A Man Admits His Mistake Or Why There Are No Such Men?

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A Man Admits His Mistake Or Why There Are No Such Men?
A Man Admits His Mistake Or Why There Are No Such Men?

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grabbed his head
grabbed his head

There is a widespread belief that a real man always admits his mistake. This is undoubtedly true. In the nature of men lies a constant thirst for action. And, as a consequence, there is a possibility of doing something wrong. The one who does nothing is not mistaken. But he also does not reach any significant peaks in his life.

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  • 1 Errors do not disappear with age
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Who dreams of sitting like a wise gudgeon for a whole century in his burrow and dying in the mouth of a pike, unnoticed and forgotten. An active modern person is definitely not interested in such a prospect.

Errors do not disappear with age

Since childhood, boys love active and mobile games, sports, competitions. Broken knees and torn T-shirts are the result of childhood mistakes and misconduct. By the look with which the little tomboy goes home and looks into the eyes of his mother or a strict father, one can tell what kind of son is growing up. If he hides his gaze, whirls and deceives, then perhaps you need to reconsider your attitude to raising a child, and if his gaze is firm and punishment, although it scares him, but there is no intention to retreat, then a real man grows up in the family.

In adolescence, the foundations of the worldview of each person are formed. Attitude towards the opposite sex, friendship, life values. Mistakes made at this stage are difficult to admit, as they are often just options. And here it is almost impossible to foresee, and a seemingly unsuccessful decision can lead to a happy outcome. I signed up for a ballet when everyone is studying Sambo - I met the love of my life. He had a fight and broke his arm - in the hospital he met a comrade in misfortune who became his best friend.

With growing up, it appears more and more when the realization comes that only a real man admits his mistakes. One of the most important periods is coming. The foundations of a masculine character, laid down in the stages of childhood and adolescence, are tempered and strengthened here. Or they break down if the strength and courage are not enough to withstand life's trials.

Recognized means won2

The ability to admit your mistakes is not only one of the most striking indicators of willpower and character, but also the way to solve these problems. It is not without reason that they say that the awareness of an oversight is a big step towards correcting it. Anyone who does not notice, does not want to notice his shortcomings, is doomed to constantly suffer from them. Stepping on the same rake several times is a bad life path. The forehead will not become stronger from this, and the clarity of thought will be disturbed without a doubt. It is human nature to make mistakes, without this there would be no development of civilization, no development of personality.

a man who admits his mistake
a man who admits his mistake

Of course, you shouldn't go to extremes. A strong position, self-confidence and the ability to defend one's beliefs should be on the list of essential qualities for a real man. Softness and adaptability can sometimes be useful, but more often than not, respect and understanding of others in this way is hard to earn. But this should not be confused with stubbornness, shortsightedness and arrogance, which do not help in life, but only make it harder and darker. And such difficulties are not mountain peaks, you should not strive to create them, then to overcome with efforts. Efforts can be spent on more pleasant and useful things.

How to admit mistakes3

It is very important not to delay the admission process. If it came to light, then you should not hope that everything will be forgotten over time and you will not have to answer. This rarely happens. All the secret becomes clear, skeletons in the closet and secrets in the basements are at the most inopportune moment - any private detective or policeman from the TV series will tell you this. Moreover, you should not blame others for such behavior - such behavior is unworthy of a man and only reduces its value in the eyes of others.

You can, of course, be indifferent to the opinions of those who are nearby, but a person is a social being and does not feel comfortable outside of society. Detachment from others is another consequence of not being able to admit your own mistakes. As a rule, people avoid those who constantly commit destructive actions and do not gain experience. And in the opposite case, the fear of being judged makes them hide or ignore unsuccessful actions. This is also fundamentally wrong. Understanding that everyone is prone to mistakes helps adequate people to respond correctly to the misconduct of others.

the man admits his mistake
the man admits his mistake

And with the opposite sex it is established so that a man always admits his mistake in a relationship. This is a good old tradition that came from our ancestors. Let these not be mistakes, albeit not your own, but you must admit. Women love it when the partner has enough courage to repent of wrongdoing. Most importantly, repentance is usually beneficial to both.

The woman feels moral satisfaction, and the man, instead of an irritated fury, enjoys the company of a sweet and charming fairy. Isn't it worth it? Admit your mistakes, gentlemen! This is helpful, enjoyable, and will keep you safe from doing the same in the future.

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