Why Men Like Overweight Women: Do Not Rush To Lose Weight

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Why Men Like Overweight Women: Do Not Rush To Lose Weight
Why Men Like Overweight Women: Do Not Rush To Lose Weight

Video: Why Men Like Overweight Women: Do Not Rush To Lose Weight

Video: Why Men Like Overweight Women: Do Not Rush To Lose Weight
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Why men like overweight women
Why men like overweight women

It is obvious that the ideal woman, however, like a man, still does not exist. Each person has different concepts of what beauty is, and from here everyone determines the ideal of his partner for himself. Scientists have been trying for several years to deduce the formula for an ideally beautiful person, but so far all their attempts have not been crowned with success.

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  • 1 Plump looks more feminine
  • 2 Beautiful forms are what to "grasp"
  • 3 May support nighttime snacks
  • 4 With them it is good to build a life and a family
  • 5 Subconscious choice of "mommy"
  • 6 Girls in the body are more accessible
  • 7 Fat girls are good in bed
  • 8 What is the bottom line?

The debate about which girls guys like, thin or fat, have been going on for a long time and so far it has not been possible to determine exactly. All this is explained by the fact that one likes fat women, while the other is athletic or thin. As long as there is such freedom of choice in women, no one will come to an agreement on the ideal figure. But in this article you will find out why men like to date obese women, since many thin women, and more often single ones, wonder why the one that is twice as big has a boyfriend.

The following are some of the most common reasons why men like curvy women.

Plump look more femininei

It should be said right away that full means a healthy and moderately well-nourished body, and not a large and saggy belly and other delights. Of course, every girl can look feminine. To do this, you just need to start taking care of yourself and dress stylishly, and not throw on yourself what first fell out of the closet. But for some reason, chubby girls do it better.

Beautiful forms are what you can “grab hold of” 2

The last phrase must have been heard by many girls, and not only full ones. It turns out, but guys really like curvy ones. They like that their lady was the owner of the priests and breasts, but not every thin woman can boast of these qualities. That is why many people prefer more plump girls, as they look more "appetizing" than ladies in less weight.

But again, it's worth repeating that no one will like frank elephants, so you still need to take care of yourself. Here we are talking about healthy corpulence, and not about extra pounds that can cause obvious harm to the body.

May Support Nighttime Snacks3

Guys like to walk up to the refrigerator at night and look for something to profit from. Many people like to share this process of a night meal together with their passion, but not every slim woman will agree to such an adventure, because she knows that such snacks are harmful to her figure. The overweight are not at all scared and they do not worry about the figure, so they will always support their man and go to empty the refrigerator together. This is the ideal union!

fat women
fat women

It is good to build a life and family with them4

A puffy lady inspires a man that she is able to bear a healthy child and give birth without problems. Also, overweight girls are associated with housekeeping, comfort and a good family life. Those who want a serious relationship are looking for just such girls and are often not mistaken with their choice.

Subconscious choice of "mommy" 5

Many men, when they leave the parental home, begin on a subconscious level to look for a girl who looks like a mother. This is due to the fact that they received a lot of care from their parent and they would not want the girl to demand something impossible from him, but simply looked after him as much as his mother. And it is the full ones that cause such an association.

fat women
fat women

Girls in the body are more accessible6

This stereotype is quite widespread and is explained by the fact that, supposedly, plump people have low self-esteem and they understand that if they do not take the chance, then most likely it will never be presented again. And that is why, if guys are looking for quick sex without obligation, they are looking for full ones. But this is a myth and does not depend on the weight of the girl, but on her psychology. So, for example, a thin woman can agree to an easy and quick sex. Everything is individual and you should not rely on the fact that if your friend said that bbws are more willing to jump into bed, then this will work in your case.

Chubby girls are good in bed7

Such an opinion takes place and if such couples meet, then perhaps the opinion is true. Psychologists explain this by the fact that such representatives of the fair sex assess themselves and their appearance more soberly. Therefore, in order to take not by external data, but by skills in bed, they develop this skill. It is also worth noting that girls who do not limit themselves in food love their bodies as they are and treat everything calmly and with a positive attitude. And this means that scandals out of nothing in your couple will not arise, and even more so she is unlikely to have a "headache".

Tess Holiday
Tess Holiday

What is the bottom line? 8

Do all men prefer plump to thin? Of course not. This is purely individual. Kumu likes curvy girls, while others like very thin girls. It cannot be argued that men love only obese women, especially since this is not so. So, do not rush to eat buns! Remain yourself and then, sooner or later, your man will find you and will be with you no matter what your figure is.

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