How To Make Your Ex-boyfriend Jealous If You Want Him Back?

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How To Make Your Ex-boyfriend Jealous If You Want Him Back?
How To Make Your Ex-boyfriend Jealous If You Want Him Back?
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How to make your ex-boyfriend jealous
How to make your ex-boyfriend jealous

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee of a relationship for life and sometimes it happens that people break up. Girls may periodically have a desire to remind their ex-boyfriend of themselves. Perhaps she wants to show him what he has lost. Or he just wants to assert himself. But how do you make your ex-boyfriend jealous while maintaining your dignity? This will be discussed further.

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  • 1 It is necessary to radiate happiness and joy
  • 2 It is necessary to get rid of memories of the past
  • 3 Chatting with other guys
  • 4 Self-development is the key to success
  • 5 Girls need to look after their appearance
  • 6 Use of social media
  • 7 Calm, only calm
  • 8 To ignore him

It is necessary to radiate happiness and joy

Of course, it's normal to be upset for days or weeks after breaking up. It would be strange if the girl was indifferent to this. So there were no feelings. But do not drag out with sadness. Life goes on! You must strive to be happy. We must not forget about the components of happiness, for the sake of which it is worth continuing life. These are parents, friends, children. Girls need to be able to pamper themselves. This means buying a new piece of clothing, going to a cafe and ordering your favorite dessert, going to a movie premiere, or going to the spa.

It is necessary to get rid of memories of the past2

The correspondence must be deleted, the number of the ex-boyfriend from the phone book too. Hide the photos in the back cupboard and forget about them. And then a chance meeting with an ex-boyfriend for a girl will be a big surprise, which will greatly surprise the guy and hurt him. When meeting, you must be polite, not show your anger.

A girl needs to be above this, because she is an adult who should not accumulate resentment in herself. Then the ex-boyfriend will understand that the relationship is completely severed and the girl does not miss him. In turn, suspicions about the appearance of a new boyfriend from his ex-girlfriend will begin to creep in to him, and this will make the ex jealous.

How to make your ex-boyfriend jealous
How to make your ex-boyfriend jealous

Chatting with other guys3

Sometimes the question arises of how to make a former boyfriend jealous of his beloved. Girls should start communicating with others. It is enough to be on friendly terms with them and even this will not leave the ex-boyfriend indifferent. You can make friends with your ex-boyfriend's buddies. They, in turn, will approach the girl's ex-boyfriend and report that she is interested in them.

One option is to start chatting with a guy who is older and taller than your ex. A huge plus for this will be the presence of large muscles. Guys feel insecure when it comes to age and fitness. The former will compare himself with the new guy and realize that he loses in some qualities, which means jealousy will arise. There may be attempts to attract attention to himself, because he wants to eliminate a competitor.

Self-development is the key to success4

A girl must constantly develop, master new areas of activity, improve, be curious. Then there will be no time for unnecessary experiences and depression. If possible, you need to travel. If you make every day bright and memorable, you will always be in a good mood.

Ex-boyfriend is jealous
Ex-boyfriend is jealous

The option of meeting a foreigner is possible. Of course, the ex-boyfriend will feel jealous when he finds out about this. In addition, you can gain new knowledge, study the traditions and customs of different countries. When the ex-boyfriend finds out that the girl is improving without him, it will definitely upset him.

Girls need to look after their appearance5

You should always dress as if the girl is about to leave the house and meet her ex-boyfriend on the street. At the sight of a beautifully dressed and well-groomed girl, he will begin to regret losing her. If the girl doesn't like her figure, you need to fix it. Buy a gym membership, start monitoring your diet. No guy will be indifferent to a fit and slender female body.

Using social media 6

You shouldn't post sad quotes and photos about failed love on your personal page. On the contrary, you should replenish your photo collection with new ones. It can be a photo from a party, cinema, travel. Then the ex will feel discontent and at the same time jealous that the girl can have a good time without him.

Ex-boyfriend's jealousy
Ex-boyfriend's jealousy

Calm, only calm7

Even if at a given period of life it is sad, it should not be made public. After all, acquaintances of an ex-boyfriend can tell him about the girl's bad mood, and this is a reason for joy. After all, the girl is bad without him, and this will increase the guy's self-esteem.

To ignore him8

It so happens that the ex wants to go back and start over. Then an active manifestation of attention on his part begins. This is reflected in numerous calls and messages. A girl should not be happy and answer them at the first opportunity. It is necessary to wait a few days and remain indifferent and restrained. The answer should be short.

How to make a man jealous? You can find out about this and not only in our next article.

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