From Calm To Storm Or How To Understand The Mood Of A Man? How Does It Work?

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From Calm To Storm Or How To Understand The Mood Of A Man? How Does It Work?
From Calm To Storm Or How To Understand The Mood Of A Man? How Does It Work?

Video: From Calm To Storm Or How To Understand The Mood Of A Man? How Does It Work?

Video: From Calm To Storm Or How To Understand The Mood Of A Man? How Does It Work?
Video: How to stay calm under pressure - Noa Kageyama and Pen-Pen Chen 2023, March
how to understand the mood of a man
how to understand the mood of a man

It is generally accepted that women, due to their emotionality, can change their mood seven times a day, because of this, it is sometimes very difficult to understand what is on a lady's mind. A man, like a poker player, always hides his feelings and emotions, is a little cold, mostly calm, and does not like to discuss his experiences. In fact, this is a big misconception.

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  • 1 Love affairs
  • 2 “I want to be closer”
  • 3 "I am your copy"
  • 4 “I want to be perfect”
  • 5 "I am who you want me to be"
  • 6 "I am your protection and support"
  • 7 Sexual matters

All are made of the same dough, so emotions and feelings are inherent in every person, regardless of gender. But the strong half of humanity loves to hide them, so every woman wants to know how to understand that a man is in love, but hides his feelings?

Love affairs

The question arises of how to understand the mood of a man at the moment when it is necessary to assess whether a man is interested in communication or relationships, he feels sympathy, or simply portrays a friendly interlocutor. Let no one tell about their plans in plain text, but it is easy to determine the intentions of a man using verbal and non-verbal signals. Therefore, it is worth starting with them.

“I want to be closer” 2

If a man is interested, he always wants to be close to his chosen one. If the classical distance between interlocutors is at least one and a half meters, then a man who is determined to become more than a friend will always enter his personal space, trying to reduce this distance. The same goes for the constant appearance of a woman in society: a man who is spinning in sight desperately wants to impress.

"I am your copy" _8212

Copying gestures, using similar words in the lexicon and other actions that can be combined into the topic of “copying” indicate that a man wants to enter the trust zone. He demonstrates his similarity, unity with the chosen one, potentially hoping to become one with her.

“I want to be perfect” 3

He straightens his hair, checks if the cuffs are tucked in, is the tie right during the conversation? He really wants to please. The desire to “clean the feathers” appears only in the man who is not indifferent to the woman next to him. Although many metrosexuals also sin this.

How to understand a guy's intentions
How to understand a guy's intentions

“I am what you want me to be” 4

It's no secret that on the first date, everyone tries to be better than they really are. Ideal manners, skillfully verified and beautifully constructed phrases do not occur in daily communication with others, they can be seen in the behavior of a person who really wants to be liked. But this is under ideal conditions.

After all, not all women like prim intellectuals with secular behavior. Therefore, interested guys can quickly change depending on the preferences of their chosen one. Someone tries to joke more actively, someone speaks more on a certain topic, someone, on the contrary, oppresses their inner "bouncer" and strives for calmness. A man creates an image that is close to a woman, but this does not last long. Having entered the zone of trust, a man quickly assumes his original image, and here the most interesting begins.

“I am your protection and support” 5

The desire of a man to be the strongest and most reliable is revealed even in communication with a woman. If he always offers help and stands up for the girl in controversial situations, he is really in love.

How to understand what a man wants
How to understand what a man wants

Sexual matters6

A man's interest is revealed not only in communication and flirting, but also sexually. Here it is worth turning to the origins, because we are all a little like our smaller brothers, so excitement and desire is demonstrated in human behavior more than obvious. But moral norms and culture of behavior do not allow to cross the framework, therefore non-verbal signals will also help to answer how to understand the mood of a man.

Open tactile contact

How to understand that a man wants a woman? Pay attention to his communication. If the interlocutor without hesitation tries to touch the hand, shoulder, face of the girl, then this undoubtedly suggests that

. But one should not confuse every accidental touch with open flirting, that is, the risk of being in an incidental situation.

Dominant pose

Does the interlocutor like to keep his hands in his pockets, demonstratively putting his thumbs outside of them? He clearly hopes to continue communication, but already in bed. This item also includes thumbs placed behind a belt, waistband or trouser pockets. Such positions are usually taken by dominant personalities who unconsciously like to focus on the area below the belt. This is a really clear signal!

Demonstration of status

Displaying expensive cufflinks, watches, branded ties or jewelry is a desire to establish oneself as a wealthy and respectable partner who can provide his lady with everything emotionally, financially and sexually.

What does a man want from a girl
What does a man want from a girl

Poses that open the groin area

Widely spaced legs speak of a confident dominant man who is used to achieving his goal. And if this goal is a woman, he will not back down.

The listed signals will help you figure out how to understand the mood of a man. However, do not forget that not only reason and behavior analysis, but also your own heart will help to better understand a man's intentions.

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