A Man Living Off A Woman. Why Is He Poor And How To Live With Him?

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A Man Living Off A Woman. Why Is He Poor And How To Live With Him?
A Man Living Off A Woman. Why Is He Poor And How To Live With Him?

Video: A Man Living Off A Woman. Why Is He Poor And How To Live With Him?

Video: A Man Living Off A Woman. Why Is He Poor And How To Live With Him?
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A man lives off a woman
A man lives off a woman

In life, there are situations in which it is difficult to say something unambiguously. For example, if a girl seeks to make herself a gorgeous body, she will not necessarily show it to others, turning into an Instagram diva. Or a guy who always has no money and his only hobby is music, can actually turn out to be a promising businessman in the near future. Or when a man lives off a woman.

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  • 1 Seductive macho
  • 2 Lazy loafer
  • 3 Noble householder
  • 4 Clumsy gambling addict
  • 5 Imaginary millionaire
  • 6 Anonymous user
  • 7 The Taming of the Shrew

Many will immediately say that real macho do not act this way, this is the lot of losers who are not able to take responsibility for their lives. Others, on the other hand, see them as ladies' men who get rid of the household routine. Where is the truth?

The truth is that there is no consensus on this issue. After all, all women are different, and therefore treat such male failure in different ways. For some ladies, this is an unacceptable option for a relationship, because according to the generally accepted opinion, a real male should bring prey home and feed his family.

Others, on the contrary, do not see anything terrible, because there are a lot of useful things that a man can do at home instead of his passion. Based on many observations, we are ready to provide a classification of men who have decided to impose all obligations on fragile female shoulders.

Seductive macho i

These guys can only be seen on the covers of men's magazines or at fitness or bodybuilding competitions. They are beautiful, "purebred", seductive, they demonstrate their power, just shrug their shoulders. Many teenage girls and adult ladies who are tired of everyday life and pressing problems dream of such. These are real males, a delight to the eyes. And these are the most cunning and resourceful men.

They have long understood that wasting time on boring work with their appearance is at least silly. Therefore, they are actively selling their face, allowing any wealthy young ladies to create whatever they want. Their unearthly beauty is maddening and demoralizing, and therefore no one can resist their masculinity, obediently providing them with the most, that is, a happy future. Is this behavior justified? A matter of taste. If you have money and you want an obedient and very handsome boy next to you, then this is a perfectly reasonable option.

The main problem with these guys is that they are fickle. If you become a little less well-off or are constantly blackmailing, they will flee in search of a new victim. And this cycle will continue. Only now your dream will be to bask on the feather beds of a completely different woman and get its advantages from this. These are most often called gigolos, and this definition is quite suitable. They have no feelings and emotions for their "mistress", only a desire to receive even greater earthly benefits.

lives off a woman
lives off a woman

Lazy Loafers2

Another option is men who just don't want to work. They do not hide their unwillingness, but on the contrary, they push it out. It's just that the surrounding world is too cruel for natures, so they prefer to sit at home, relying on the guardianship of their chosen ones. The saddest thing is that it is almost impossible to identify them at first glance.

At the initial stage of the relationship, they skillfully disguise themselves as cute romantics without a penny in their pocket, who are ready to get you a star from the sky, but not today. At the same time, their biographies may have periods when they had jobs, but they were so bored with this that they quickly decided to return to the bosom of their laziness.

A distinctive feature of many such lazy people is selfishness. If they are married, then they certainly believe that everyone owes them. And that living next to such a man is a real gift. This is manifested in the constant dissatisfaction with the wife, claims and whims about cooking, cleaning and other things.

At the same time, they are not going to take on household duties either, because they have a lot of other useful and important things to do: lie on the couch, watch TV, surf the Internet. And as soon as they express their own claims, they turn into real tyrants, because no one will be allowed to destroy their little personal paradise.

a man lives off his girlfriend
a man lives off his girlfriend

Householder Noble 3

This type is quite rare in Russia, because this is not at all a Russian mentality. With such a guy, any girl will feel like an inept hostess who has never held a mop in her hands. He knows everything about how to clean, how to cook, how to wash and iron. And willingly does all this.

He likes it when everything around him sparkles with cleanliness and may grumble a little if you accidentally walked on a clean floor in shoes. And cooking from this chef is definitely capable of giving you an attack of complexes, because his dishes are in fact distinguished by their ingenuity and incredible taste.

This type can be both self-sufficient and self-confident, and a quiet obedient slave. In the first case, a man considers housework to be a full-fledged occupation, so he takes full responsibility for it. And he will not tolerate his passion to criticize his lifestyle.

However, there is also its antipode - the quiet one, who can be driven as you please. He cannot work in a normal place, because his superiors constantly nag him, so he hides in a cozy cocoon of his apartment, where he can feel like a master at least for a moment.

when a man lives off a woman
when a man lives off a woman

Clumsy gambling addict4

Passion for computer games makes many guys give up the joy of getting up early in the morning for work. After all, they have an important mission - to become an important person in the game they have chosen to replace reality. As a rule, such men are helpless in matters of everyday life, but there are individuals who are able to vacuum and heat food. They rarely leave their den, which they set up near the computer desk, forcing everything with empty mugs and plates. If you try to yell or just scold such a partner, then he will be really ashamed. Though not for long.

Often men live off women because they want to be corrected. And this is that option. A guy keen on computer games may well be returned to the mainstream of ordinary life and even turned into a modest workaholic. The only thing is that there is no unique recipe for how to do this. If you are too rude, he will simply withdraw into himself or even show aggression. But if you want an original pet that does not cause any particular problems, then this type is okay.

Imaginary millionaire5

Such a man lives at the expense of a woman and they always say that a little more, and they will certainly earn a whole lot of money. Well, if not a bunch, then at least a little to pay utility bills. And no matter how much everything that happens speaks against them, they will spend tens of hours studying all kinds of courses for successful businessmen, reading motivational books, making their own plan for decades to come, and just doing meditation to attract money. If you ask them how to get a stable income while sitting at home, they will immediately outline several strategies for you.

why does a man live off a woman
why does a man live off a woman

However, planning and executing plans are different things. And such men can endlessly sit on the neck of their passion, spend her money on becoming a real millionaire, but they will never get up from the couch and start doing nothing. These are philosophers who know the answer to almost any question that concerns money.

However, at the same time, they themselves, without a twinge of conscience, borrow money and simply pull funds from the wife's card. At the same time, they always declare that they will earn even more and give double the amount. But there can be no question of returning debts, because they do not have their own savings.

Anonymous user6

These men are among the most dangerous creatures that a woman can only meet on her way. It is easier to call them parasites, because they give nothing in return, leaving their partners only empty wallets and broken hearts. They are very similar to gigolos, because they also sell their beauty. The only difference is that they make you believe in real feelings and promise a joint future in the Maldives. But in fact, their entire image is a lie from the first to the last word.

They look well-groomed and very stylish. They are always gallantly courted, but at the same time they try to reduce costs for you as much as possible. Ideally, they can always turn the situation so that you pay in the toga, and they feel a little guilty. Very quickly they move into your apartment, showing themselves as true gentlemen.

lives off the girl
lives off the girl

You can endlessly talk about how good they are in bed, but over time you will not notice how joyfully you will rewrite your apartments and other property on them. And after that you will be left with nothing and with a very puzzled face. And yes, as a rule, they do not give their real name, so finding this cute insolent person can be very difficult.

The Taming of the Shrew7

Each woman decides for herself whether she needs a companion who cannot be relied on financially. If a man lives at the expense of a woman, it means that he is not so confident in himself and does not want to succumb to common stereotypes about male dominance. Of course, there are situations when a guy simply cannot work. For example, due to a serious illness that requires scrupulous treatment. Or he is in some kind of training, so he drops out of ordinary life for a while. But all this does not apply to the above list, because this is something that cannot be changed.

If you like to play the role of a caring mom who suddenly has a son of the same age, then this is your choice. However, you should know what difficulties you will face in such a relationship anyway. There are not so many of them, but they make the female majority look for more "standard" options.

  • Lack of financial assistance. And even more - you will provide him with everything he needs. Unless he's too brazen, he won't demand king prawns for breakfast and lobsters for lunch. However, this will still affect your expenses and reduce the amount you could spend on yourself.
  • Household problems. Maybe you're lucky, you will meet a "hostess" who will meet you from work with delicious borscht and pies. However, more often you come across infantile natures who have no idea from which side to approach the stove, not to mention cooking in general.
lives off the girl
lives off the girl

Understanding problems. He will not understand why you grumble at him, and you will not understand how you can live like that. And it will always be so. Even if all your arguments are a little silly, sooner or later it may just get bored

If you still intend to take such a man into your care - go for it! Indeed, true happiness can sometimes be found where others could not imagine it. Moreover, many powerful ladies, on the contrary, are looking for such a life partner who will sit at home, obey their decrees and always give in in disputes. And if you feel truly loved, even though you know he won't be able to pay your mortgage or get your kids to school, then why not give it a try.

Many believe that a man lives off a woman just because he was raised that way. This makes sense, because as they say, we all come from childhood. The problems of such guys can be easily corrected with care and understanding, but there are such instances to whom simple truths can only be hammered into their heads. And even then, this is not always able to really help.

why does the guy live off the girl
why does the guy live off the girl

If you really value your life and do not want to constantly worry that your salary may not be enough for a month, and you also need to feed your partner, then just give up this relationship. Because in this case, you will turn into a victim who herself chose this punishment for herself. Better just take a look around, there are so many guys out there who could really be your halves. Well, male infantilism is really cute. For the time being.

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