Why Does An Older Man Excite And Like? Let's Talk About It

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Why Does An Older Man Excite And Like? Let's Talk About It
Why Does An Older Man Excite And Like? Let's Talk About It

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the man
the man

In recent years, the age difference of 5-10 years is considered absolutely normal and is accepted calmly in society. But what if you liked a man twice your age? Here, the age of the lovers themselves plays an important role. In older age, a big difference no longer seems such a serious problem and obstacle. So it is in fact, both partners have already established themselves as individuals, gained life experience and emotionally formed.

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Now it is a common phenomenon when a girl is drawn to a man much older than her. Here, a very important factor is the relationship with the father, the role he plays in childhood for the girl. At the same time, the fair sex is very sensitive to any disagreements and conflicts in the family, they look at the attitude of the father to the mother. If peace and understanding reign in the marriage, and especially if the father is older than the mother, the girl will tend to give preference to the adult man. Such a scenario is possible in the opposite situation, the girl does not see her father, here either the mother does not want this meeting, or she simply cannot find it. Then, due to the lack of paternal care, the girl can find her precisely in marriage with an adult man.

This is how one girl shares her thoughts: “I love a grown man, and this word is used here not in the sense of his majority. An adult means an accomplished, self-confident, without mood swings and sudden outbursts of emotions. Such a man, in my understanding, has long passed over forty. Such a man will be able to understand me without unnecessary words and is able to assess my actions. He looks at the world from the perspective of his life experience."

Why do girls choose older men? I

With age, a man gets on his feet, already has something. That is, unlike a relationship with a guy of the same age, when you have to go towards a goal and achieve something together, which can take more than one year, there is no such question here. There are several good reasons why a girl is turned on by an older man.

adult partner
adult partner

Male assistant2

A girl is able to fall in love with such a man not only for his appearance or character, but she is also attracted by the image of a teacher and mentor in him. This model of family relationships is now very common. The man plays the leading role, and his beloved helps and supports his leadership. Such a balance in a relationship can provide harmony and peace.

Man replaces father3

As such, her beloved person will delight a girl with all kinds of gifts and sweets. Such a man will happily educate and try to give her that care that, perhaps, was not on the part of her father in childhood. Such a chosen one will support any undertaking of his beloved, be it a private business, or a desire for creativity. He actually forms her as a person and certainly expects fruits from his chosen one.

These qualities not only help to develop his beloved, but in consequence and will help such a man to become a wonderful father. Being a father at 20, 30 and 40 years old are completely different conditions for a man. When he is actually a child himself, the prospect of fatherhood is more fearful than joyful. If you think so, then at this age there is still no experience that his heir needs so much for the formation of moral values ​​in him, and indeed in education. Which is not typical for a man of a more respectable age.

aged man
aged man

Can provide sexual harmony in relationships4

It all depends on the man. If he has a powerful sexual energy, then he will certainly satisfy the innermost desires of the young partner. And here the question no longer arises why girls are turned on by a man older. And the lack of youthful fervor is compensated by great experience and skillful caresses in bed. Such a man knows what to "push" on and how to "force" a girl to experience the best orgasms.

Disadvantages of such relationships5

A large age difference invariably expresses in different interests. Needless to say, you most likely grew up in different eras, had different interests and generally different life outside the window. We'll have to look for a middle ground in a joint pastime, look for a compromise.

When a man is much older than you, it cannot be ruled out that he has already gone through a certain stage behind him. There were other women, perhaps a family. You need to learn to accept this and not focus on the past.

Do not try to change him, he is already formed as a person. Either it will have to be done gradually, or it will generally accept and accept his point of view, it is difficult to argue with him.

grown man
grown man

What's good? 6

Be that as it may, a young wife or girl is a great incentive for a man to develop in various spheres of life. This is both support and care. For her sake, a loving man is ready to literally turn the whole world around. He himself is getting younger next to her and this stimulates him to look better. When marrying such a man, a woman should completely trust him and feel confident in the future, which she is unlikely to find in the circle of irresponsible peers who are trying to pass all the problems onto her.

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