What Determines A Person's Personal Space And How To Limit It

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What Determines A Person's Personal Space And How To Limit It
What Determines A Person's Personal Space And How To Limit It

Video: What Determines A Person's Personal Space And How To Limit It

Video: What Determines A Person's Personal Space And How To Limit It
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the girl in the tractor

Personal space is an area where a person feels calm, protected and safe. But there are varieties of personal space and many factors that characterize it. What determines a person's personal space? Consider further in the article.

The content of the article

  • 1 What is included in the concept of "personal space"
  • 2 Zoning personal space
  • 3 What threatens the violation of personal territory
  • 4 What needs to be done in advance so as not to disturb the space of another person

What is included in the concept of "personal space" i

First of all, it is a person's own body, his inner world, emotions, feelings, experiences. You can also include personal information space - the right to secrecy.

In addition, personal space includes personal time, which a person has the right to dispose of as he sees fit. He can devote this time to himself, alone with his thoughts. You can read a book, go to an exhibition, watch TV. And also a person can spend personal time on family, friends.

Physical and material things can be called personal space. Such as a toothbrush, computer, coat, favorite spoon.

There are places where a person can be alone with himself. This is a personal nook. In this way, you can restore strength and rest after hard working days. No one may know about this place and, accordingly, no one will interfere or disturb. It can be not only a separate apartment, but even a person with whom you want to be alone and take a break from the accumulated problems. That is, the reboot process takes place.

Personal space zoning2

Own zone is the desire of a person to sometimes be without the close proximity of other people. For example, sometimes on the bus, you may notice that a person chooses a seat so that no one is sitting next to him. He is so comfortable and comfortable. Own space is divided into intimate, personal, social and public areas.

personal space of a person
personal space of a person

If you stretch out your hand, the intimate area will be located. This is approximately half a meter. The intimate personal zone includes the family and closest people: children, parents, relatives, spouse or spouse.

The personal zone covers a radius from half a meter to one and a half. It includes friends and well-known people.

The radius of the social zone ranges from one and a half to four meters. She is the most distant zone in space related to the individual.

What threatens violation of personal territory3

It is necessary to have a sense of tact, and also not to try to violate a person's own territory. Moreover, if it is a close person. You need to know and have respect for your personal space in order to be so respectful of other people's space.

Sometimes people want to be around all the time and every day. But there is oversaturation, the relationship can lose interest. It is necessary that everyone has personal time, their own hobbies. That is, an individual territory.

Violation of personal territory threatens with resentment, omissions, loss of interest in other people, isolation. It is necessary to understand the consequences and try not to encroach on the personal time and territory of another person. After all, this is his necessity.

definition of a person's personal space
definition of a person's personal space

You cannot read extraneous messages, eavesdrop on conversations, check pockets. Thus, the boundaries of a person's personal space are violated.

People who are deprived of their personal space become aggressive and irritable. This fact can be easily traced to the example of those married couples who do not have personal housing and the opportunity to live separately. After all, living with an older generation is not only a generational conflict, but also a lack of personal space. An example is the situation where one family member put his toothbrush in one place and another came up and shifted it to another. The first family member will not particularly like such an action, because personal boundaries and preferences have been violated. We must respect each other.

You cannot impose on a person if he does not have a desire to communicate or spend time together right now. Perhaps there are reasons for this and he wants to be alone with his thoughts. This must be understood and accepted.

It is not for nothing that there is an opinion that the secret of a good relationship is the correct dosage of your presence in everyone's personal space.

What must be done in advance so as not to disturb the space of another person4

To do this, you need to properly plan your leisure time, discuss in advance what room each family member occupies, at what time who takes a place at the computer or at the TV.

what is a person's personal space
what is a person's personal space

It is also necessary to discuss things that are forbidden to touch. They can be a mobile phone, a cosmetic bag, and so on. If this is done in advance, then conflict situations and violation of personal boundaries will not appear further. There must be trust and respect for each other in a relationship.

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