Signs Of Attention Or How To Explain To A Girl That I Need Her

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Signs Of Attention Or How To Explain To A Girl That I Need Her
Signs Of Attention Or How To Explain To A Girl That I Need Her

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A very often asked question not only among young guys, but sometimes also among older men is how to explain to a girl that I need her? Undoubtedly, a large number of the stronger sex do not experience difficulties in communication. But often, it would seem, men who are self-confident and realized in life are lost in relationships with the opposite sex.

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  • 1 Fear of rejection
  • 2 Understand yourself
  • 3 Be straightforward
  • 4 Compliments
  • 5 Show interest
  • 6 Share her hobbies
  • 7 Help when you need it
  • 8 More humor

Consider a few recommendations on how to show attention to a girl.

Fear of rejection

The main reason why a guy cannot say about his feelings, a girl he likes, is directly - this is the fear that he will be rejected. The interference is quite serious, but you need to adequately relate to your fears. Even if you do everything in your power and still get rejected, is it irrevocably traumatizing your personality? Life will go on and on. Therefore, it makes sense not to pay special attention to fears, because otherwise you will never know how the girl will actually react to your confession.

Understand yourself2

If, nevertheless, the fears do not leave you, you should find their cause. You are probably worried about your appearance, status, lack of communication, or for some other reason. Having identified the moment that worries you, try to somehow fix the situation. It is also worth emphasizing all its advantages, but it is not at all worth striving for perfection - such people are often disliked.

to confess love
to confess love

Be straightforward3

The best option is to just walk up and say bluntly that you liked the person. Without pathos, openly and easily, tell how it differs among all others and what attracts you so much. This will make the girl feel special and will certainly pay attention to you.


Do not forget about compliments, but you should not switch to platitudes. Pay attention to what you really liked - the girl's hairstyle or style. Then she will understand that you are a sincere guy, and this is a very good start for a relationship.

Show interest5

Demonstrating seriousness of intentions and at the same time not scaring the lady you like is simple. You can ask about her plans for future holidays and suggest spending them together. So you show your interest, and the girl will feel your seriousness and responsibility.

Share her hobbies6

Another point of how to explain to a girl that I need her is to gain her trust. Find out what she likes to do in her free time and try to share the fun. It's good if you know in advance about the girl's interests in order to be closer to her. But if there was no such opportunity, you should not be upset, because you can ask directly what she enjoys and how she likes to relax.

a girl is needed
a girl is needed

Help when you need it7

Continuing the topic of trust, you can, having learned about the problems of your girlfriend, help in solving them. Women, no matter how hard they try to look strong and independent, still strive for protection from a man. But do not take desperate moves if you are not sure about the girl's reciprocity. She may appreciate the act, but in the future she will be more grateful to you than romantic feelings. Realizing this, you will feel stupid and empty.

More humor8

It's no secret that women, regardless of age, are very sensitive emotionally. And courtesies don't have to appear in expensive gifts. Just be there for your support and comfort, or better yet try to make her laugh as often as possible. After all, as the people say - if you managed to make a woman laugh, then half the job is done. But here, too, the line is thin, because a girl can easily attribute you to the category of friends. To prevent this from happening, show yourself more often by doing cute or, on the contrary, courageous deeds. This will give her more opportunities to look at you from the other side.

But what to do if the girl you like is a tough nut to crack and no matter what you do, you cannot attract attention to yourself. To succeed in this case, you need to carry out several manipulations. Make the girl herself addicted to you. There are several psychological tricks that can help with this.

conquer the girl
conquer the girl

You must become popular with other women, even if they are not interesting to you. After all, if they don't pay attention to you, then this particular girl won't be interested in you either. It is worth engaging in self-education and treats your appearance with greater responsibility. Stand out among other guys with your originality and mystery.

Having received the desired effect, the main thing is not to stop. Some distance must be kept. You have to convince the girl that you have a busy schedule, a lot of meetings with interesting people, and you cannot give up everything she wants. She herself should strive to get into the circle of your friends and acquaintances. Of course, you shouldn't go too far either. And at the same time you need to be kind and considerate. And with all the manipulations, remain yourself, because you can't play with a person all your life.

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