channel and the face of the local presenter - Wolf Blitzer. The caption on the screenshot reads "Breaking News: Constant Sex Kills Coronavirus."

And it began …

In Runet, this news was not discussed as juicy as on English-language platforms. Facebook, Whatsapp and other resources have become a gathering of virologists and epidemiologists. The audience eagerly discussed this news. It is possible that someone decided not to enter into discussions, but simply went to test the theory in practice.

the guy holds the girl in his arms
the guy holds the girl in his arms

Rapper 50 Cent hastened to share the delightful news on his Instagram. In a joking manner, he made it clear to his subscribers that he had no problems with the "medicine", so now he is calm.

Ultimately, users looked at the news in more detail and noticed that there is not a single mention of "sex therapy" on the channel's official website. And the screenshot itself looks suspicious - even the fonts are not similar to those used by the channel to design news releases.

I had to admit that the news was fake. In order not to get bored in quarantine, someone started a new rumor - now alcohol was acting as a superhero.

Well, the story isn't that interesting anymore, so let's just say it doesn't work. A bottle of red wine can brighten up your evening, but it will not save you from the "crown".

the guy pushed the girl against the wall
the guy pushed the girl against the wall

Let's talk seriously2

At the moment, there is no confirmed information that regular (and not so much) sex can save anyone from the coronavirus. On the contrary, experts advise to reduce the number of close physical contact with people. Especially if one of the partners is feeling unwell.

Don't be upset. If you are in a monogamous relationship and are on self-isolation with your partner, you can continue to enjoy the pleasures of intimate life. Observing precautions, of course.

Can sex increase your risk of getting sick? 3

Certainly. Coronavirus does not spread like genital infections.


It is transmitted through saliva, and therefore, you can get it both during sex and through passionate kisses and hugs.

A firm "no" should be said to casual sexual encounters and new partners. If you and your partner live separately from each other, the risks increase - you cannot be sure that your other half's family members or neighbors are completely healthy.

boy and girl on the bed
boy and girl on the bed

Dating in public places is not.

A creative approach - yes!

Safe sex4

Doctors strongly recommend that people cut back on social (and sexual) contact and keep their distance, even within their own home. Visiting each other and making dates is also strongly discouraged. These are the official guidelines.

But we all understand that in difficult times, people need support and love more than ever. Doctors and sexologists who give interviews for numerous publications also understand this.

If you live together, leave home only to the nearest store, do not contact other people and feel good, you can safely have sex. The main thing is to observe all precautions and not dismiss suspicious symptoms - "oh, yes, it's a cold!"

girl sitting on a guy
girl sitting on a guy

What if you and your partner live separately from each other? Master virtual sex. Video calls and sexting are a good alternative to the usual dates in a cafe. If you haven't tried this before, it's time to discover something new.

What can sex save you from? 5

The pandemic is testing the strength of the attitudes of people around the world. Do you have a lot of free time? You shouldn't waste it on scandals and nagging about the fact that someone used up all the antiseptic or consumed a week's supply of sweets for a couple of episodes of the series. Finally start to talk to each other heart to heart, calmly discuss problems and … have sex.

Anxiety and stress levels are off the charts. So are the numbers on the scales. Take a break from reading the news and seizing stress. No, even the most regular sex cannot serve as a vaccine against coronavirus. But he can help you and your loved one not go crazy during this incomprehensible and extremely hectic time. And not kill each other from the round-the-clock sitting within four walls.


  • Regular sex cannot kill the coronavirus. All rumors at the moment have not been confirmed by anything. These are just jokes and bright hopes of those who want to combine business with pleasure.
  • If one partner is unwell, sex and kissing are more dangerous.
guy kissing girl
guy kissing girl
  • Doctors strongly advise against starting new sexual relationships in the near future. Better to limit yourself to online dating and video calls.
  • If you can, keep your distance even within your own home.
  • If you live with your regular sexual partner, have no symptoms and are self-isolating, sex can be a really great way to have fun, strengthen relationships, and reduce anxiety and stress.

So what do we have? 7

The bad news is that sex is not yet ready to save our planet from the evil virus. At least scientists are not yet ready to take responsibility and recommend that everyone urgently comprehend the delights of lovemaking.

The good news is that having regular sex between two healthy partners can strengthen relationships and help them (both partners and relationships) not fall apart after a prolonged quarantine.

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