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Where To Find A Rich Sponsor: What And How To Do?

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Where To Find A Rich Sponsor: What And How To Do?
Where To Find A Rich Sponsor: What And How To Do?

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To attract a sponsor, women should work hard on the presentation of their person, the correct presentation of advertising about themselves and placement on suitable resources. It is not enough just to post your profiles, it is also important to know where to find a rich sponsor and what requirements to present at the very beginning of dating, so as not to waste time and bring your choice as close as possible to the ideal.

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  • 1 Where and how to look for a rich sponsor
  • 2 Balance of desires and rules in a relationship with a sponsor or how to correctly draw up a questionnaire
  • 3 Myths about complexes or what influences the search for a sponsor

Where and how to look for a rich sponsor i

  1. Before posting data about yourself on the network, it makes sense to ask your friends - perhaps they have a wealthy man in their social circle who does not mind becoming a sponsor. It is important to remember that this method is only suitable if the idea fits into the moral framework of friends and if the girlfriends are not potential competitors.
  2. A place of study is a good springboard for finding a patron, but a place of work may not be the best place to look, because you need to find a wealthy man, and not additional services to the boss for the same salary. In addition, any imbalance in relationships will invariably affect your career.
  3. Dating sites provide more information for finding men with money than a limited circle in reality. Firstly, on the network, proposals are placed in a more relaxed perspective, since until the choice of a partner, the confidentiality of communication is maintained. Sites are good because you can immediately filter candidates by region of search, the amount of sponsorship offered and the level of claims to women.
  4. Creating your own profile on the marriage agency website will significantly increase the chances of prompt selection of a suitable sponsor. The main purpose of the questionnaire is to indicate the level of your expectations and at the same time demonstrate the seriousness of your intentions, as well as provide information about yourself.
  5. Restaurants, social events and private parties are certainly potential places to find a sponsor of a decent level. The pluses include the fact that you deliberately set the bar for selection by interests and income level. By cons - before you are interested, everything will have to be paid at your own expense.

Advice: if you really need a sponsor, and not an online game, then try not to "hang" on the forums too much. Online dating is good, but on the statistic forums, more than 70% of visitors spend their time to flood. Accordingly, the forum is more of a platform for virtual training if there is no experience and self-confidence when looking for a sponsor.

The balance of desires and rules in the relationship with the sponsor or how to draw up a questionnaire correctly 2

In an attempt to provide the most extensive information about themselves, women often cross the line and begin to post overly candid photos and describe entire chapters from the novels of their lives. This is exactly what you don't need to do. The overwhelming majority of men who are ready to sponsor a woman are looking for not confused for one night and certainly not snotty muslin young ladies. Therefore, let the photos be bright and frank, but without erotic fanaticism. And in the section about yourself, tell us about what you like to do.

Where to find a wealthy sponsor
Where to find a wealthy sponsor

In describing your wishes, you can also touch on your ambitions. It will be easier for the future sponsor to find a common language, knowing about your interests and education. It is not worth listing your merits and diplomas, it is enough just to indicate the theses.

There is nothing shameful in describing your expectations, on the contrary - if you need a man with money, then he will definitely want to have an idea of ​​what he can count on for his money.

  • Indicate the age of men that suits you. Try not to be too restrictive, as a couple of years in practice is not important.
  • Decide if a man can be married. Openness in this matter will significantly increase the chances of building relationships, because the overwhelming majority of sponsors are men who are not constrained in finances, but tired of the life of marriage bonds.
  • Your level of expectations is directly related to the question of where to find a wealthy sponsor. Perhaps your understanding of wealth is radically different from the budget that a man can allocate. Perhaps a woman is counting on trips to expensive restaurants and shops, and a man is ready only to pay part of the bills, or maybe vice versa - he is ready to provide full board with trips abroad and support of the woman's talents.
Where to find a rich man
Where to find a rich man

Advice: with a high level of claims, it is worth going beyond the domestic Internet resources and posting the questionnaires on foreign sites.

Sponsoring is not just about being a "money bag". Look for men who will be fun to hang out with. It is rather one of the most important principles of building successful and long-term relationships, which many women often remember only when the relationship comes to a standstill after several dates. It makes sense to remember that even a good fee is not able to constantly maintain a tone of mood if your partner annoys you and frankly dislikes you. Men also subtly grasp this and are not inclined to confuse a woman's patience with interest

Myths about complexes or what influences the search for a sponsor 3

  • If you want to increase your chances, then forget about the myth that one profile about yourself on one resource is enough. As the saying goes "we choose, we are chosen." Therefore, the number of ads about yourself is directly proportional to the number of responses.
  • You don't have to be a 20-year-old nymph with a lush bust to find a sponsor. Many men are looking for understanding and interesting pastime without formal obligations.
  • Do not unload everything and immediately about yourself with an obsessive question - am I suitable or not. The man himself has to make the decision, so leave something for the date in reality, intrigue and leave room for some mystery.
  • If you have correctly drawn up a questionnaire about yourself and responded to it, then it is obvious that you need a wealthy partner. In case, on the very first date, they start to promise you fantastic things and even make proposals to get married, it is better to immediately stop this angle. This is most likely not a very original trick of freebie lovers who rely on female stereotypes and complexes.
  • There is no need to pretend to be a victim - no patron will like this (with the exception of BDSM, but this is a special way of playing). It is permissible for a woman to love sex and to have desires and chances to find an ally with a good financial base to realize her fantasies is much more than arousing pity in an attempt to sell herself more expensive.
Where to look for a rich sponsor
Where to look for a rich sponsor

When building relationships for money, it is important to understand that where you want to find a rich sponsor, you do not need to look for a full-fledged classic relationship. They will not be able to and should not be given 24 hours a day, they will not solve absolutely all problems, and they certainly will not follow the scenario from "Pretty Woman". Therefore, the fewer “Cinderella” stereotypes are built into the relationship with the sponsor, the easier and more profitable this relationship will be for both parties

Tip: the moment you realize the need for a sponsor, forget about your complexes, create the most positive image without a hint of pity, and do everything so that your image has a starting point of awareness not only of the price, but also of your own value. The sponsor is not entitled to anything, although he plays a major role in such a relationship.

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