Smart, Beautiful, Kind - What Kind Of Women Do Successful Men Like

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Smart, Beautiful, Kind - What Kind Of Women Do Successful Men Like
Smart, Beautiful, Kind - What Kind Of Women Do Successful Men Like
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what kind of women do successful men like
what kind of women do successful men like

A completely naive point of view that in order to please a rich man, it is enough to have external beauty. It is absolutely irrelevant in our time. So what kind of women do successful men like, how to become the chosen one of a billionaire?

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  • 1 Believe in him
  • 2 Own success
  • 3 Emotional balance
  • 4 Combination of intelligence and kindness
  • 5 Intimate side
  • 6 Summing up

At all times, it was believed that they liked beautiful, interesting personalities. Girls who know how to present themselves and keep the conversation going. Numerous studies and surveys of men who have achieved success in life help to accurately answer this question. So what kind of women do status men like?

Believe in him

Oddly enough, successful men also need to be believed in. Strong and independent need a woman who, with her sincere faith in their ability, will support them and push them to new financial feats. Sincerity is extremely important here, since falsehood will immediately be noticed by a man.

Own success2

Many financially secure men are interested in women equal to them. Having achieved some success in their own business, women become worthy companions. It is easier to find mutual understanding with them. Common interests and business acumen negate the risk of differences of opinion.

With a successful woman, a rich man is interested. Having more important prerogatives, she will not stoop to women's gossip about girlfriends or discussing a neighbor's wardrobe. A financially independent lady will always feel the moment when troubles in her husband's business force him to retire and will not come to him with advice, pity or a request to change a burned out light bulb in the hallway.

Emotional balance3

The fact that a woman has earned her capital on her own directly indicates that she is not subject to hysterical fits, blues and bouts of depression. She will calmly perceive both successes, and whatever one may say, from time to time the failures of her partner.

Supporting a man as needed and always treating him as the most intelligent, courageous and strongest, she instinctively feels the moments when such support is necessary, and when it is better to go into the shadows and not show up.

What kind of women do successful men like?
What kind of women do successful men like?

An emotionally balanced woman will not throw hysterics about constant business trips, business meetings and the eternal absence of her husband at home - after all, she deliberately went to all this herself. Women's wisdom here is to strengthen a man's faith in himself, be sincerely interested in the events taking place in him, and in some cases help in choosing the right decision, unobtrusively prompting his vision of possible options.

Combination of intelligence and kindness4

It is the combination of these important factors that allows a woman not to sink to intrigues that wealthy men do not like very much. A subtle soulful nature will tell them when it is possible to play a trick on the situation and in which cases it is much more expedient to remain silent.

A smart and kind woman, if her partner, plunging headlong into an interesting project for weeks, does not pay attention to her, does not throw a scandal with breaking dishes, but will take it for granted - after all, the man is busy with business and, accordingly, improving his financial condition.

If her man is busy, she will always find something interesting for herself in order not to distract him and not get bored herself. It can be collecting, charity, or simply breeding dwarf hamsters. The main thing is in business.

Still from the film
Still from the film

Shot from the film "Pretty Woman"

She always remains well-groomed, while the mind allows her not to spend half of the capital earned by a man on an unthinkable wardrobe. Self-sufficiency, and, accordingly, self-confidence allows such a woman to confidently navigate the ship in the ocean of family life. Caring for her husband and raising children, she does not stoop to the level of a housewife and always remains a good conversationalist, and, if necessary, a psychoanalyst.

Intimate side5

Sex is an integral part of the life of partners and here for successful men the position of women is also very important. Of course, much here depends on the temperament of the spouse. Someone with the help of sex relieves stress from failed business negotiations, while someone, on the contrary, does not experience the slightest sexual desire in this case. The companion of a rich man should feel those moments when her sexual energy is needed by a man, and when she can be perceived by him as an inappropriate manifestation of base lust.

Summing up6

In conclusion, we can confidently say that being the companion of a successful man is not easy enough. As a leader by nature, he should also be the “ruler” in the relationship. At the same time, he definitely does not like the servile attitude of a woman towards himself. In such a relationship, it is necessary to observe a complex combination of the multifaceted qualities of the female soul - kindness, tenderness, intelligence, tact and self-esteem.

Women for successful men
Women for successful men

And most importantly, you always need to remain a worthy support for your chosen one, even if he is going through difficult times. The support of a beloved woman can do a miracle and push a man to new deeds.

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