How To Forget Your Ex-boyfriend You Love: TOP 10 Ways

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How To Forget Your Ex-boyfriend You Love: TOP 10 Ways
How To Forget Your Ex-boyfriend You Love: TOP 10 Ways

Video: How To Forget Your Ex-boyfriend You Love: TOP 10 Ways

Video: How To Forget Your Ex-boyfriend You Love: TOP 10 Ways
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How to forget a guy
How to forget a guy

Sniffing salt, wringing of hands, sad sighs and ahs - this would be accompanied by a situation in which a guy leaves a girl about 100 years ago. Today everything is much less dramatic, but no less painful and insulting. The girls suffer, like Bella from Twilight, in silent silence. Or, on the contrary, they throw out their terrible grief to their girlfriends in a vest. But is the devil as scary as he is painted and how to forget your beloved boyfriend, so that again, like a phoenix, rise from the ashes.

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  • 2 How to forget your ex: the first 5 steps
  • 3 Mom, give me back
  • 4 The wedge is kicked out

Stop, depressioni

Many girls, after parting with a loved one, fall into depression. Nights in tears, heavy thoughts and questions, alcohol, girlfriends and endless monitoring of his profile on social networks - this is how the first 2-3 weeks usually pass. And nothing is a joy, not a cat, not birds outside the window, not your favorite movies.

Then someone begins to show aggression, cursing the guy, his new passion and his parrot. Someone continues to scribble SMS, tearfully begging to understand and forgive, and someone rushes into disorderly relationships, sincerely believing that with the help of jealousy they will make him return.

All this leads to only one thing, self-destruction. The girl ceases to live for herself, surrendering to the thirst for revenge, ordering a crocodile in an online store. Or she begins to revel in self-pity so much that the only way out that comes to mind is soap and rope. Well, or to make it beautiful and pitiful - a razor and a bath.

Stop, lovely creatures. Say stop! Since no person in the world is worth taking his own life because of him. Of course, crying, shouting, poking needles at a doll with his image is not forbidden. Emotions need an outlet, but within reason. You have exactly 3 days for everything, okay, a week.

I want to forget my beloved
I want to forget my beloved

And then we urgently remember that you are the only one of this kind and it is time to do something, because "Kashchenko" does not sleep, and you cannot become his new patient. So, how to forget your beloved guy, with the least loss to your mental health.

How to forget your ex: the first 5 steps_5

First of all, what needs to be done is to understand, realize and accept the situation as it is. Without hope that everything can be fixed, we will make up, he will return, etc. And immediately paraphrase your desire from "beloved guy" to "I want to forget my ex!" And according to the advice of psychologists, you can even perform a certain algorithm of actions to make your life easier.

Take a blank sheet of paper, a pen and write down everything that is negative in it. All the traits of his character and appearance that did not suit you or annoyed you. Just remember everything to the smallest detail

A pimple on the forehead, lack of punctuality, torn socks or a permanently wrinkled shirt should also top the list. With a detailed approach, perhaps one sheet will not be enough. When you remember everything, read, like a mantra, this list several times.

Then look around, find everything that reminds of him. Postcards, CDs, books, toys - all into the furnace. Do not ask him to come and pick up, your nobility will not do a good job

How to Forget Your Beloved Boyfriend
How to Forget Your Beloved Boyfriend

On the contrary, it is desirable to throw everything into the window with an anguish and a cry. Only one at a time, so as not to kill a passing old woman with a dried rose, which he gave you on March 8 last year. Take the jewelry to the pawnshop, and with the money you get, hang out with your friends to the fullest.

And most importantly, erase everything from your gadgets. Phone, email, Skype contact, remove from Facebook friends, etc. Otherwise, you will certainly want to call, write and follow his every new post. And this is absolutely unnecessary for anyone. And you shouldn't go to memorable places. Your first date by the fountain or your first kiss by the subway will hurt

Analyze what mistakes were made, what was the reason for the breakup. Dig a little in yourself, but without fanaticism. In no case should you blame yourself, even if it was he who caught you in bed with another

Just try to draw conclusions to avoid repetition in the future. And yet, mentally try to thank him for everything, because you were happy with him once. And forgive him, and yourself.

It makes sense to listen to smart people. For example, Osho is an Indian philosopher. He said that the greatest mistake of humanity is that we have always been told that true love is eternal. But there is nothing eternal in the world, which means that this will pass. Remember this when you start filling the scarf with tears again

How to forget a loved one
How to forget a loved one

Having completed these simple steps, we move on to the second part of our recovery.

Mom, give me back2

This phrase fits the current situation more than ever. We begin to live, to be born again. To begin with, you can take an example from Olga Buzova. No, this is not about a singer's career, another Russian scene will not stand. But a change of image does not even hurt. A new hairstyle or a radical change in hair color will be the first on the to-do list of how to forget your ex.

If you have extra pounds lying around on your hips or tummy, feel free to enter into battle with them. A fitness center will not only help you build, but also kill time. And there, who knows, maybe your real destiny is already running along the track for the fifth kilometer, you just have to walk by so that he sees you.

Imagine that you are just born, but already an adult. What would you like to do that you didn't have enough time for? Can learn to drive a car or learn Chinese, do it. Find any activity, if only there is no time for self-flagellation.

We do not recommend flying into space for 20 years, moving to Africa or sailing on a long voyage. There is no need to run away from the problem, it must be solved. Any situation in your life, even a bad one, is an experience, and any experience is priceless.

How to forget a loved one
How to forget a loved one

Wedge knock out wedge3

In no case do not become one of those for whom "all men are goats …". Remember, many women are not Mother Teresa either.

And the old love will be replaced by a new one. However, be careful, there are several rules, without which building new relationships is impossible.

  • Never compare your new partner to your previous one.
  • Do not communicate with him as with the first, find your own approach to him.
  • Don't get a boyfriend for revenge on your ex.

You have learned how to forget your loved one and learn how to move on. Having got rid of the pain of the past, live only in the present, thanks to everyone who did you, both good and bad.