Which Is Better: A Smooth Bikini Area Or Growing Braids?

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Which Is Better: A Smooth Bikini Area Or Growing Braids?
Which Is Better: A Smooth Bikini Area Or Growing Braids?

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smooth bikini
smooth bikini

Modern girls strive for the ideal. They take care of their skin, nails, hair. Today, another service has appeared in the beauty industry - depilation of the intimate zone. Depilation masters use all kinds of methods to remove unwanted hair from the most delicate areas of the female body. But let's see if a smooth bikini area is so important or is it still worth growing hair there.

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  • 1 When is it advisable to remove hair in the bikini area?
  • 2 What about male preferences?

When is it advisable to remove hair in the bikini area? I

Let's start by saying it's hygienic in the first place. The presence of hair in the intimate zone is due to evolution, firstly, the hair retains heat, and secondly, they protect delicate skin from external mechanical damage. But the days when a woman could only afford a shower in the summer are long gone. Today girls do not freeze in cold houses with stove heating and have the opportunity to monitor their hygiene - they take a shower twice a day, and their underwear must be changed daily. Therefore, having hair in the bikini area is no longer a necessity.

Secondly, smooth skin always looks well-groomed. Going to the beach, a girl can afford to wear a more open swimsuit, without fear of aesthetic appearance. Agree, the sight of hair sticking out from under a swimsuit is not a very pleasant sight.

After the epilation procedure, many girls encounter such a problem as ingrown hairs. To prevent this unpleasant moment, you should use scrubs twice a week. With a scrub, you remove the top layer of the epidermis and lift the hairs underneath.

What about male preferences? 2

In fact, men do not like a perfectly shaved female pubis. For most of the strong half of humanity, this is not sexual. A completely shaved girl is associated with a teenager in a man. Studies have shown that men prefer a well-shaved labia and a small strip of pubic hair. This is perfect.

girl lies in underwear
girl lies in underwear

Men also regard light stubble as a variant of the norm. But unshaven, unkempt pubis like 20%. Fans of artistic haircuts, in the form of patterns and butterflies, are even less today - only 5% of guys will appreciate the hit of the last century.

If you want smooth, irritated, intimate skin, you will have to stop using a razor. Better to resort to sugar or wax depilation. And ideally - to electric depilation. But, as in any other type of cosmetic procedures, these methods have their own contraindications:

  1. Refuse any type of depilation if you have irritation or itching in your intimate area. Any procedure on such areas of the skin can lead to infection.
  2. You should not remove hair during an exacerbation of thrush, this way you can prevent the spread of bacteria and you will have to treat a disease called streptoderma.
  3. You should not sunbathe in the sun before the depilation field earlier than a week after the procedure. Injured skin is too sensitive to the sun's rays, which can cause severe irritation.
  4. If you have any allergic reactions, you should also abandon the hair removal procedure. Wax and sugar paste are strong allergens and it is impossible to predict the skin reaction to them.
  5. In the presence of varicose veins and in diseases of the lymphatic drainage system, it is worth abandoning electric and photoepilation forever. Even in the absence of obvious problems in this area of ​​health, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist before carrying out the procedure for hair removal by the electric wave method.
girl lies in underwear
girl lies in underwear

If you decide that epilation of the bikini area is absolutely necessary for you, carefully choose a specialist in this area. Never carry out the procedure with a master who does not observe sterility - the spatulas with which the mass for epilation is applied must be disinfected. Oilcloths, towels and gloves of the master should be disposable and opened in your presence.

Having a smoother bikini area or growing longer hair is up to the woman to decide. Men do not dwell on this and perceive a partner with any hairstyle. The main thing for them is grooming and cleanliness in the intimate area. Therefore, first of all, a woman needs to observe the hygiene of the genitals, and then think about the length of the hair.

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