How To Save A Relationship On The Brink If There Is Only An Abyss Ahead?

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How To Save A Relationship On The Brink If There Is Only An Abyss Ahead?
How To Save A Relationship On The Brink If There Is Only An Abyss Ahead?

Video: How To Save A Relationship On The Brink If There Is Only An Abyss Ahead?

Video: How To Save A Relationship On The Brink If There Is Only An Abyss Ahead?
Video: How to Fix a Relationship That is Falling Apart 2023, March
save a relationship on the brink
save a relationship on the brink

Many articles and books have been written on this topic. The relationship between a man and a woman is a topic that worried and will excite young people. Not everything can be called ideal or at least adequate. Sometimes in a couple there are problems that, it would seem, cannot be solved and the only way out is to put an end to it. However, rescuing a relationship on the brink is much more difficult than breaking it.

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  • 1 Why are there problems?
  • 2 Is it necessary to save?
  • 3 How to save a relationship on the brink?
  • 4 What is love?

Why are the problems? I

When two people meet, a spark runs between them, and then love arises. She inspires and brings a lot of positive emotions and joyful moments. We try to spend a lot of time with our loved one and miss being apart. At the first stage, for the sake of love, we are ready to do anything. And it seems that here, here is the person with whom I am ready / ready to live my life. He is perfect.

Why then does everything change after a while? Where do the misunderstandings and reproaches come from? Why does the “ideal” person suddenly become unbearable?

Problems arise when the candy-bouquet period ends, emotions subside, the so-called “everyday life” sets in. This happens after 2 - 3 years. We stop noticing the pluses, but we see the minuses. Time after time we point out to the person the disadvantages, forgetting about the advantages. If you do not discuss problems, keep silent about yourself, then the boiling point will surely come and there will be nothing to save.

Do I need to save? 2

First, determine if your partner is willing, the way you do, to improve the relationship. Talk in a relaxed environment, not emotionally. Some people do not know how to speak directly, looking into the eyes. Try to talk on paper or text.

Think about whether you are ready to change for each other? If you think that only the opposite side is wrong, you are wrong. Relationships are work and you need to work together.

how to save a relationship
how to save a relationship

How to save a relationship on the brink? 3

If there is a desire on both sides, then this can be done with a high probability. Here are tasks that will help you gather feelings and emotions into one and make a decision.

  • Take a piece of paper and write down the positive qualities of the other half, for which you love what you like about it.
  • In the second column, write down what you are not happy with in the relationship, disadvantages and disadvantages. Highlight points that you won't accept.
  • And the last thing. Make up the same points about yourself. So are the pros and cons. Be honest with yourself. After all, the main task is to preserve the relationship.

Now take a close look. Compare the picture. If you are doing tasks together, exchange sheets and see. Perhaps you will disagree and some points will be annoying, do not get angry, work on them, analyze. Nobody said it was easy. Read more about saving relationships here.

is it necessary to save the relationship
is it necessary to save the relationship

What is love? 4

It may be news to you, but love is defined differently for each person. In the psychology of relationships, there are 5 types of love. They are also called the language of love.

  1. Promotion. Love for people belonging to this species is praise, kind words, affectionate requests. They need to be noticed and encouraged.
  2. Time. Taking time for a loved one, spending an evening, taking a walk, watching a movie or having a banal dinner is love for this type.
  3. Presents. It's clear here. You give gifts - you love. Both dear ones and ordinary people fill a person with a feeling of love.
  4. Help. Help around the house, with a child, in business. Even if the matter is trifling, but for a person it is a manifestation of love.
  5. Touches. Sex, kissing, touching the hair, walking by the hand is an expression of love for people of this species.

For example, her kind of love time, and his partner's encouragement.

  • I devote so much time to him, but he is not happy.
  • I constantly cheer her up and praise her, but she mumbles and goes into another room.

A different language of love. The misunderstanding is obvious. We are used to expressing love in a way that suits ourselves, but we need one that suits the companion. This is the main mistake in pairs.

saving love is worth
saving love is worth

Think about which two types of love are close to you and two types of companion. Once you decide, it will become clear in which direction to move. If your partner is of the “help” type, help. He is repairing the car - give me the key, prepares food - peel the onion. For the kind of "time", devote more time, make coffee in the morning, go to the movies or play cards.

One psychologist conducted experiments with patients. It was possible to restore the relationship to everyone who correctly defined the love language of the second half and began to give the love that he needs.

Think about your loved one, love, take care. Don't include selfishness. You can save a relationship on the brink, make an effort. After all, the salvation of the drowning is the work of the drowning themselves.

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