How To Please A Guy If He Loves Another: Is It Possible?

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How To Please A Guy If He Loves Another: Is It Possible?
How To Please A Guy If He Loves Another: Is It Possible?

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How to please a guy if he loves another
How to please a guy if he loves another

How to please a guy if he loves another? Make you stop loving. This is the answer of a vicious manipulator with witchcraft skills. Well, or too confident a woman. In general, not everything in life is what it seems.

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  • 1 Makeup, camouflage and other cosmetics
  • 2 The most important secret of choice
  • 3 Some discoveries
  • 4 If he is good, and she will move
  • 5 The main thing is strategy

Social media ideal couples may already be on the verge of breaking apart, they just need to be nudged. But for yourself it's worth deciding why you like it. Building a relationship with a conventionally “busy” guy is difficult, emotionally costly, and unsafe. Okay, you have been warned, and now we continue.

Makeup, camouflage and other cosmeticsi

Women's magazines love to give "actionable" advice. For example, here's what we read recently:

  • Get into fitness. Nobody likes Tolstoy, but you - seven laps around the stadium, jumping rope, and twisting on the press;
  • Watch your diet. Fruits, vegetables, no potatoes or pasta, lean meat. Wait, you are going to seduce the guy, not win in the fitness bikini;
  • Put on your makeup, pick up a dress, stiletto heels and so on. Well, of course, the guy before you didn’t see any girls wearing makeup and heels. It's so rare.

Important: take care of yourself, your health, take care of your body, eat normal food and get enough sleep for yourself. It will help you stay healthy and confident. But in the great business of attracting a man, it will not help. Surprise, his beloved may turn out to be a cheesecake on legs, but still remain loved. And you will look like Miss World, but you will go home alone.

The most important secret of choice2

They are not looking for the most athletic, or the prettiest. Boys, for the most part, are fixated on their valuable person. No, well, really, have you seen a lot of guys who, for example, would start taking English courses if their girlfriend goes? But every second girl will do this.

You can fall in love with a guy only if you create the complete illusion that you are the girl of his dreams. Take a closer look at the object:

how to beat off a guy
how to beat off a guy
  • Browse all his social networks;
  • Desirable - scan Instagram for who he likes and who he writes comments to;
  • Make a conclusion which hobbies the guy has as a social showcase, and which are real;
  • Finally, go to the page to his beloved. What is she posting there? If these are pies and salads, as well as cute babies, you better not get fooled. This is an eternal female weapon - to play the mother's mistress. Maybe she doesn't cook at all, and she doesn't like children either.

Some discoveries3

It happens that a guy becomes uninteresting at the moment of study. For example, in pairs he is smart, and on his page he has reposts from some pseudophilosophical publics with sauce: "Life is what it is." Or worse, funny quotes about the superiority of boys over girls.

Here it may be worth leaving the treasure to a competitor. He can be infinitely broad-shouldered and even blond, but if he has this in his head, dating him is not very fun. Think, you want to listen to the altered story on behalf of some not very prepared comrade, live according to the house building and, in general, cook these very pies. Not interested? Scroll further, there are a lot of handsome men, and you are alone.

how to make a guy fall in love with you
how to make a guy fall in love with you

If he is good and she will move 4

That means, take responsibility completely. Get to know. Yes, not under the pretext of taking a walk near your apartment at 11 pm. And simply - movies, music, sports, books, whatever. Track it down on comments in public, and get involved in a conversation. You can even pin up. And what if he has a long-term strong relationship, he probably already forgot about the jokes from the girls.

Communicate, observe, be sure to try to translate communication into real life. You will understand for yourself whether you need it or not. If he trusts you, and starts discussing some personal issues with you, know that you almost won.

The main thing is strategy5

You shouldn't have fun offering a guy sex, even if he complains that he and his beloved hardly have it. You don't need to act like a brother-friend and drink beer with him on Fridays, discussing girls. Be yourself, communicate on neutral topics, but emphasize your femininity. And do not try to develop topics in which his girlfriend is bad, and you are great. Just be that good fellow.

You yourself will understand what his "fad", claims to current love, and how you can become better. Do everything discreetly and follow the development of their relationship.

guy conquest strategy
guy conquest strategy

Be prepared for the fact that:

  • The girl will not be happy with your intervention, and, moreover, you can get it in full - from physical pressure to all kinds of intrigues at work and study;
  • The guy will not pay attention to you, and will communicate with you as with a friend, and if you try to take active actions on your part, he will stop communicating;

Various third parties will join the case - her girlfriends, his friends, your acquaintances, and this whole cheerful company will begin to blame you and teach you how to live. Surprise, no one likes people getting into other people's relationships

If all this does not frighten, and you still want to know how to please a guy, if he loves another - go for it, you will not have another chance. Or read the material on how to please a man without a girl!

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