TOP 15 Reasons Why Women And Men Cheat On Each Other

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TOP 15 Reasons Why Women And Men Cheat On Each Other
TOP 15 Reasons Why Women And Men Cheat On Each Other

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I want to change my other half
I want to change my other half

Cheating is always pain and suffering for both sides. The one who is being cheated is forced to step over himself, to drive pride and self-esteem away in order to preserve love. The one who cheats almost always experiences discomfort, mental anguish and pangs of conscience. Rarely are there people who are not affected by treason. If you suddenly caught yourself thinking: "I want to change my other half," then it is better to try to understand the reasons than to immediately start decisive action.

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  • 2 Why do men cheat?
  • 3 What pushes a woman to cheat

Marital infidelity statistics

Psychologists and sociologists around the world regularly conduct research on the topic of cheating in relationships. The results are only progressing from year to year. For example, women today are forty percent more likely to cheat than they were in the mid-twentieth century. In many countries, treason is considered one of the worst crimes. The states remain, mostly Muslim countries with a strict set of religious rules and cliches, where a woman can be beaten to death for treason. In this regard, men are generally more loyal to men.

Here are a few, in our opinion, interesting facts that scientists managed to get to the bottom of. You might be very surprised after reading them. After all, each of us hopes to meet true love for life, never to know the bitterness of betrayal. Statistics data is a reinforced concrete thing. But this does not mean at all that you or your chosen one fall into one or another category. So we calm down and remember - the most important thing in any relationship is to trust and try to understand a loved one.

  • 88% of married men have occasional sexual relations on the side;
  • 34% of wives have love affairs that are hidden from their husbands;
  • Cheating is a bad act that equates to betrayal. This is the opinion of 78% of the male population of the Earth and 84% of women;
  • A similar study in 1970 showed less negative perceptions of infidelity - 63% of men and 73% of women;
infidelity in relationships
infidelity in relationships
  • 93% of men claim that it was not physical but moral attraction that pushed them to adultery;
  • Even when a woman has in her hands irrefutable evidence of deception on the part of her husband, he will argue the opposite. 55% of the respondents do this;
  • Half of male traitors do not consider their family a failure, exactly as do 34% of lustful wives;
  • 28% of women swear that they would be able to forgive a loved one for adultery with another girl.
  • 21% of married women are able to close their eyes to the betrayal committed by their husbands with another guy;
  • Only 40% of the strong half consider a kiss to be a betrayal, while women are more demanding of their partner - 70% see a kiss as a kind of betrayal;
  • The highest risk of adultery among women is between the ages of 25 and 34. The main motive is problems in intimacy with a regular partner;
  • A woman is inclined to cheat for love - 52% of respondents. Men consider sex to be a purely technical process, and fell in love with mistresses in 27% of cases;
why change
why change
  • 74 and 68% of men and women would agree to cheat on their soulmates if they were sure of secrecy;
  • Only 4% of the interviewed traitors practice sex for money. Most people get satisfaction and emotional pleasure from "hunting" for a future lover or mistress.

Why do men cheat? 2

Women's and men's motives for cheating are very different. Naturally, there are people who do not meet the standards. This is due both to a specific personality and its specific characteristics, and to the proposed circumstances.

Now we will focus on the top 5 reasons for cheating on the part of a man. Yes, yes, a man also does not always cheat "in a fit". In most cases, the betrayal of a loved one and loved one, who is a wife, is pondered for a long time. Guys are also able to feel, suffer and worry. For a huge number of men, cheating is a way out of a difficult psychological situation. Contrary to popular belief that "give all men only mechanical sex."

infidelity due to refusal
infidelity due to refusal

Regular refusals from your girlfriend

How many anecdotes and tales are circulating about wives with sick heads, stomachs and inappropriate mood for intimacy. If the husband regularly tries to seduce his wife, and she flatly refuses, criticizing and belittling him, he will definitely go to the left. A man wants sex, on average, more often than women. He is able to tolerate a week or two, but in fact in many families the bed is used only for sleeping for months and years.

Wife saws

This is another reason for humorists to write a sparkling joke, and for men to have love relationships on the side. He comes tired to his cozy apartment, wants to have a tasty meal, relax and make love with his wife. It wasn't like that. She is unhappy with everything: little attention, we don't go anywhere for the weekend, Irka’s husband bought a fur coat, you don’t wash dishes and stuff like that.

A person who is especially exhausted from the stress of the service does not want to arrange a daily showdown. Men in general often do not understand the claims of their soulmates. To really relax, to receive female care and affection, he goes on a voyage around the world on dating sites, or periodically stops by his colleague for coffee in the evenings.

I want to show myself, but to look at others

It is not uncommon for a couple to have been together since their youth, or even from school. At that time, none of them had money, a prestigious job, or a brand new foreign car. A man who has taken place in a profession, founded a business, or just started making good money wants to brag about it.

sex and money
sex and money

Many people invest free finances in their wives. In this way, they also demonstrate their status. For some, it is important to get approval from the female half. Then the male goes out on the path of hunting for young girls who are ready to sigh enthusiastically in his company, rejoice at the nonsense gifts, and in return donate their young body without any problems.

Wife wants to appear "boss"

According to the assurances of psychologists, women are divided into three categories: plus, zero and minus. A positive young lady is self-sufficient, she respects her husband, listens, but has her own vision of the world. Relationships in such a pair are close to partnerships. Here the woman is the neck, the man is the head.

The zero young lady does not have her own opinion, and if it appears, it is urgently disposed of, breaks down to please her husband. Such women completely abandon independence. The word of a man is paramount to them. His interests are placed on the first step of the pedestal. While the zero woman washes the dishes, fries cutlets and gives her beloved a foot massage.

boss woman and cheating
boss woman and cheating

The Minus Woman is a story about the collapse of a relationship. She goes against nature. At work - the first, at home - the main. He takes over all male functions. He also presses the chosen one with his authority. He ceases to feel his strength, loses the right to vote. Then everything goes along the knurled path - the man embarks on a search for a girl who will make him feel his importance as a male.

What pushes a woman to cheat3

Girls often feel more subtly than guys. If she said to herself: “I want to change,” then she will definitely fulfill her plan. Women reflect on this longer. They rarely decide on spousal betrayal, even if in the end they begin to prove the opposite. Like, it happened by chance, was drunk or very offended by her husband.

Do not believe your lady if such excuses are used. Everything in the female brain works for the long term. If she has changed, then she has been thinking about it for a very long time, it is just that the opportunity did not turn up, or fear obscured her eyes.

It's just that women are interested in sex for sex much less often than guys. They pursue completely different goals. Want to know which ones? So we will help you figure it out.

treason as a variety
treason as a variety

I want variety

A large proportion of cheaters, as much as 42%, go to cheat on their beloved man with one simple goal - they wanted something new. Relationships are not a permanent holiday. When people begin to live together, there is a way of life, responsibilities, children in the end. In all household chores, work tasks, caring for loved ones, all romance disappears. Of course, when people are working on their relationships, doing common things outside the apartment and everyday life, arranging surprises and talking heart to heart, betrayal happens many times less often.

If the husband does not give any emotions, thrills, attention and joy, then the young lady rushes in search of a prince on a white horse. At the beginning of any relationship, even with an absolutely inappropriate person, butterflies in the stomach begin to fly in people, their hands tremble, their voice breaks down, their breath catches from feelings. It is for this emotion that a woman is ready to follow the path of betrayal and betrayal.


It is not for nothing that humorous scenes appear about a secretary and a boss, for example. Today she is an uneducated saleswoman for panties and socks in a small store, and tomorrow she is already conducting a weather forecast on a mossy local TV channel.

treason as a variety
treason as a variety

Often, a woman cheats on her husband to advance the career ladder. Wealthy guys can pay for sex not with money, but development opportunities. There are times when bosses stubbornly refuse to promote their female engineers to head of production and technical department, not because of insufficient competence. They just want to get a little gratitude in the form of a night of love or passionate sex on the table in the office. 18% of cheating occurs precisely for this reason. A modern woman is ready for a lot, for the sake of advancement at work.

Barter relationship

The myth of the commercialism of women is not as unrealistic as many claim. 13% of cheaters admit that they have a lover for selfish purposes. Usually these men are wealthier than their husbands. Or married businessmen who are willing to pay for sex in order to get not only pleasure, but also privacy from their wives.

No matter how men shout that it is humiliating to pay for sex, they continue to do it. Of course, few people simply give a certain amount into the hands of their mistress. More often, the terms of the deal are more veiled - gifts, joint vacation trips and further down the list of a respectable suitor.

sex and greed
sex and greed


Men are more likely to cheat on their spouses - this is a statistically confirmed fact. It's easier to humiliate and offend a woman - we won't argue with that either. Women know how to take revenge. They are able to carry negative emotions in themselves for a long time, waiting for the right moment. Cheating in the event of revenge can occur in two ways: covert and public.

If a woman cheats quietly, she gets an inner feeling of revenge. Here is the attention from other males, and the awareness of their own sexuality and relevance. When a woman decides that she wants to change explicitly, she works out a plan of action. Or, through acquaintances, he launches an intentional rumor about his betrayal - this is how a man is dealt the most painful blow to his pride. Or she herself confronts him with a fact when everything has already happened.

Lack of sex

A woman has to compensate for the lack of sex if her partner has reached a certain age. Most ladies marry people with whom there is a significant age difference. When she is 37 and her husband is 55, the difference in libido level becomes apparent. The lady gets herself a young active lover with abs cubes, and lives for her own pleasure.

lack of sex and cheating
lack of sex and cheating

It can take many years from “wanting to change” to the very step over the edge of the abyss. A person who is not satisfied in his own relationship sooner or later decides to betray. Unconscious cheating also happens, usually they are accompanied by alcohol intoxication or strong emotional overload, such as a serious conflict with her husband.

You can decide for yourself what to do or not to do. Cheating is easy to commit, but difficult to correct. They certainly won't keep you waiting. Even if your partner remains blissfully unaware, you will not forget about the complete deception.

But how to find out about treason, you can find out in our article further on the link.

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