What Is A Friend Zone? How To Get Out Of It And Is It Possible?

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What Is A Friend Zone? How To Get Out Of It And Is It Possible?
What Is A Friend Zone? How To Get Out Of It And Is It Possible?

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What is a friend zone
What is a friend zone

Some of us don't understand what a friend zone is or how to get out of it. In fact, everything is very simple - if a person likes it as a friend, but does not like it as a partner, he falls into a special social circle called the “friend zone”.

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  • 1 Why do girls choose guys for a friend zone?
  • 2 Girls - consumers?
  • 3 Endless friend zone, or when you need to run without looking back?
  • 4 Hidden friend zone - what kind of animal is it and how is it dangerous?
  • 5 A girl can also get into the friend zone
  • 6 How can a guy know that he is just a friend?
  • 7 How to get out of the friend zone (and not get hurt)?
  • 8 A little about character
  • 9 Who should be referred to as friends immediately after meeting?
  • 10 Why are people in love used?

Why do girls choose guys for friend zones? I

If a girl likes a guy and does not want to lose him, but at the same time loves another, she allocates her friend to a certain zone. At the same time, a man who does not know what a girl's friend zone is easily agrees, hoping for a possible continuation of the story. For the sake of the lady, the guy is ready for a lot, but he will not receive reciprocity.

Girls have this kind of relationship because it is very convenient for them. There will always be a friend nearby who can support you in the most difficult moment, bring medicines from the pharmacy or chocolate from the supermarket, meet you after a late party or even go shopping.

The most interesting thing is that for a guy all this will be a joy if he is sincerely in love with a girl and does not understand what a friend zone is. Disappointment comes much later, after several months or even years.

Often, girls behave skillfully, keeping a potential partner close. They agree to meetings, accept gifts from him, and may even allow themselves to be kissed. A naive man, thinking about happiness, which, perhaps, is somewhere close, does everything that the lady of the heart says.

At the same time, to the question "Why is not everything serious with us," a girl can give a variety of excuses, such as: "I'm not ready yet", "I really like you, but …" or "I'm in love with that guy, but he goat, and you're so cute. I need to get sick and we will succeed."

Female consumers? 2

Upon learning that he is in the circle of friends, a man is often very upset and even angry. Many are accepted to accuse the girl of all mortal sins, claiming that she is a "deceiver", "a consumer". However, psychologists advise not to make hasty conclusions and not blame the girl, because she can really have a difficult life situation.

An interesting moment arises when the girl does not even know what the guy likes and he dries on her for more than one month, and he, having studied the article about the fashionable phenomenon of the "friend zone", begins to destroy everything around, indignant at how he was so cleverly cheated …

guy showing tongue
guy showing tongue

There can be only one correct decision - to talk frankly with the girl, turn on your brains and listen to all the excuses, and only then make a decision.

Another scenario is possible - a woman communicates with a man and realizes that she likes him, but he “turns on” the goat and the swindler and starts behaving like an idiot, pushing away with his behavior. In order not to lose the nice guy, the girl puts him in the “friend zone” category and communicates at a safe distance, fearing to make mistakes.

A man who wants to leave the category of friends and become a lover must understand that only sincere attention, love and gifts, beautiful gestures will attract the attention of a lady and make her believe that there is a really reliable person nearby.

Endless friend zone, or when you need to run without looking back?

Not all girls are honest and reliable, some really dream of "riding" a guy until he really realizes that he has been fooled. To avoid obvious failure, men should not rely on a relationship with a girl who openly declares that they are just friends and nothing more.

eyes in a bunch
eyes in a bunch

In life, an example is very common when a guy goes out of his way to hook a girl, to please her, and talks about how much he loves, and in return the lady offers friendship. In this case, there is no need to wait for anything and it is best to stop suffering for the girl by finding a more worthy option.

Hidden friend zone - what kind of animal is it and how is it dangerous?

For guys who are honestly and truly in love with a girl, the most dangerous option is the hidden friend zone. A lady can deliberately play with a guy, doing whatever comes to her mind, splitting him up for expensive gifts, trips, rent and many other things.

In turn, a man who did not directly hear the word "no" can fulfill all requests for a very long time, spin around the lady until he realizes that this is just a game. However, this can go on for a very long time. A conflict always arises between a man and a woman when he still wants to get what he wants.

Such a relationship, when a girl deliberately plays with a guy, is doomed to failure in advance, nothing good can come of it.

The girl can also get into the friend zone5

It is believed that it is the girls who keep men close to them and play with their feelings, but psychologists have proven that this is not the case. Many representatives of the strong band, knowingly or accidentally, give girls hope for a relationship, but manipulate them for sex, money, or something else. The female friend zone is not less common, and maybe even more, than the male one.

the man washes the floors
the man washes the floors

At the university, a guy can make promises to a girl, counting on her help in her studies, and at work - to complete routine, complex tasks.

Often a girl realizes what position she is in, feels indifference to herself, but listens to promises and a possible happy future and idealizes a man, not wanting to notice all his shortcomings.

In this case, the logic is very simple - the lady believes that the man only needs to "walk up" and then he will return to the lady who was always there. This is really possible, but only in some cases, and more often such relationships end in complete disappointment.

How can a guy know that he's just a friend?

According to psychologists, it is very easy to recognize a friend zone, but a person dependent on the opinion of a lady he likes listens to her, and not common sense, and prefers not to notice the obvious.

Common signs that a man will not get anything serious from his girlfriend: the guy pays for all trips to cafes and museums, while the girl is limited to just a kiss on the cheek for several months.

Another sign is that a girl calls a man only when she is upset and wants to get support, or she needs financial help. An even worse option is when a man becomes a "girlfriend" and goes shopping and libraries with a girl to take another photo with a book for Instagram.

man in yellow
man in yellow

In order to keep a man close to her, a girl can tell him a bunch of compliments, emphasize how strong, good and kind he is.

The presence of even one of these signs already quite clearly indicates that something is clearly wrong with the relationship, but if a girl says compliments, allowing a guy to kiss herself, go to bed with her, then everything is in order. It's another matter when there is nothing else besides compliments.

When a man finds out that he is just a friend and a nice guy, he asks himself a completely natural question - when will it end. However, in the future, the situation can develop in only two ways - either the relationship will begin, or the guy and the girl completely stop communicating.

How to get out of the friend zone (and not get hurt)? 7

The eternal question for many is how to get out of the friend zone. It should be understood that there can be no definite answer in this case, each situation is unique.

There are several options for ending the one-sided relationship: the man tells the lady that he no longer wants to meet with her, and the decision must be final. This is the most radical option for those who are strong in spirit and understand for sure that "it cannot continue this way."

man with a frying pan
man with a frying pan

You can also find another girl who wants reciprocity, or disappear for a long time, not write or call the lady you like, and hope that this will change her behavior. After a week or two, you can return and try again to achieve her location.

A little about character8

Even when it is not easy, a real man should remain himself, maintaining his dignity. And even if a person has managed to find himself in the friend zone, you should not immediately blame the girl for all mortal sins, since it was the guy's character that could cause such a lady's behavior.

If a man himself is not a villain and a hermit, whom a girl can keep aside in order not to burn herself, then the reason lies elsewhere - the guy is too easy to manipulate.

Hoping for something, a man gets involved in a friendship that will cost him enormous strength, nerves and money.

A truly strong man with a core inside will be able to get away from a girl who has decided to play and will seek his happiness elsewhere. If it’s too hard, then for a while you can continue to chat on social networks, but it’s best to stop even that.


It is important to understand that a woman does not have to reciprocate every man who likes her. Love at first sight occurs most often in films or romantic comedies, but in life everything is not so simple. Reasons for refusal in a relationship can be a variety of options - the guy simply did not like outwardly, or the girl dreams of someone else.

It is also possible that the lady actually feels a sincere friendly sympathy for the man, but he desired her and began to interpret the received signs the way he wanted, thinking about love and mutual hints.

Who should be referred to as friends immediately after meeting? 9

Almost from the very beginning, it becomes clear whether there is an attraction between people, or whether the relationship can result in strong friendship. In order not to be disappointed and not to allow a familiar man or woman to push you around, it is worth immediately attributing to the category of friends someone who fits on the following grounds:

  • 2-3 dates passed, attraction did not arise, but people communicate well and they have common topics for conversation;
  • there was one sex, after which intimacy no longer arises, but meetings are still enjoyable;
  • one of the partners openly declares that he does not want a relationship.
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse

Friendzone is not friendship, but a very specific relationship, where one knows exactly what he is feeling, and the other only hopes for something more. It is better to leave such a relationship as soon as possible, without waiting for disappointment.

The worst thing in such a situation is most often that a person allows himself to be deceived, comforting that the partner is showing, even small, but signs of attention.

Why are people in love used? 10

Most often, it is girls who allow men to use themselves, fulfill all their requirements, allow them to have sex with them, but at the same time they are well aware that marriage is unlikely to shine for them. And sometimes they don't even ask the question "how to understand that you are being used in a relationship?" Guys are much less likely to agree to this and end up in the friend zone only because the girls are very subtle manipulating them.

Making someone in love do something is easy. One has only to think how often the phrase “Well, do it, you love me” is heard. If such words flew out of the mouth of a "beloved" more often than once, it is definitely worth considering whether such a good relationship between a man and a woman.

kiss on the cheek
kiss on the cheek

Sometimes men begin to doubt if they are in the friend zone if a girl claims that she is religious and cannot have sex before the relationship becomes official. It is worth noting that in this situation the girl does not refuse to love the man, but only declares that she cannot transgress through her own moral principles. This is not a friend zone.

The game with only one goal is another matter. When one person constantly invests in a relationship, fulfills all requests, but receives nothing in return except new wishes, one can absolutely say that such relationships are not healthy, which means they should be stopped.

To get out of the friend zone, you should follow some principles - there should be few people, he should not be intrusive, but at the same time, during rare meetings, it should be very good with a partner. Only under such conditions can the second partner change his mind and desire a relationship.

The best option is to honestly admit your feelings and watch for reactions. It is extremely important for a man to make sure that the girl really understands his intentions and can provide an answer. Our next article on what a friend zone is and how to avoid it will also be of interest to you.

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