Why A Guy Doesn't Propose - 5 Main Reasons

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Why A Guy Doesn't Propose - 5 Main Reasons
Why A Guy Doesn't Propose - 5 Main Reasons

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They can love, want a family and not create one. Why isn't the guy proposing? The answer is not. And no matter how offensive this answer may sound, you need to understand the reasons for the lack of desire. The reasons may originate in childhood, when the man did not form a concept of family and marriage. The reason is a relationship that has already grown into a family relationship, a man does not see the point in changing something.

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  • 1 Childhood is the seed of the future
  • 2 You're not going anywhere
  • 3 Smart, learns from the experience of others
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There is also the sad experience of friends, relatives and relatives of an unsuccessful family life and a man looks at his future through this experience. To be afraid that they will not cope with finances, drown in everyday life and quarrels, be afraid that they are not ready for children.

More details about why a man does not want to marry can be found in our article further on the link.

Childhood is a deposit of the future_8212

If the concept of a healthy full-fledged family has not been formed in the childhood of the future man, then in adulthood he will face a misunderstanding of his chosen one. Several options for such education:

  • If a man was brought up in a family only by his mother. These grow up and their relationship with their mother deteriorates. Mom, who commanded all childhood, oppressed his masculine qualities. He sagged under the woman, and the manhood of the head of the family was crushed under the circumstances. Often such men grow henpecked or tyrants. They do not want to get married, so that history does not repeat itself and the woman does not command them again.
  • If a man was brought up only by his father. Such men can be bachelors all their lives. For them, the model of a father's bachelor den becomes an ideal. Such childhood can cause distorted concepts of loyalty to a woman and cheating in general.
  • Men raised by grandmothers will remain little boys for a long time who are still too early to go to someone else's aunt. And even though the man has long become an adult and independent, he will not marry without grandmother's approval.

The second half will take a long time to explain the reasons why you need to do, as that's all. But there is a way out, you can get to know his parents, who can influence him and push him to this step.

You're not going anywhere i

The man is a breadwinner and conqueror. They rejoice, like children, even at their slightest victory, and are proud of them. The woman also needs to be conquered. She needs to be conquered every day, then he will feel like a real male. And often in the modern world it is different - the relationship had just begun and began to develop, as the girl had already pulled her pots and curlers into the guy's home. And he is already making borsch, and washing, ironing, and making coffee in the morning.

Why doesn't the guy propose
Why doesn't the guy propose

She became his ideal wife, and he no longer thinks to conquer her. What for? She's not going anywhere. Everything suits him, why change something? And the most interesting thing is that the guy cannot understand why the girl is not satisfied with this order of things, because she herself became the hostess here, and not the guest.

The woman made herself a problem. You can fix it not by moving back, although you can show a man that she is interesting not only to him alone. An honest, sincere conversation and an explanation of the girl about her views on family life will help to take a step forward. During such a conversation, you can determine whether a man sees her as a life partner at all. Starting the conversation with a question about the future. If the girl is absent in this "future", then the guy is not ready to start a family at all. Then resentment and anger are not appropriate.

Smart, learns from the experience of others2

Yes, there may be friends and comrades surrounded, whose relationship "hurts the eye". The fear that such a scenario is inevitable may become the reason for the reluctance to legitimize your marriage. Maybe there are common features in the behavior of that woman and the chosen one, maybe a similar character. After all, it so happens that a man can be in a relationship with a girl for five years, who leaves him without waiting for the cherished words. And he will take and marry after three months of a new relationship. And it's not clear why. Sometimes a man himself cannot explain what turned him away from the decisive step. And the reason may be precisely this.

The guy doesn't propose
The guy doesn't propose

A specialist helps to identify the problem. But it can be solved with great efforts, if a couple really has strong feelings for each other, then one of them will eventually bend.


A man must provide for his family, must work in a stable job and be a support in life. Realizing the seriousness of these words, the man realizes that he cannot take on such a responsibility. What if he can't cope? What if the child is born and there is not enough money? Let's wait for better times, collect more money, wait for a promotion at work … there are many such excuses. The reason is usually fear. He is scared that he will not be able to match his image and will expose himself to ridicule.

Here, the reason may be weak support from the other half. Either there is little admiration and pride, or generally filing and focusing on problems. Even lack of self-confidence can be corrected by the right attitude of a loving woman. After all, a man is ready to move mountains, if only they believe in him and tell him about it.

Guy doesn't propose, reasons
Guy doesn't propose, reasons

Sticky Velcro4

Women who have set themselves illusions about their fabulous marriage, taken from scenes of cartoons about princesses, turn their dreams into obsessions. They are ready to rush down the aisle, roughly speaking, with the first comer, just to make their dream come true. It seems to such women that the right moment has already come.

Sometimes the problem is not. Having understood the reasons why the guy does not propose, many girls calm down and understand that there is nothing wrong with that. And this is the right decision, it is much more important to remember the happy moments than to worry about the stamp in the passport.

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