Should I Ask A Man For Money? And What If He Doesn't Give?

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Should I Ask A Man For Money? And What If He Doesn't Give?
Should I Ask A Man For Money? And What If He Doesn't Give?
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guy doesn't give money
guy doesn't give money

A girl or woman who does not ask for money from her chosen one automatically digs a hole for herself. This is what experienced psychologists say. A girl is simply obliged to ask for money from a man with whom they have an intimate relationship. But most simply do not do this, since they consider this business humiliating and unworthy of a real girl.

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Many are silent in the hope that the guy will figure it out himself and silently give his friend the required amount. But men, by their very nature, are arranged in a completely different way and not always understandable hints or tacit insults. And what if the guy does not give money to his girlfriend? Should he do it at all? Male and female points of view on this issue differ, but the essence is the same - the financial issue is one of the main issues in any couple, and it must be discussed.

The most ideal situation in which a man offers money is covered in detail in our article.

Why doesn't the guy give money

The question of money in a couple or family, like a red indicator sometimes makes itself felt. If, nevertheless, at a certain stage of the relationship you have disagreements about money and keeping it in the family, there is no better solution than just sitting down and talking. Whoever has money has power, strength and control. Therefore, a dispute about money is a dispute about power. And if a man does not want to part with his power in a pair, he is hostile to the girl's requests for money.

In fact, everything depends not only on the woman who is asking for money, but also on the man who is being asked. There are men with a broad soul and generous, there are thrifty ones, and there are petty miser, from whom you cannot beg for snow in winter. And if everything is clear in principle with the first two, then with the third type you will have to suffer. This is if you really want to be close to him. Although, as a rule, women do not like greedy men, and try to avoid them even at the initial stages of a relationship, when his stinginess is manifested in little things.

Is there a difference in relationships when the question is about money? Men by their nature are very calculating creatures, few of them take responsibility for the full provision of the girl, being in a civil marriage with her, or, more simply, cohabitating. Yes, a guy can pay housing costs, buy groceries, but he does not consider it necessary to give cash specifically for the needs of his girlfriend.

There are guys, let's call them half-lamenters, who demand that the girl contribute 50% of the total waste to the family budget, considering this the norm. Whether such relations are correct or not is difficult to say, because almost half of the country's population lives according to this scheme. Ideally, a guy living with a girl under the same roof is obliged to cover all expenses, including the personal needs of his partner. Otherwise, why not support herself on her own, while living separately? Why the guy doesn't give money is a rather complicated question, and it's not so easy to understand it.

Why a man gives money to a woman and what goals they are driven by we will tell you in our next article.

Do I need to ask a man for money? 2

Psychologists agree on one opinion - a woman who, with an “existing partner,” tries to provide for herself, makes a gross mistake.

The guy does not give money
The guy does not give money

On the one hand, the girl loses her femininity and does not allow her partner to take care of herself. On the other hand, when the partner gets used to the fact that the woman does not ask him for money and buys everything for herself, after her sudden request to give money, she perceives this as a kind of “stealing” of money from his pocket.

Difficulties with the fact that women are afraid to ask for money from husbands or guys are reduced primarily to the developed model of behavior. As a rule, it was laid down in childhood and was taken over from mom or grandmother. Especially such situations are not uncommon in families where the mother raised her daughter herself. At the same time, often saying that all men are goats and miser, you cannot beg a penny from them. Or, from an early age, the girl was taught that asking for something from someone was indecent and humiliating.

As psychologists say, regardless of who a woman meets - married, single, with someone who worships as a muse, or just comes in once a week for sex - it gives her the right to ask for money. This golden rule must be used if only because men have a specific trait - the more a partner invests in a partner, the more he values ​​her. And a man in love, who has singled out for himself the only woman, sees her as a kind of project in which funds need to be invested.

The guy does not give money
The guy does not give money

And if the project itself does not ask for anything and provides for itself, a man's masculine qualities atrophy such as a master, a breadwinner and a protector. And just as in ordinary life we ​​value only those things that we got dearly, so with women - the harder and more expensive it was to win a woman, the more she will be loved by her partner.

How to ask for money correctly? 3

Unfortunately, there is no definite advice that would suit absolutely everyone. It all depends on the man you are with.

For example, if he is greedy, there is hardly any way to get him to spend. Well, or you will have to humiliate yourself a lot and prove that you really really need money. Therefore, it is better not to mess with such people at all and bypass them even at the initial stage of acquaintance. After all, if a man is normal, it gives him pleasure to give money to his girlfriend. To some extent, it even flatters him, since such requests from a woman emphasize her dependence on a man. This means that the girl automatically recognizes the authority of her chosen one.

Consider another golden rule - asking for money with tenderness. No man will like it if a girl insolently demands money, arguing that "you are a man, you are obliged." No, it’s wrong. Always argue what exactly you need money for, you should not make empty requests. So the man may not understand the real significance for you of what you are about to buy. Ask for money politely, like a small child who needs this particular toy. Only without hysterics and falling to the floor with tears in my eyes.

The guy does not give money
The guy does not give money

If a guy does not give money and constantly refuses your request, while he does not give reasons for his decision, you are unlikely to achieve anything from him, and in the future, by the way, too. And if he regularly refuses you. Pay special attention to this even in the early stages of the relationship. Also, always choose the right moment. Don't ask for money when a man is hungry, angry, or upset.

You to me, I to you __8212

Oddly enough, but with her requests, the girl encourages her partner to work and earn even more. Everything is pretty simple here. If a woman is an object of love and admiration, a man loves to pamper and surprise her, he will make every effort to show her importance to himself. The right man will always strive to ensure that his woman has all the best.

The best thing you can do to a man after his generous gesture is to thank him. Men love to be praised as much as girls. Moreover, when a partner helps financially and fulfills the partner's whims, this is especially important. Also, do not forget to praise a man in front of friends, especially when you are wearing an item bought by your partner. This puts him on a pedestal even more, thanks to which he will definitely want to please you again and again.

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